Welcome to The New Dark Age

The lunatics take over the asylum

Richard North, http://www.eureferendum.com , provides the perfect introduction.

How horrified we were to learn that the Soviet Union was imprisoning dissidents in mental institutions and drugging them into submission.

But now we learn from Booker that this state’s enemies are being treated in exactly the same way.


Christopher Booker, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/ , provides the details regarding the British government’s secret courts and social workers conspiring to have children removed from their mothers and dissenting mothers removed to psychiatric hospitals.

The lunatics take over the asylum in ‘caring’ Britain
But when, last year, to aid her fight, she repeatedly applied under the Freedom of Information Act to see her medical records and the notes of the social workers, she mysteriously ran into opposition.

On December 2, while out shopping, she stopped her car for a cigarette.

An ambulance drew up, she was bundled into it and taken to the psychiatric wing of Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax, where psychiatrists and doctors assessed her as insane under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act.


Christopher Booker then writes about the British government’s propaganda machine trying to [yet again] remove reality from history.

Sorry, BBC, Scargill was wrong
The production cost of the Kent pits Arthur Scargill wanted to keep open was £112 a ton.

That from modern pits in Nottinghamshire was £21 a ton.

Within four years after Scargill’s strike collapsed, two-thirds of the pits had closed.

Yet in 1988, total output, by only a third of the previous workforce, was back up to its pre-strike level of 100 million tons a year.

We had the most efficient coal industry in Europe – until 1992, when Michael Heseltine closed most of it down in favour of North Sea gas.


Finally, Christopher Booker writes about the party of green zealots, “adventure tourists” and journalists from the BBC and The Guardian, led by a “climate scientist”, being removed from the reality of Antarctic ice that they supposed was melting away due to mythical Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Not just the ice that’s sadly thick
What a wonderful parable of group-think has been the story of those 52 green zealots, “adventure tourists” and journalists from the BBC and The Guardian who were trapped in ice up to 10ft thick last week, until they were removed – to the safety of Chinese and Australian ice-breakers – from a Russian ship still stuck off the coast of Antarctica.


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One Response to Welcome to The New Dark Age

  1. dick100 says:

    This lady could do with all the help any reader would care to give. They are going for it and are determined not to back down and lose face.

    Essentially she is accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – making up the story her son is Autistic, even though consultants in that area have made a diagnosis.

    So she is psychotic for making up the story etc.
    One thing there is a judgement were a judge panned an MSBP accusation and awarded £200,000costs against the council concerned.

    So it doesn’t take much to figure out why they want to cover up.

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