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Air Greenland celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2010 and in a bumper edition of their wonderful in-flight magazine Suluk they featured an article about iron meteorites.


Lured by iron meteorite
The latest wave of Inuit emigrants from Canada to Greenland did not necessarily take place over several hundreds of years as was previously thought.

The emigration may have been much faster.

The lure was Greenlandic iron for tools and not least for weapons.

This is what Canadian archaeologist Robert McGhee maintains, following a series of studies on Ruin Island near Ellesmere Island, Canada.

The Greenlandic iron comes from an iron meteorite weighing perhaps 100 tons that probably exploded over the Arctic 10,000 years ago and fell as large and small meteorites, especially over the Cape York region in Northwest Greenland where there are many traces of the Inuit who chipped pieces off the meteorites.

McGhee also supports his theory of a fast emigration with the fact that the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen was able to travel across Arctic North America in just a few years.

Air Greenland – Sulak – 2010 #04

Perhaps one of the Wikipedia stalwarts perused the Air Greenland in-flight magazine whilst enjoying a beano to Greenland and decided that the story from Suluk was the answer to a researcher’s prayer.

The cape was the one of many places visited in 1894 by Admiral Robert Peary during his second expedition to the Arctic.

Cape York was the site of discovery of the Cape York Meteorite.

In the Greenlandic language, the name of the settlement Savissivik means ‘place of meteorite iron’ (savik = iron/knife),[2] alluding to the numerous meteorites from 10,000 years ago that have been found in the area.[3]

The meteorite is estimated to have weighed 100 tonnes before it exploded.[3]

The iron from the meteorite attracted migrating Inuit from Arctic Canada.[3]

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Alternatively, perhaps Wikipedia is just be being economical with the truth.

Either way, this sort of reference in Wikipedia always means: Dig Here!

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  1. mkelly says:

    Wasn’t Savik a crewman (woman) on the Enterprise?

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