Global Warming Goes South

Global Warming Goes South

2013 has proved to be an unlucky year for the passengers wallowing in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming gravy boat.

Mother Nature has [yet again] demonstrated that Global Warming has Gone South.

Go South

Evidently, the “science case” for “warming” and “climate change” is proving “difficult to predict”.

The little explored subantarctic islands in the Southern Ocean have experienced some of the most significant warming.

The response of the rich biodiversity in the region to change remains a major area of research, particularly because many of the plants and animals found on and around the islands are subject to numerous pressures.

The region is a complex and finely balanced system, with some of the islands still recovering from industrial-scale hunting of whales, seals and penguins.

Add climate change into the mixture and the future remains difficult to predict.

This is hardly surprising because there is no scientific case that supports Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

But there is plenty of post-normal pseudo-science peddled by the pushers of propaganda.

Unsurprisingly, it has been “a sobering week” for Chris Turney on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy.

On Week On

Unsurprisingly, some of the usual suspects are [also] currently embedded in Antarctic ice.

The Usual Suspects

The BBC World Service is “embedded” in the Antarctic ice.

The BBC World Service is the world’s largest international broadcaster, broadcasting news, speech and discussions in 28 languages to many parts of the world on analogue and digital shortwave platforms, internet streaming, podcasting, satellite, FM and MW relays.

The World Service was reported to have reached 188 million people a week on average in June 2009.

It does not carry advertising, and the English language service broadcasts 24 hours a day.

The World Service is currently funded by grant-in-aid through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government, however from 2014, it will be funded by the compulsory television licence fee levied on every household in the United Kingdom using a television to watch broadcast programmes.

BBC World Service

The Guardian has two “journalists” embedded in the Antarctic ice.

Guardian journalists Alok Jha and Laurence Topham are on board the MV Akademik Shokalskiy as part of the 2013-2014 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, which commemorates the centenary of the first AAE led by Sir Douglas Mawson.

The Guardian

Whilst Wikipedia wishes it was 2014.


Expeditions Online reported the catastrophic global warming news on Christmas Day.

Expeditions Online

Unsurprisingly, there is tittering, chortling and serious comment to be found in the blogsphere.

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Zero Hedge

Real Science

Jo Nova

Ice Age Now

Evidently, a sea change is occurring in news reporting.

Sea Change

The atrophy of the legacy media is clearly accelerating as the propaganda war increasingly moves across to the internet where all sides of the debate are [currently] allowed to flourish in their own domains.

However, only time will tell whether the blogsphere can gain sufficient traction to effectively counter our general state of “collective amnesia” and “wilful amnesia”.

Velikovsky’s ‘Mankind in Amnesia’ claimed that humans shut out facts they are not happy to dwell on and when it came to catastrophic events that involved large numbers of people being killed there was a kind of collective amnesia that set in, a desire not to court the nightmare of a world in upheaval.

Collective amnesia has a cousin – wilful amnesia, the refusal to admit one is wrong, that one has been barking up the wrong tree and the squirrel was too quick, leaping across the flimsiest of branches and is sitting in another tree, laughing at you.

The ability of the mind to do somersaults in order to defend one point of view is legendary – but why can’t we face up to reality.

Why is the truth shut out even when it is blatantly obvious?

We are all caught up in this state of mind as we meekly pay the subsidies for solar, wind and biofuels and cough up money when the NGOs make a christmas appeal, especially those ones most adept at fibbing.

The good thing should be that when the bubble does eventually burst, as it will in the fullness of time (but with lots of enriched ones in the process) we become more cynical.

However, that is contrary to wilful amnesia – and most people will fall for the next doomsaying issue, all over again.

It is notable that it is middle aged and older people that have been more inclined to be CAGW sceptics and that is because they have lived through a succession of doomsayings and just grew tired of it all. Peter and the Wolf.

Perhaps we should not be too keen to see an end to this doomsaying as it provides endless reams of amusement all round, especially the mental gymnastics involved in postulating accumulating sea ice in the southern ocean is all to do with rising temperatures – and there has actually been a published paper that says such as this.

We may open our mouth’s in wonder at this, and how it passed peer review – but it is out there, all part and parcel of the so called consensus.

If we wish this doomsaying a quick end we may be wishing upon our heads an even more destructive doomsaying as another one will surely follow in close pursuit – and after that, over and over again.

Wilful amnesia. The many headed hydra.

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  1. Bob Weber says:

    Scientists on this ship blame melting Antartic sea ice for their plight, because they lack the common sense to realize that if it never melted, all the oceans would freeze together pole to pole.

    Another great post here. Reblogged this in the back of my mind.

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