Cliff and the Piedmonts

Cliff and the Piedmonts
Traditional Diluvian culture became very unfashionable in the late 19th century and the mainstream media continue to cold shoulder their works 150 years later.

However, the recent resurgence in multiculturalism is making it increasingly difficult for the mainstream to simply dismiss the Diluvian culture as a bunch of fruitcakes in today’s politically correct environment.

Therefore, it seems appropriate to introduce a new generation to the Diluvian culture.

The swan song for the Diluvian culture was a two volume Greatest Hits compilation issued during 1892 and 1893 by Sir Henry Howarth called The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood.

This compilation of masterpieces by Sir Henry Howarth provides a comprehensive overview of the Diluvian culture and has [thankfully] been re-issued by the Internet Archive for all to enjoy.
The Glacial Nightmare

The Glacial Nightmare – Volume I

The Glacial Nightmare – Volume II

During the era of Rock and Roll [in the 1950s] elements of the Diluvian culture were echoed in the music and lyrics of the long forgotten performer Rolling Ice Cliff.
Plastic Ice Cliff

Ice Cliff Tunnels
In the later half of the 20th century the Diluvian traditions were again echoed by the collective talents of the Piedmonts. The publicity shy Piedmonts are rarely featured in the mainstream media but they usually made a very lasting impression upon anyone who was lucky enough to witness a live performance.

However, the failure of the Piedmonts to gain traction meant they always faced an impossible uphill struggle to overcome inertia and [therefore] it was inevitable that their support quickly melted away.
Surprise Fjord

Elephant Foot

Going with the Flow Downhill
Currently, there is a Diluvian revival band from Greenland called Cliff and the Piedmonts. They have released a few albums but these have quickly faded away into oblivion because it’s been an impossible uphill task for them to break into the financially rewarding North American market.
Scale and Proportion

Going Nowhere
Thankfully, elements of the Diluvian culture can still be stumbled across on the internet and it is the stunning photography of BRIAN JOHN that should cause everyone to pause for thought because BRIAN JOHN uniquely captures the essence of flowing ice as articulated by the last great Diluvian: Sir Henry Hoyle Howarth.

Crusoe Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island

Ice Sheet edge in Peary Land - North Greenland

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  1. tallbloke says:

    The Rolling Stones influenced a speeding up of the beat. 😉

    Great post Tim.

    Just to prove that I am truly antediluvian…

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  3. geran says:

    What a clever way to present all the info. Most interesting!

    (If you play the records backwards, you get the Satanic hit “Global Warming”, by the group “IPCC”. Or, at least that’s what I’ve been told….)

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