As Above So Below – Nassim Haramein

As Above So Below - Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein is an extraordinary human with an extraordinary Natural Philosophy that truly encompasses the concept of As Above – So Below.

The Natural Philosophy of Nassim Haramein really doesn’t require any third party interpretation because he is very adroit at articulating his Natural Philosophy.

Therefore, the focus of this posting is to highlight a few elements of his Natural Philosophy that might catch your attention and encourage you to discover more.

His Natural Philosophy [and his presentation style] is not to everyone’s taste but it is extremely thought provoking and it’s well worth [in my opinion] spending some time watching his presentations because Nassim Haramein provides a very different perspective on the Universe.

At school Nassim Haramein was taught about dimensions.

Dimension Zero is the dot
but it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t enclose space.

Dimension One is the line
but it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t enclose space.

Dimension Two is the square
but it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t enclose space.

Dimension Three is the cube
and it does exist because it encloses space.

The Dot

Nassim Haramein argues the mainstream Dimension Three can’t exist because the mainstream has constructed their 3D cube using dots, lines and squares that [all] don’t exist i.e. you cant build something out of nothing.

Nassim Haramein states the only thing that does exist is the dot.

This is [perhaps] the pivotal philosophical point of his Natural Philosophy which is based upon Dots all the way up – Dots all the way down.

Clearly, this is a philosophical perspective that is not shared by the Particle Accelerator guys at CERN who are busy [and will be busy until the End of Time] smashing atoms into ever decreasing pieces provided we keep supplying them with bigger and bigger toys.

Nassim Haramein suggests that instead of trying to define material objects in terms of fundamental particles we should view material objects as boundary conditions in space because it is the boundaries that define material objects.


A very curious property of a space enclosed by a boundary is that the enclosed space can be divided into sub-spaces and each sub-space [in its own right] can then be divided into sub-spaces.

This geometric process of sub-division can be continued forever [because it is always possible to divide a dimension by two] or until you realise than an infinite number of subdivisions are contained within a finite space.

Therefore, Nassim Haramein argues that its not matter that defines space but that it is the boundary conditions within space that defines matter.

Furthermore, he argues science needs to concentrate upon boundary conditions in space [which accounts for 99.99999 % of the known Universe] instead of focusing upon fundamental particles.


This is his second major philosophical statement because mainstream science doesn’t [can’t] predict self organising systems whilst the Universe is populated by self organising systems which are defined by their boundary conditions within space.

Nassim Haramein is also a wonderful story teller and he frequently provides comic relief [usually at the expense of Settled Science] so that his presentation aren’t too intense.

Some of his anecdotes veer towards stand-up comedy and his Egyptian Pyramid routine is very educational [and very amusing].

Other stories veer towards tragic comedy.

In a meeting with Settled Scientists Nassim Haramein interrupted the flow when he displayed to the meeting a diagram from a mainstream textbook that attempts to illustrated how the Universe is expanding [following the Big Bang] and asked “Who is this guy?

Who Is This Guy

The meeting collectively held its breath because the Settled Scientists though he was going to mention the G word [God] which has been banished from science.

Instead, he observed, if this guy is meant to be blowing up the Universe [like a balloon] then his lungs must be contracting!

Needless to say the Big Bangers didn’t appreciate being reminded that for every action there is meant to be an equal and opposite reaction and that this implies parts of the Universe are expanding whilst other parts are simultaneously contracting.

He then observes that most of our physics is about exploding/expanding stuff [a very male approach to science] and that very little attention is paid to the compression of energy that much occur before any explosion can occur.

Returning to his main thread Nassim Haramein states the vacuum is infinitely dense and science has been ignoring this for a century because “it has no physical meaning”.

He illustrates this point by referring to a mainstream textbook which states present-day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process of an energy density in the vacuum that would formally be infinite if not removed by this renormalization”.

The Vacuum

Therefore, he concludes, if this infinite energy density [in the vacuum] is defined by an infinite number of frequencies then most of these frequencies would cancel out and the vacuum would appear to be empty [nothing].

However, where there is a little bit of organisation [frequency coherence] then this would give rise to boundary conditions and [what we call] the material world.

This is just the first few steps in the Natural Philosophy of Nassim Haramein.

If you wish to lean move then please view the Youtube videos below.

The videos take you step by step towards the Schwarzchild Proton [and beyond].

Using classical mechanics Nassim Haramein defines a Self-Organising Scaling Law of the Universe based upon frequency versus radius [as in the Schwarzchild Proton]

We review our model of a proton that obeys the Schwarzschild condition.

We find that only a very small percentage (˜10-39%) of the vacuum fluctuations available within a proton volume need be cohered and converted to mass-energy in order for the proton to meet the Schwarzschild condition.

This proportion is equivalent to that between gravitation and the strong force where gravitation is thought to be ˜10-38 to 10-40 weaker than the strong force.

Gravitational attraction between two contiguous Schwarzschild protons can accommodate both nucleon and quark confinement.

We calculate that two contiguous Schwarzschild protons would rotate at c and have a period of 10-23 s and a frequency of 1022 Hz which is characteristic of the strong force interaction time and a close approximation of the gamma emission typically associated with nuclear decay.

We include a scaling law and find that the Schwarzschild proton data point lies near the least squares trend line for organized matter.

Using a semi-classical model, we find that a proton charge orbiting at a proton radius at c generates a good approximation to the measured anomalous magnetic moment.

Schwarzchild Proton

The Schwarzschild Proton – Nassim Haramein – 2010
Computing Anticipatory Systems: CASYS `09: Ninth International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1303. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1303, Issue 1, p.95-100

Click to access AIP_CP_SProton_Haramein.pdf

In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the Schwarzschild metric (also known as the Schwarzschild vacuum or Schwarzschild solution) is the solution to the Einstein field equations that describes the gravitational field outside a spherical mass, on the assumption that the electric charge of the mass, angular momentum of the mass, and universal cosmological constant are all zero.

The solution is a useful approximation for describing slowly rotating astronomical objects such as many stars and planets, including Earth and the Sun. The solution is named after Karl Schwarzschild, who first published the solution in 1916.

The underlying duality of Nassim Haramein’s Natural Philosophy suggests perceived objects are the radiative [white hole] side of a black hole and that there is a black hole at the centre of every atom.

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4 Responses to As Above So Below – Nassim Haramein

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  2. omanuel says:

    Thank you for the intriguing videos.

  3. CERN et al are not what they seem.

    They are war factories. They make and capture anti matter. Allied with a magnetic bottle and Tritium, they make a handy mini nuke. 9/11 set fire to car tyres! They contain more steel than rubber….. charge releases by a fusion device leaves only a few traces, unlike U or Pu devices

  4. Nassim’s Boundaries are also known as, aka, Pinches. The Universe is actually just one thing. It has an inate proensity to diminish, to return to its unexpanded state. This pressure is aka gravity. Opposing this is the far greater force of charge, sent out in one direction, but as it has inertia, travelling almost forever. Always attracting more charge as it travels.Immanent as a filament. Its constituent filaments can resonate and become entangled with the Aether, aka the universe. That is a pinch. It becomes a seperate source of charge and also of matter. Matter is charge in resonance with Aether, creating a boundary/Pinch that can accumulate with other charge to form more cohernet matter: Things….

    Aether is aka consciousness or Awareness

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