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The Boxing Day Blast

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In recent years I have been making an annual pilgrimage to see friends and family which involves flying from Malaga to Dublin [for a few days] and then onwards to Leeds-Bradford before returning home to civilisation. Making this round trip … Continue reading

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Betting on the Weather

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With friends and family flying out from the UK over the last few days it would be fair to say I was hoping for good weather. On the other hand, Piers Corbyn over at was predicting “feet of snow” … Continue reading

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A Christmas Recipe for Snow

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Flicking through Mrs Beeton’s Book of Planetary Management I chanced upon a delightful and fun Christmas Recipe for Snow on page 101. The wonder of this Christmas Recipe for Snow is that Mrs Beeton has simply, but magically, adapted her … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 08 – The Delta 18O Dating Debacle

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One of the enduring mysteries surrounding the GRIP ice core is how [roughly] 3 metres of annual precipitation at Summit Camp manages to become just 23 centimetres of annual core ice when the monthly average high surface temperature always remains … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 07 – Bending Time

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The Holocene Hockey Stick was hacked from the Greenland ice core of Camp Century in a 1969 paper that employed some fairly novel “simple assumptions” that included: a) Excluding all natural fluctuations in climate i.e. unchanged rate of accumulation. b) … Continue reading

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The Big Pineapple

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Many moons ago my father was born on a pineapple farm near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and like a pineapple he was prickly, difficult to hug and really sweet on the inside. Among the many gifts bestowed upon me by … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 06 – The $64,000 Question

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Before plucking up the courage to ask the big question it’s worth reviewing a couple points about the Greenland Ice Sheet courtesy of the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Firstly, according to the National Snow and Ice Data … Continue reading

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The Great Greenland Snow Job – 05 – Hollow Harmonies & Smoking Guns

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The grand era of the Greenland Gatekeepers drew to a close in the 1990s having bequeathed the Holocene Hockey Stick and Abrupt Climate Change to posterity. The wider community of Settled Scientists inherited these two key concepts and, more specifically, … Continue reading

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