Train Wreck Europe

Train Wreck Europe

They say a week is a long time in British politics.

The place holder of the blue team has thrown his toys out of the pram.

The place holder of the red team is slowly being prised from his pram.

The gravy trainers want a reprise of the good old days under Totalitarian Tony.

The grass roots are realising they’ve been voting for place holders.

The media says it’s all your fault.

I guess this is what happens when you outsource your government.

But don’t worry: Europe is in great shape.

20th century warfare is now de rigueur in Riga.

Operation Saber Strike is an annual international exercise held since 2010 by the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) focused on the Baltic States. The exercise spans multiple locations in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and involves approximately 2,000 troops from 14 countries.

Saber Strike 2016 is scheduled from May 27-June 22.

21st century warfare is all the rage in Romania.

US activates $800m missile shield base in Romania

Rome is leading the chase to become this seasons New Athens.

As the WSJ reported earlier, the Italian government is considering a capital injection for the country’s banking system, after Italian lenders were hit by a sharp selloff in banking stocks Friday, triggered by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Paris is hosting the ever popular 1968 Revival Concert.

Riot police crack down on Paris protests against labour reforms

The volatile period of civil unrest in France during May 1968 was punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as the occupation of universities and factories across France.

Austria is in the psychiatrist’s chair receiving the usual anxiety treatment.

Austria’s new president has vowed to listen to the people’s “fear and anger” after his far-right opponent narrowly missed out on a landmark victory.
Independent Alexander Van der Bellen beat the Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer by just 31,000 votes among the 4.64 million cast in Sunday’s election.

British “millennials” are headed for victory in the Cognitive Dissonance Competition.

Millennials’ ‘fury’ over baby boomers’ vote for Brexit

Youth unemployment rates are generally much higher, even double or more than double, than unemployment rates for all ages.

The Brussels Station Master has confirmed the Derailment of Democracy.

The British have violated the rules.
It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.

We must act to prevent countries from fleeing EU – Merkel

A new script has been jetted across the Atlantic from Langley.

Stung by ‘Brexit’ Vote, John Kerry Headed to Brussels, London
U.S. Secretary of State will consult with leaders on a ‘sensible’ transition out of European Union

Napoleon and Josephine have been handed the latest Final Solution script.

France & Germany plan to lead post-Brexit EU reform – leaked memo

EU Officials To Unveil ‘Ultimatum’ Blueprint As Final Solution For European Super-State

Poland is poleaxed.

The plot has sparked fury and panic in Poland – a traditional ally of Britain in the fight against federalism – after being leaked to Polish news channel TVP Info.

Extremely surprised; shocked and unbalanced.

And everyone else is eagerly awaiting their October Surprise.

In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event deliberately created or timed (or sometimes occurring spontaneously) to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency.

What could possibly go wrong?

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9 Responses to Train Wreck Europe

  1. malagabay says:

    Zoe Williams explains that “elements of love” rain down on everyone under “internationalism”.

    There is a reason why, when Marine le Pen and Donald Trump congratulated us on our decision, it was like being punched in the face – because they are racists, authoritarian, small-minded and backward-looking. They embody the energy of hatred.

    The principles that underpin internationalism – cooperation, solidarity, unity, empathy, openness – these are all just elements of love.

    Jeremy Corbyn has made his point. Now it’s time for Labour to move on
    The Guardian – Zoe Williams – 26 June 2016

    Jonathan Cook provides a few examples of these “elements of love”.

    One wonders where in the corridors of the EU bureaucracy Williams identifies that “love” she so admires.

    Did she see it when the Greeks were being crushed into submission after they rebelled against austerity policies that were themselves a legacy of European economic policies that had required Greece to sell off the last of its family silver?

    Is she enamoured of this internationalism when the World Bank and IMF go into Africa and force developing nations into debt-slavery, typically after a dictator has trashed the country decades after being installed and propped up with arms and military advisers from the US and European nations?

    What about the love-filled internationalism of Nato, which has relied on the EU to help spread its military tentacles across Europe close to the throat of the Russian bear?

    Is that the kind of cooperation, solidarity and unity she was thinking of?

    After all, their international credentials have been proven repeatedly, including in the killing fields of Iraq and Libya.

    Brexit and the Diseased Liberal Mind
    Off Guardian – Jonathan Cook – 27 June 2016

    Evidently, mainstream Political Science has become another Settled Science.

    • The word “liberal” has essentially become meaningless as a political term. So just who, then, is Cook referring to when he writes “Diseased Liberal Mind”? This is simply another Babel. And Cui Bono?

  2. malagabay says:

    Interesting commentary by The Saker

    Brexit: how the British people have forfeited the confidence of their government

    Things are going to get ugly now.

  3. malagabay says:

    James Corbett provides an overview of the script.

    1. A European Security Compact, including an expansion of internal “security” through a strengthened Europol, and expansion of external “security” in areas like North Africa and the Middle East through coordination with the African Union, G5 and other globalist counterparts.

    2. A Common European asylum and migration policy, including the expansion of FRONTEX with permanent, dedicated EU-supplied staff, and the creation of a European Asylum Agency tasked with standardizing the registration of asylum seekers and hosting joint EU-controlled databases.

    3. A Completed Economic and Monetary Union, including “convergence between member states” in strategic sectors of the economy, the development of a European Monetary Fund presided over by EU parliament, and continued moves toward “common taxation.”

    The script is written in English [by the German and French foreign ministers] and is available at

  4. Perhaps The Comet returns. ( from an American Observer)

    There is a method to the madness of the High Priests of Finance – Only a manipulated system of Fiat Currency could create Industrial Civilization. It is here for us to enjoy, but for a short time, as the rise of Industrial Civilization also marks the end of an epoch – destruction to be followed by Re-Birth – but on a different plane of understanding. A New Age.

    Currency is from Current:

    1. belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.

    2. a body of water or air moving in a definite direction, especially through a surrounding body of water or air in which there is less movement.

    The Priests of High Finance know that the end is coming – and so it will be a party (Industrial Civilization) until the end of the age.

    Gobekli Tepe – Temples Communicating Ancient Cosmic Geography:

    “What is important here is for some unknown reason the builders of Gobekli Tepe constructed a temple apparently highlighting a time 11,600 years in their future. Yet this scene is intentional. The symbolism is clear and in keeping with many mythologies describing this very same event – occurring at the very time we live in today!”

    Sometime between now and 2040 Earth shall once again encounter the Comet which ended the Golden Age, as described by Plato. See: Younger Dryas event. The age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, shall bring death, destruction, and re-birth – the Phoenix. At that point, “one’s financial path” will mean nothing. What is the state of your spiritual development?

    See: Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock

  5. THX1138 says:

    The Comet which ended the Golden Age was Venus, and obviously Venus has settled down into a stable solar orbit, so it is not “returning.”

    • I’m also a fan of Dr. Paul LaViolette, and I find no evidence that Venus was responsible – nor do you present any.

      Dr. LaViolette is the first to predict that high intensity volleys of cosmic ray particles travel directly to our planet from distant sources in our Galaxy, a phenomenon now confirmed by scientific data. He is also the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust in Ice Age polar ice, indicating the occurrence of a global cosmic catastrophe in ancient times. Based on this work, he made predictions about the entry of interstellar dust into the solar system ten years before its confirmation in 1993 by data from the Ulysses spacecraft and by radar observations from New Zealand.

      He also originated the glacier wave flood theory that not only provides a reasonable scientific explanation for widespread continental floods, but also presents a credible explanation for the sudden freezing of the arctic mammoths and demise of the Pleistocene mammals. Also he developed a novel theory that links geomagnetic flips to the past occurrence of immense solar flare storm outbursts.

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