Four “New” Principles of Nature

Dr Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack
The Pollack laboratory

I have the utmost respect for Dr Gerald Pollack because he uses the scientific method.

In these chapters I have tried to reverse this trend.

I have returned to the traditional way of doing science.

Through observations of common everyday phenomena and application of simple logic, I have sought to answer the “how” and “why” questions that can lead to fundamental truths, while avoiding the “how much” and “what kind” questions that pervade the incremental approaches.

I know it is not the fashion, but I think it may be a better way of advancing scientific understanding.

The specifics of this book emerged out of a sense that something was dreadfully wrong with current thinking about water.

I felt that nature should be simple at its core; yet everything I read seemed complicated. I could spout off textbook basics to anyone interested, but scratching beneath that veneer of understanding consistently exposed a substrate of questions that I found difficult to answer.

That troubled me.

My search for understanding necessitated venturing into many new fields.

At times this could be unnerving, for a wealth of knowledge seemed to lay beyond my field of vision.

On the other hand, venturing into new arenas afforded some flexibility: I was not constrained by the field’s orthodox thinking.

Few areas seemed sacred enough to remain unchallengeable.

The Fourth Phase of Water – Dr. Gerald Pollack

I also have the greatest respect for Dr Gerald Pollack because he is “advancing scientific understanding”.

Four “New” Principles of Nature

1. Water has four phases.
2. Water stores energy.
3. Water gets its energy from light.
4. Because of this energy, like-charged entities can attract one another.

The Fourth Phase of Water – Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Fourth Phase of Water - Order Form

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1 Response to Four “New” Principles of Nature

  1. thx1138 says:

    In today’s vernacular, plasma is always called the fourth phase, whereas it should be the first phase, since 99.99% of the universe is plasma.

    EZ water is a plasma, partially ionized and exhibiting double layers or cells.

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