The Delicious Irony

The Delicious Irony

Mainstream science is full of scare stories about Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming [CAGW] and Climate Change.

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation.

Since the early 20th century, Earth’s mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980.

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and scientists are 95-100% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

These findings are recognized by the national science academies of all major industrialized nations.

Human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, leading to increased radiative forcing from CO2, methane, tropospheric ozone, CFCs and nitrous oxide.

Unfortunately, mainstream science does not promote the Virtuous Methane Cycle.

The Virtuous Methane Cycle is a two stage cycle that is fully documented by mainstream science and can be easy verified by referencing Wikipedia.

The first step in the cycle is the production of Methane Gas by micro-organisms in a process called Methanogenesis.

Methanogenesis converts CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] into CH4 [Methane] and H2O [Water] with the help of ionized Hydrogen atoms and electrons.

Naturally occurring methane is mainly produced by Methanogenesis

Methane - Methanogenesis

The second step in the cycle is the burning [combustion] of the Methane Gas for the comfort and wellbeing of human society.

The burning [combustion] of Methane Gas converts CH4 [Methane] and O2 [Oxygen] into CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] and H2O [Water].

Methane combustion net result

The Virtuous Methane Cycle does not release any new Carbon Dioxide into the environment.

The Virtuous Methane Cycle does release additional pure water into the environment.

It really is a win, win situation [with no guilt attached] unless the “settled science” is wrong.

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    Another nugget of discarded SCIENCE. The world has truly gone mad.

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