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Tides and the Lunar Pole Dance

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The tides at the Earth’s Poles tell two different stories. The Tide Tables for Prudhoe Bay in North Alaska [70.4000° N, 148.5267° W] display a strong contrast between the Winter days of darkness and the Summer days of sunlight. Graphing … Continue reading

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Tides and the Lunar Brake Dance

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In the previous posting the Tide Tables for Cristobal [Colón, Panama 9° 21′ 26″ N 79° 53′ 55″ W] revealed that “tidal maxima do not occur when the Moon is overhead” and that “the tidal range peaks when the Moon … Continue reading

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Tides and the Lunar Waltz

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The mainstream clearly states that the gravitational force of the Moon contributes to the rise and fall of the sea level on Earth. Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational … Continue reading

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