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Geomorphology: Bending the Truth

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Business Executives and Corporations frequently perceive unwelcome competition to be a direct threat to their status and financial wellbeing. Therefore, it is unsurprising that businesses respond to unwelcome competition by using Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt tactics and Embrace, Extend and … Continue reading

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Protecting Lunar Archaeology

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The LADEE lunar orbiter has proved to be very successful, very interesting and very curious. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) was a NASA lunar exploration and technology demonstration mission. It was launched on a Minotaur V from … Continue reading

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Holes in the Ice Age Story

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Anyone familiar with the Ice Age Story has probably seen a rather scary depiction of the Last Glacial Maximum where Greenland in covered by a huge permanent [black ink] ice sheet. What is not so widely promoted is a subtle … Continue reading

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1892 – An Appeal to Common Sense

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There is a popular maxim that is frequently repeated: history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. This maxim is particularly pertinent in the context of the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate that has been raging on the internet for many … Continue reading

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Statistically Shaky Sea Shells

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Field trips are part of the game when it comes to the Earth Sciences and Greenland offers a fine array of natural wonders to tempt even the most jaded palate during the summer months. Eighty percent of Greenland is covered … Continue reading

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Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water

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Miles Mathis has produced a very interesting paper about Gerald Pollack’s latest book. I recently read (parts of) Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of Water, and wish to comment extensively. That is Pollack in the picture above. He is … Continue reading

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Greenland – Raised Beaches – II

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In a previous posting the raised beaches of Greenland were graphed using basic data from the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition [1910–1911]. The plot suggested the Greenland bedrock has tilted uniformly between 63º 14’ N and 72° 20’ N whilst the … Continue reading

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Deprecating the Ovifak Iron Meteorites

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Although Nils Nordenskiöld was not the first person to traverse Greenland he did succeed in finding the Ovifak [Uivfaq] meteorites on the south coast of Disko Island during his first expedition to Greenland in 1870. Friherr Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld … Continue reading

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Greenland – The Cape York Iron Meteorites

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Although Robert Peary was not the first person to traverse Greenland he did succeed in locating the first examples of the remarkable Cape York iron meteorites. The history of these meteorites up to the time of their discovery by me … Continue reading

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Wikipedia – Come Fly Me

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Air Greenland celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2010 and in a bumper edition of their wonderful in-flight magazine Suluk they featured an article about iron meteorites. Lured by iron meteorite The latest wave of Inuit emigrants from Canada to Greenland … Continue reading

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Greenland – Raised Beaches – I

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The Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition [1910–1911] provides a very intriguing summary of the raised beaches that had been discovered in Greenland. These discoveries enabled the Encyclopædia Britannica to conclude that “the whole of this large island has been raised, or … Continue reading

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Greenland – The First Crossing

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The golden age of the yellow backs slowly gave way [during the last quarter of the 19th century] to a new age of real world adventures that related the successes [and failures] of a new generation of polar adventurers that … Continue reading

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Greenland – Pulp Fiction

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The frigid prospect of Greenland has engendered [both] fear and fascination in the minds of men for many centuries. This fear and fascination inspired the writers of Yellow-Backs to pen glorious adventure stories that entertained a spellbound public in the … Continue reading

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