Dr. Gerald Pollack: The Fourth Phase of Water

Gerald Pollack –
This paper largely comprises a draft chapter of my forthcoming book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor (Ebner and Sons, 2012). I preface it by providing some background. School children learn that water has three phases: solid, liquid and vapor. But we recently uncovered what appears to be a fourth phase. This phase occurs next to water-loving (hydrophilic) surfaces. It is surprisingly extensive, projecting out from the hydrophilic surface by up to millions of molecular layers. A principal attribute of this phase is that it excludes particles and solutes because of its liquid crystalline nature. We have therefore labeled this phase the “exclusion zone” or EZ for short. Of particular significance is the observation that the EZ is charged; and, the water just beyond is oppositely charged. This creates a battery that can produce current. We found that light recharges this battery. Thus, water can receive and process electromagnetic energy drawn from the environment much like plants. The material below outlines the evidence that water acts as a battery.

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2 Responses to Dr. Gerald Pollack: The Fourth Phase of Water

  1. katesisco says:

    Wonderful advance is science! Or should I say marvelous discovery of past information?
    The development of biophotonics will restore our knowledge of nature.

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Atoms are merely a concept. They are actually quanta of energy in a stable form lasting long enough for their detection. Supplying energy to them is possible. Too much, too quickly, will disrupt them stability. Absolute zero exists apparently in oscillation with higher temperatures, levels of energy. Energy transfers occur all the time, but actually to retain the same stability of the “atom” is rare.

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