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35 Rattles and 1 Dummy

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In the weird and wacky world of American politics the Obama administration is [amongst other things] expelling 35 Russian diplomats over “election hacking allegations (that as yet have not been supported by any actual evidence)”. As promised (or threatened), the … Continue reading

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Windows Death Cross

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Originally the internet was dominated by personal computers running Microsoft Windows. But, as with all empires, it was doomed to failure. However, the speed of the collapse has been astounding. The problem for Microsoft is that their long standing policy … Continue reading

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Lieutenant Kizhe on Solzhenitsyn

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On the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain about 200,000 people were involved in the production, distribution and consumption of Samizdat “dissident” literature. Samizdat was a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced censored … Continue reading

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Lieutenant Kizhe

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Today I was introduced to the black comedy of a spelling mistake: Lieutenant Kizhe. Lieutenant Kijé or Kizhe (Russian: Пору́чик Киже́, translit. Poruchik Kizhe), originally Kizh (Киж), is the fictional protagonist of an anecdote about the reign of Emperor Paul … Continue reading

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Ken L. Wheeler – The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism

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If you are looking for fresh insights and a deeper understanding of life, the universe and everything then now is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with Ken Wheeler. If you are sitting comfortably then the following couple of videos … Continue reading

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Drinking-Water and Copper

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They say: you learn something new every day. However, not everything you learn is as useful as this. Microbially-unsafe water is still a major concern in most developing countries. Although many water-purification methods exist, these are expensive and beyond the … Continue reading

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Purple Reign

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The United States appears to be experiencing a virulent outbreak of the Purple Reign strain of the Colour Revolution Virus. Colour revolution (sometimes called the coloured revolution) or color revolution is a term that was widely used by worldwide media … Continue reading

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Crowd Source Science: Dutchsinse

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One of the more spectacular reactions to the Settled Science of Global Warming has been a resurgence of interest in Science [especially Earth Sciences] and with the emergence of Crowd Source Funding a new generation of independent Scientists [unfettered by … Continue reading

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Myths of the Cherokee: The Deluge

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The Mendacious Mainstream Myth Makers transformed 1905 into an Annus Mirabilis with the publication of North American Indian Fairy Tales. This pernicious tome presented to an “advanced civilisation” the collective cultural heritage of the “Indians of North America” as a … Continue reading

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Myths of the Cherokee: Struck by Lightning

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James Mooney noted the Cherokee utilise the “mysterious properties” of wood that has been struck by lightning. Following this line of inquiry reveals some very surprising information. These “mysterious properties” were employed by the Cherokee to prepare seeds for “a … Continue reading

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Myths of the Cherokee: Sacred Numbers

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The Religious Instruction I received back in the days of black and white television didn’t explicitly encompass Sacred Numbers. The Indian has always four as the principal sacred number, with usually another only slightly subordinated. The two sacred numbers of … Continue reading

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