The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple

Many moons ago my father was born on a pineapple farm near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and like a pineapple he was prickly, difficult to hug and really sweet on the inside.

Among the many gifts bestowed upon me by my father was a total lack of religious indoctrination.

This was primarily because he was not religiously indoctrinated by his parent and partly because of his life experiences which included the Great Depression and the Second World War.

My father’s lack of religious indoctrination is hardly surprising given that his mother would frequently comment “I’d rather see a church fall than good liquor spilt” whilst sipping her G&T.

Although my father was a man of few words he would often quote his mother whilst pondering the great philosophic challenges of life, such as: When should you stop tolerating intolerance?

Pineapple farm - Queenland

These thoughts were triggered after reading a really remarkable posting by Louis Hissink [“retired diamond exploration geologist”] entitled “Pseudoscience and Water Dowsing” which examines the differences between religious thinking and scientific thinking.

An interesting fact is that Russian scientists generally don’t have the Western “Anglo-American” disdain for anomalous observations and phenomena, partly because after 70 years of doctrinaire socialist conditioning many have stopped thinking religiously and instead learnt to think scientifically.

And this is the crux of the whole issue – the way we think and why I distinguish two types of thinking – scientific versus religious thinking

The religious thinker explains novel, or new, phenomena by determing whether the novelty fits into the existing scientific paradigm or religion.

If it does it is accepted and if not, then it is rejected.

The scientific thinker, on the other hand deals with the novelty by either explaining it in terms of extant knowledge, and if that is not possible, then lays it to one side for re-examination when new theories, or data, become available.

The scientific mind never asserts that the something is impossible, rather that the something is, at present, inexplicable.

Pseudoscience and Water Dowsing – Louis Hissink – 2014

The sad academic edifice that is Post-Normal Science invokes religious thinking because “authority trumps evidence under all circumstances”.

Western science itself evolved from religious thinking and the problem is that one does not need to be overtly religious, in the traditional sense, to think religiously.

After all if you are part of a culture that believes in divine creation, which these days has been accepted as the Big Bang Theory, then you must of necessity have a science which is compatible with this cultural belief.

So stated simply, religious thinking is the process by which authority trumps evidence under all circumstances, whether that authority is a divine script or a scientific theory.

The cause of this type of thinking can be traced back to over a century ago when, in both the UK and and the Anglosphere, “progressive” education was put in place, not to develop critical thinkers, but to produce socially compatible members of a community.

In fact it may be reasonable to assume that this method of education was first started in Germany during the 19th century.

Pseudoscience and Water Dowsing – Louis Hissink – 2014

This powerful polemic penned by Louis Hissink is well worth reading in full.

Evidently, they nurture a better class of thinker down under.

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