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Tektites: 1 – The Tale of the Tektites

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Professor Marcello Truzzi is credited with originating the phrase: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. That phrase is particularly apt in the context of an Inflating Earth because acceptance of this concept requires the trashing of many mainstream myths and … Continue reading

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The Inflating Earth: 1 – Seafloor Stretching

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David Pratt has published a very interesting paper in the New Concepts in Global Tectonics journal with some very interesting conclusions. Conclusion Fossil magnetism in rocks can be affected by many factors, with the result that derived virtual magnetic poles … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 3 – Human Migration

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Previous postings regarding Gloger’s Rule have examined the mainstream confusion regarding this concept and looked at the mainstream denial of our African origins about 200,000 years ago. The posting will start to piece together a holistic view of history and … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 2 – Homo Sapiens

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The previous posting on Gloger’s Rule concluded: 1. The concept has not been well tested. 2. Limited testing has yielded mixed results. The concept, therefore, should be downgraded to become: Gloger’s Rule-of-Thumb Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight results in heavy … Continue reading

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Mechanical Principles in Physics – Magnetism

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The Secret World of Magnets Howard Johnson Click to access 3935.pdf I greatly admire Miles Mathis for his mechanical principles. In all my research and theorizing, I have always insisted on a mechanical explanation. I do not allow dodges into … Continue reading

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Gloger’s Rule: 1 – Warm Blooded Animals

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Initially, I assumed fact checking Gloger’s Rule would be a simple, straightforward task. That naive assumption was quickly dispelled as the reference materials I consulted plunged me headlong into a quagmire of preference, prejudice, propaganda and political correctness. Separating fact … Continue reading

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The luminescence that dare not speak its name

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When it comes to Titan’s fluorescing hydrogen exosphere the mainstream has deployed a range of techniques to deflect, misdirect and omit. Titan has been [as we shall see] a Herculean task of obscuration that the mainstream has sustained for many … Continue reading

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Titan’s Variable Electromagnetic Haze

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Titan provides [probably] the best documented example of a “fluorescing atmosphere” because of its rapidly changing atmospheric albedo [which is especially marked in the blue spectrum]. Disk-integrated blue (diamonds with dotted line) and yellow (crosses with dashed line) photometry obtained … Continue reading

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Illumination from the Geochemical Society

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The concept of a “fluorescing atmosphere” is generally dismissed as cranky [or just plain crazy] by most pundits and commentators. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to Professor Mark A. Smith and Hiroshi Imanaka for publishing a truly remarkable paper on … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Mariner 2 Photometry

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The Mariner 2 satellite [during its 1962 mission to Venus] orientated itself by tracking the Earth and in the process collected observations of the Earth’s brightness. Photometry is a technique of astronomy concerned with measuring the flux, or intensity of … Continue reading

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