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Geology: Going Down The Tubes

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Geologists and doctors are very good at burying their mistakes. Although geologists do have one huge advantage: most of their mistakes are already buried. However, being the true professional they are, geologists still have plenty of corpses to dispose of. … Continue reading

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Geology: The Tragic English Erratic

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The origins of the English Erratic boulders are shrouded in mystery and intrigue for many people. Mainstream geologists generally try to ignore the widespread distribution of erratic boulders in Southern England because there is no credible evidence that ice sheets … Continue reading

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Geology: Mind the Gap

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In the late 1960s London Underground began warning underground passengers to “Mind the Gap” so that unsuspecting travellers might not fall into the abyss. “Mind the gap” is a warning to train passengers to take caution while crossing the gap … Continue reading

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Geology: Etch-A-Sketch Ice Sheets

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Geologists have lots of time to play with. About 4,540,000,000 years worth according to the latest estimates. Luckily, geology discovered the Etch A Sketch in the 1960s. The Etch A Sketch toy was invented in the late 1950s by André … Continue reading

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360 Shades of Albion Whitewash

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There is something strange about the British attitude towards the white cliffs of Dover. Wikipedia falls into an eerie British time warp when it states the 72 year old song (There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover “is” … Continue reading

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The Inflating Earth – Sea Level

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The concept of “sea level” is a curious beast because the oceans aren’t level. This irregular “sea level” is also continuously moving. However, after about nineteen years it is possible to calculate the Local Mean Sea Level for … Continue reading

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Geology: The Dreadful Science

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Science used to be such a respectable word. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that all manner of disreputable and dishonourable faith systems have attempted to acquire a veneer of respectability by incorporating the word “science”. The grouping of academics humorously … Continue reading

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The Chalky Cretaceous: 2 – The Eye of the Sahara

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Having set the scene in the previous posting it is now time to introduce the geologic cast. There are many familiar names in the geologic cast. Unfortunately, many of these players have been assigned geologic “stage names” that obscure their … Continue reading

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