The Triple Troughers

The Triple Troughers

One of the EU Referendum Campaign issues was the democratic deficit in Europe.

But the results map highlights a huge democratic deficit in the United Kingdom.

The establishment of Regional Assemblies [with devolved powers] in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by Teflon Tony created a huge democratic deficit in England.

This arrangement was great for the politicians in the devolved regions because they now had three bites at the cherry.

They had access to the Regional Trough, the Westminster Trough and [best of all] they had access to the truffle filled EU Trough in Brussels.

The Triple Troughers had it made.

Blame the English for everything, get the English to pay for some regional sweeteners so it looks like you’re doing something whilst getting your snout stuck into the Triple Troughs.

Then along came the EU Referendum Result.

The Triple Troughers are panicking!

Will the Triple Troughers be cut-off from the truffle filled EU Trough in Brussels?

Sturgeon says new Scottish independence vote is now ‘highly likely’ and could be held within months as nationalists pounce after Scotland votes to stay in the EU – while England backs Brexit

Let the fun begin.

Blaming the English for everything was easy.

But it’s not so easy when you’re handing over real cash to the democratically deficient EU whilst you’re privileged access to the Westminster Trough is withdrawn.

And it’s great to talk about Scottish Oil revenues but what happens when Brussels decides to carve up this natural resources like it did with fishing.

More curiously:

When the Triple Troughers in Scotland talk about “independence” what they are really offering is a choice between being an English Vassal Sate or a European Vassal State.

That seems like a difficult kind of “independence” to sell to any electorate.

No doubt the Triple Troughers in Northern Ireland and Wales are also panicking.

Will the English want exclusive access to the Westminster Trough?

And will the English NGOs eject their Eurpoean Gravy Trainers when their coffers are no longer stuffed to the rafters with Euros from Brussels?

Indeed: Interesting times…

Two Pigs

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5 Responses to The Triple Troughers

  1. oldbrew says:

    ‘Sturgeon says new Scottish independence vote is now ‘highly likely’ and could be held within months’

    Two problems with this:
    1) the holding of such a referendum has to be approved in advance by the UK Parliament. Some of the media are glossing over or have forgotten this.
    2) no guarantee the result will differ from the 2014 vote. SNP won’t go ahead unless polls show a win is likely.

  2. PeterMG says:

    At the moment there is a palace coup going on with Johnson for 10 and Gove for 11. Then they take the offered associate membership and we are stuck in a worse place than before. Neither of the above mentioned are fit to take the reigns as they are not in it for the UK but for themselves. Worrying times ahead and we need to ensure that the proper plan is put in place. We need to out those that are talking short term, and we need to adopt
    as the only way of managing our future.

  3. Oh what an emotional plea by the bankrupt Scotland.

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