Malaga Fly-Cruise

Malaga Fly-Cruise

Malaga is a very popular destination for the Mediterranean cruise passengers and the fly-cruise option has never been easier now that Malaga has introduced direct transfers between the airport and the cruise ships which take the “lug” out of luggage.

The first luggage transfer for cruise ship passengers between port and airport was hailed a success

Malaga has added a new dimension to the experience of cruise ship passengers in the city. On Wednesday, for the first time ever, the luggage of passengers leaving cruise ships to fly home as well as that of those flying in to join a cruise was transported across the city without the passengers having to carry it themselves.

The successful and minutely planned operation used 14 vehicles to transport 6,000 pieces of luggage across Malaga.

Five thousand people were flown in and out of the city in 33 aeroplanes in the space of four hours.

They were taken to and from the cruise ship terminal by a fleet of a hundred buses.

Malaga is also a very popular fly-drive destination…

And that is my excuse for some of the drive time music…

Fito & Fitipaldis are a Spanish rock band, formed in 1998.

It was created by Fito Cabrales with the intention of publishing songs which were not in the style of his other band, Platero y Tú.

Its style is a mix of rock, Soul, swing, etc.

In 2009 they released their latest album, “Antes de que cuente diez”, which was top in Spain for various weeks.

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  1. tallbloke says:

    Hi Tim, we’re flying down on April 17th. Fancy a meet?

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