Planet Amnesia – Toronto Conference 16-19 May 2016

Planet Amnesia

The Planet Amnesia web site is “dedicated to recovering memories of our human past through a study of science, mythology, and psychology.”

The memory of an ancient life on Earth is distant, but is recoverable. We can learn about it through studying the many cross-cultural myths about the origin of humanity. If we look with fresh eyes, we will see an extraordinary chapter of human history that few are aware of.

We must pick up the threads of archaic stories in order to understand the outlines of this history. The sciences can help us solidify these observations, but cannot lead us into the dim recesses of symbol and memory where this information resides.

The term, Planet Amnesia has a double meaning.

The first meaning can be found in substituting the term Planet Earth for Planet Amnesia, a place where the inhabitants have forgotten their origins, and no longer know how to read the clues that were laid down by their ancestors. We live in a fog, religions telling us one thing, science another. Are we stupid, or have we been purposefully left in the dark? Do today’s scientist priests have a better handle on reality, or have they too veered off into their own dogmatic religion?

The second meaning of Planet Amnesia is that we have forgotten and covered up the history of the behavior of the planets in our solar system. We look around today and see the planets in their far away stable orbits, while our contemporary religion of science says they have always been that way. We labor under the assumption that any change to this scenario has been gradual over immeasurably long periods of time.

Planet Amnesia is hosting a conference in Toronto next year.

Toronto Conference 16 -19 May 2016

Please join us for a most stimulating gathering of scholars and scientists seeking to reconstruct the historical record in light of new research into celestially induced earth catastrophes. Exploring evidence from mythology to archaeology to astrophysics, we will hear from noted speakers in various disciplines on the origin and fallout of such crises that have eluded identification by mainstream academia.

This year’s conference has a primary focus on the ‘human record.’ We will consider the role of the narrative and symbolic arts of literature, myth, religion, theater, and athletics in sublimating the memory of these crisis events.

Speakers at the Toronto conference include:

The Spheres of Quantavolution and the making of the Quantavolutionist

Chronological Reconstruction of the First Millennium AD

Collective Memory and the Springs of Art

Rituals of Remembering and Forgetting

Terror at the Edge: Victory-Joy at the Center

The End of Catastrophism

The Separation of Heaven & Earth

The Jupiter Myth

The Hidden God

Electric Compression Force (ECF) between Planets

Unraveling Genesis, A Reconstruction of Contemporaneous Accounts of a Great Comet’s Transformation of our Biosphere

The Shield of Achilles; Homeric Poetry and Homeric Cosmology

Common Scientific Dating Methods – Past, Present and Future

Remembering Mankind’s Catastrophic Past through Digital Media

But places at the conference are very limited.

The ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel has limited seating for 110 people, so once this number of attendees is reached, the conference will be sold out.

After accounting for speakers and their spouses, there are only 85-90 tickets available, so don’t wait too long to register!

So give yourself a festive present and book now!

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2 Responses to Planet Amnesia – Toronto Conference 16-19 May 2016

  1. andrewfitts says:

    Many thanks for supporting the upcoming conference in downtown Toronto. The Gladstone, an old European style hotel, is an excellent venue for such a collegial gathering. We are scheduling ‘dialogue sessions’ after some of the main talks, so this event will be interactive.

  2. ECF!!!

    e.m.f. Force is how ether manifests once it is established. \s it moves, electro-magnetism follows. The repulsive f is what some call gravity. Energy and matter block aether action, hence reduce repulsion from that quarter. Thus two bodies move toward each other, compelled by aether

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