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Atomic Shells

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Researching the Rutherford Atomic Model it becomes apparent that just because humans have developed technologies to smash the atom it does not automatically follow that humans have the first idea about the structure of the atom. Smashing is the easy … Continue reading

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Atomic Balls

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The settled science regarding the structure of the atom is usually given a free pass because it is generally assumed that some real science supports the mainstream theory. The atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a … Continue reading

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The Alpha Centauri Connection

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In 1922 Ellsworth Huntington recognised that the planets may well influence sunspots. A study of sunspots suggests that their true periodicity is almost if not exactly identical with that of the orbital revolution of Jupiter, 11.8 years. Other investigations show … Continue reading

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Climatology 1960-2010 – Europe

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An overview of European climate [from 1960] using data from 18 locations was introduced in a previous posting. This posting reviews those individual locations and compares the 1960 data with the latest climate information available in Wikipedia. Theoretically, an overall … Continue reading

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Climatology 2014 – The Science of Disinformation

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Climatology has increasingly become disconnected from the real world since 1960. Paleoclimatology has branched away into the past and has tried to develop the dubious art of tea-leaf reading into a science. Paleoclimatology seeks to reconstruct past climates by examining … Continue reading

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Climatology 1960 – Real World Information

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Climatologists in 1960 produced an extremely fine vintage of climate information. Climatologists in 1960 lived in the real world of natural variability where the weather changed [on a daily basis and from location to location] and where the repeating patterns … Continue reading

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Climatology – CO2 and the Energy Budget

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Talking about the weather has always been a popular pastime. Reading about climate has been cyclically growing in popularity for the last 140 years. The Role of the Sun in Climate Change – Oxford University Press – 1997 Douglas V. … Continue reading

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The Embarrassed White Dwarf

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Its embarrassing being a lump of rock in space when the Philosophical Astrologers start calling you names and inventing all sorts of stories about your demeanour and appearance. This embarrassment is particularly acute when the Philosophical Astrologers start calling you … Continue reading

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Welcome to The New Dark Age

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Richard North, , provides the perfect introduction. How horrified we were to learn that the Soviet Union was imprisoning dissidents in mental institutions and drugging them into submission. But now we learn from Booker that this state’s enemies are … Continue reading

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