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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Ancel Keys “Facts”

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Extraordinary stories frequently feature extraordinary protagonists. The story of the Cholesterol Correlation features the extraordinary Ancel Keys. Keys was the only child of Caroline Emma Chaney Keys, a homemaker, and Benjamin Pios Keys, a bookbinder. Shortly after their son’s birth, … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – Correlation and Causation

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The decline in mortality rates caused by infectious diseases during the first half of the 20th century resulted in a very significant improvement in life expectancy. Mortality in England and Wales: Average Life Span, 2010 This improvement in life … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – The Great Oxymorons

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Medical professionals confronted a bleak future in 1945 because: 1) The terror of infectious diseases had been eradicated by public health measures. 2) The fear of bacteria infections was being eliminated by the widespread use of antibiotics. 3) Demobilised medical … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Correlation – Forgotten History

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The Cholesterol Correlation is one of the longest running soap operas in the illustrious history of Post-Normal Science. A soap opera, soapie, or soap is a serial drama and suspense on television or radio which features related story lines about … Continue reading

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Carver Mead: Coherent Science

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Carver Mead is a very interesting engineer and scientist who has achieved a very impressive list of “firsts”. In relation to his 2002 award with the National Medal of Technology, his biography at a webpage of the Technology Administration of … Continue reading

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Brownian Billiard Balls

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Lucretius described Brownian Motion as “tiny bodies” mingling “in many ways all through the empty space” in On the Nature of Things over 2,000 years ago. For look closely, whenever rays are let in and pour the sun’s light through … Continue reading

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Political Economy

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On the afternoon of Friday 13th August 1971 Richard Nixon decided to close “the gold window” so that “foreign governments could no longer exchange their dollars for gold.” On the afternoon of Friday, August 13, 1971, these officials along with … Continue reading

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Taylor–Couette Circulation

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Earth’s atmospheric circulation is primarily driven by “solar heating” and the “Hadley system provides an example of a thermally direct circulation” according to Settled Science. The major driving force of atmospheric circulation is solar heating, which on average is largest … Continue reading

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Couette Flow 4: Taylor Vortices

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Settled Science generally hides away inconvenient science in the dark corners of their academic edifices. Atmospheric Corotation is one of those “dark corners” of science where mainstream scientists “fear to tread”. Physics and the Earth sciences seem to [currently] avoid … Continue reading

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