Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water

Miles Mathis - The Fourth Phase of Water

Miles Mathis has produced a very interesting paper about Gerald Pollack’s latest book.

I recently read (parts of) Gerald Pollack’s book The Fourth Phase of Water, and wish to comment extensively. That is Pollack in the picture above.

He is taking a lot of heat lately for republishing and re-running some old water experiments the mainstream would like to keep hidden.

As we have seen over and over, the mainstream loves to bury data that is negative to their pet theories, and so they are not happy to see Pollack dragging this data back out into the open.

If you search on “Gerald Pollack Quack”, you get pages and pages of results, which is to be expected.

Also to be expected is that none of these pages have any content.

They are all ad hominem attacks or dishonest reporting, saying he said things he did not say.

For instance, I discovered that the main talking point against Pollack appears to be that he said the body is 99% water.

I read his book and he never said that.

He is a tenured professor at a major university with all the requisite degrees, so it is unlikely he wouldn’t know the percentage of water in the human body.

He says that water molecules are about 99% by number, not by total weight or volume.

But since his critics don’t want to address his actual data or ideas, they have to make up something.

Pollack is also taking heat for promoting other against-the-mainstream figures like Gilbert Ling.

I will show in this paper that Pollack, Ling, and the rest of those mentioned in Pollack’s book are far more correct than the mainstream.

The Fourth Phase of Water – Miles Mathis

Click to access poll.pdf

This paper also provides a very accessible entry point for anyone wishing to learn about the charge theories developed by Miles Mathis.

I have shown that charge is light.

Both are composed of photons, and there is no difference between the two.

Charge is photons that are being recycled through nucleons, atoms, and molecules; while light is photons in the ambient field that we are seeing or measuring in a variety of ways.

Charge is normally composed of smaller photons, below the visible range, but other than that there is no fundamental difference.

Charge is also the same as heat.

Heat is caused by the motion of photons.

Miles Mathis - The Charge Field

The Fourth Phase of Water – Miles Mathis

Click to access poll.pdf

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4 Responses to Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water

  1. johnsw1258 says:

    Yes makes sense electrons release photons.
    The ‘heat’ is the vibrational velocity of – higher = hotter.
    The electrons are both there and not there – Schrodinger – Feynman 2 slits – Quantum tunnelling is instant across space no matter the distance.
    The charge (peak) = wavelength (peak) very nice. Nature is elegant economical.
    The Universe is Electric – we are electric

  2. It might be interesting to rebook at Hugh Auchincloss-Brown’s ideas expressed in his book ‘Catastrophes of the Earth’. In it HAB asserts gravity is actually the pressure of light or radiant energy. (HAB was an electrical engineer).

    Just saying.

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