Secret History of Twin Planet Earth – Errol Hawkins

It is wonderful to see the publication of a revised edition of the Secret History of Twin Planet Earth by Errol Hawkins. I have just ordered a copy and eagerly await its delivery from the United Kingdom.

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth - 2nd Edition

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth – 2nd Edition – 2012
Errol Hawkins.

The title relates to the Twin Planet nature of the Earth and the Moon.
The evidence based on a compilation of Scientific Consensus.
It reveals the conclusions were predictable and unavoidable;
but crucially they agree with the observable evidence.
The official history does not.

Something else now occupies the space where the history of the Earth and of Mankind should be.

It is also wonderful to know that a good review on Amazon can make a difference:

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth – is no longer distributed by Trafford Publishing.
Every effort is made to get rid of the image and the description of the book associated with Trafford Publishing.

The book was withdrawn to find a different distribution system, because there was no financial benefit to the author.

However, due to a sudden up surge of interest in Secret History of Twin Planet Earth, most probably because of a recent 5 star review. This came as a complete surprise.

This is especially true because I posted a five star review on Amazon’s British site.

***** A masterpiece of deductive reasoning

Firstly, the author highlights the evidence that contradicts the consensus history of our planet and the consensus scientific theories that are used to support this historic narrative.

Secondly, using an open mind, deductive reasoning and motion dynamics the author defines two key theories [that are missing from consensus science] and then follows the evidence to reveal the Secret History of Twin Planet Earth.

The author’s Twin Planet theory applies to large satellites (relative to the size of the parent planets) that have cycles of influence over the parent. These influences include: tidal drag, tidal locking, a geologically active surface, a sine wave orbit, planetary rotation, axial alignment and the accretion of mass from the disintegration of the satellite. This theory applies to the Earth/Moon [and Pluto/Charon] system and results in the eventual destruction of the satellite.

The author’s Satellite Age theory observes that the majority of stars do not have satellites and, therefore, any star with satellites will, most likely, have captured these planets after the formation of the star. Additionally, the satellite system has a limited lifespan because the gravitational attraction of the star results in the eventual destruction of the satellites.

These new theories indicate the Sun has a very young Satellite Age and that the Earth and Moon twin planets formed only 45,000 to 50,000 years ago through the accretion of older debris.

The publication in 1950 of Worlds In Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky, founded modern catastrophism based upon historical records. The publication in 2007 of the Secret History of Twin Planet, by Errol Hawkins, incorporates additional observational evidence and constructs a more detailed [and more convincing] catastrophic history of the Earth that has been hidden, obscured and kept secret.

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth - Order Form

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3 Responses to Secret History of Twin Planet Earth – Errol Hawkins

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  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    As the Earth/Adam, left the Sun, it breached the pinches and released pressure. Tibet erupted into near earth orbit and receded to present place as Eve/Moon.

    Venus suffered a disaster. Its moon became Mercury whil the planet took some time to settle into its orbit, still rotating backwards. All life on board was broiled.

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