Forced Vortex Demonstration

This demonstration you can easily try for yourself.
These are the ingredients I used:

The method is simple:
1) Add a spoonful of the sand to the jug of water.
2) Drop the plastic bead into the jug of water.
3) Stir vigorously in a circular motion.
4) Withdraw the spoon.

The dense sand moves to the centre and forms a hemispherical island.
Initially, the less dense plastic bead orbits the island.
As the circular motion dissipates the plastic bead moves closer to the island.
When the circular motion has dissipated the plastic bead rests against the island.


The Forced Vortex sorts the contents of the jug by density.

The distance of an object from the centre in a Forced Vortex is determined by both its density and the speed of circulation of the Vortex.

The Forced Vortex slowly dissipates unless a force sustains the circular motion.

The Forced Vortex is contained within very distinct boundaries.

The effects of the Forced Vortex are determined simply by Fluid Dynamics
i.e. The theoretical “universal aether” is not required to support a Forced Vortex.

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