Stand Up For Democracy

Stand Up For Democracy

The EU Referendum Campaign in Britain has been one of the most extraordinary political events in my lifetime where reality has managed to penetrate the Westminster Bubble.

One of the more hopeful signs is that reality has even managed to penetrate the BBC Bubble.

But more importantly:

The EU Referendum Campaign provides the British electorate with an unequivocal opportunity to Stand Up For Democracy in Britain and Europe.

If we stand up for democracy we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us but currently have no voice – Boris Johnson

The EU Referendum Campaign has also separated the men from the boys.

Thank you for Standing Up For Democracy.

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12 Responses to Stand Up For Democracy

  1. The language being used is also interesting. The Leavers want to be sovereign and able to make their own decisions, laws, regulations etc. The Remainers prefer to have Brussels make the decisions.

    Except the Leavers seem not to have realised that their preferred way of life is nothing other than capitalism, so Brexit is actually the debate about socialism versus capitalism.

  2. THX1138 says:

    It’s so easy to be fooled. The American Revolution was supposedly won by the Americans, and The United States of America was supposedly made a separate nation, no longer owned by Britain (or rather King George). However, the new American government paid “reparations” to the supposed loser of the war, Britain. American tax money is still paid to the British Crown Corporation. So what really happened? Just another government hoax, that’s what happened.

    • That’s something I did not know! Sheds much light on things especially some of the obtuse comments some politicians utter in in Oz.

      • CW says:

        You didn’t know it because it’s not true. Sounds like yet another Illuminati cult fantasy. If the UK chooses BREXIT, it will say goodbye to the suffocating bureaucracy in Brussels, which created the moribund EU economy. Nota bene: Norway already goes it alone. Norway has unrestricted free trade via the European Economic Area (EEA) and maintains its own highly-successful currency.

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  4. tempestnut says:

    The United Kingdom is a sovereign Country. It has just outsourced its governance.

    Every Western democracy including Canada Australia and New Zealand have morphed in some degree to crony capitalism (autocracy or as some older students would describe it; dictatorship). No one single country now has Capitalism, and this is the single reason wealth is being concentrated with a tiny number of rich people who are mostly invisable. The US, the land of opportunity is now so overburdened with regulation that new business start-ups are at there lowest ever level.

    Capitalism has one unbreakable rule (regulation) that if broken causes it to fail. That rule is protection of the individual. The individual can be person, town city country or corporate. Its simple concept to understand that even Obama, Camron or Merkel should be able to understand it. Any rule or regulation at all that does not protect the individual should not be applied.

    All the banking regulation that has come about since the 2008 crash has been crafted to protect the banks, and it has been paid for by the individual. That is dictatorship, NOT capitalism. It is why our economies are tanking. Just watch Deutsche bank over the coming year or so. It is having a slow motion train crash of monumental proportions. It is going to make RBS look like it was the local grocer going bust. But no doubt the German government will find a way of bailing it out without breaking any of the rules that say “no more bail outs” And it will all be done with smoke and mirrors so we the unwashed will not realise what is going on.

    The biggest mistake in 2008 was rescuing the banks, and the likes of General Motors for that matter and then pouring more millions into green energy that has singularly failed to deliver. These have all been actions of dictatorships and broken the fundamental rules of capitalism.

    We are on the cusp of a revolution of sorts and what ever the result tomorrow, its either the fight goes on or the fight changes focus on making our politian’s serve the people rather than serve themselves. There will be no relenting, this is the mood here.

    By the way today is the 100th anniversary of the battle of Verdun. Is that auspicious or what?

    • Brokk uk says:

      Very interesting comment tempestnut.

      So what do you make of the circumstances surrounding Sir Phillip Green(or should that be Greed), late owner of BHS?

      If reported figures are correct, he bought BHS for £200,000,000 and over a period of 15 years stripped it of some £600,000,000 in dividends and charges of various kinds, before selling the stripped carcass for £1, to an incompetent, leaving said incompetent to pick it a bit further and dump it in administration, resulting in the state having to pick up the redundancy tab and the pension scheme deficit of over £500,000,000.

      It appears there is no regulation to prevent this type of predatory activity, nor do there appear to be means of recovering funds from the chief predator, Green. Prosecution appears to be focusing on the suitability of the purchaser rather than reimbursement from the criminal.

      Which individual is being protected, how will this help to break Capitalism?
      Ordinary citizens, you and I included, look likely to have to pick up Greens tab, leaving him protected. Capitalism will continue largely unreformed.

      I would be delighted to be proved wrong, but I doubt Green will repay anything near the amount he has stolen from this company, nor will he be prosecuted as he should be, and he will not be the last unsavory individual to act in this way. The name Mike Ashley comes to mind.

      E.U. regulations may be irritating to “Capitalists” of this type, but surely it is British “Light Touch” regulation so beloved of our current crop of politicians that has enabled this situation to arise.

      Capitalism itself cannot be blamed for some of its more unsavory practitioners, poor or inadequate regulation most certainly can be blamed.

      More of the same now we are leaving Europe and regaining democratic control of our own affairs?

  5. PeterMG says:

    Another way to look at the EU is this. In our Capitalist society public monopolies are undesirable but often unavoidable. Examples being water and sewerage, or perhaps healthcare or power generation. Often the public provision can be kept “honest” with limited private provision which can provide an element of competition which leads to innovation. What is to be avoided at all cost is private monopoly, or worse private cartels.

    Many think the EU is socialist (left wing) which would imply they are supporters of public monopoly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their highly regulated environment creates private monopolies and cartels, which destroy innovation and competition and ultimately choice, so the end result is even the public finds it impossible to vote with their feet via choice, and the “market” fails.

    As a collective our elites confuse the words “competition” and “choice”, often using them interchangeably. For example they think the just because you are able to take your children to another school other than the one closest, or you are able to travel further to another hospital that they are providing you with choice and this is due to competition. Often the choice facing us in these situations is “which is the least bad choice”. This is not competition and the schools and hospitals are not competing with one and other to provide us with a better service. They are often the ones making the choice by turning us away.

    No the EU is either the opposite of socialism; (ultra right wing or Anarchists) , or more likely Socialism is just a fluffy feel good word for dictatorship (ultra left wing).

    Being a free market capitalist, is not mutually exclusive with being a good citizen and having a social conscience. The two are separate and have separate rules of governance. The EU has mixed the rule so that we have neither capitalism or any clear social governance.

  6. oldbrew says:

    Yes, Brits have vote to leave the EU by 52% to 48%. Interesting times ahead 😉

  7. malagabay says:

    It has been reported that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Britain’s decision to leave the EU was not the beginning of the end for the EU.

    I tend to agree with him: its not the beginning because the decline started a long time ago…

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