The Red Score: The Deluge


The Deluge section of the Red Score is the remarkably powerful history of the Lenape people being “driven from their homes” to live huddled together in “hollow houses” whilst a murderous “mighty snake” brings devastating “rushing waters” that flow “between the hills”.

After the Deluge the “water ran off”, the “earth dried” and the “mighty snake” departed.

But the climate had changed: “It freezes”, “it snows”, “it storms” and “it is cold”.


Long ago there was a mighty snake and beings evil to men.

This mighty snake hated those who were there (and) greatly disquieted those whom he hated.

They both did harm, they both injured each other, both were not in peace.

Driven from their homes they fought with this murderer.

The mighty snake firmly resolved to harm the men.

He brought three persons, he brought a monster, he brought a rushing water.

Between the hills the water rushed and rushed, dashing through and through, destroying much.

Nanabush, the Strong White One, grandfather of beings, grandfather of men, was on the Turtle Island.

There he was walking and creating, as he passed by and created the turtle.

Beings and men all go forth, they walk in the floods and shallow waters, down stream thither to the Turtle Island.

There were many monster fishes, which ate some of them.

The Manito daughter, coming, helped with her canoe, helped all, as they came and came.

[And also]
Nanabush, Nanabush, the grandfather of all, the grandfather of beings, the grandfather of men, the grandfather of the turtle.

The men then were together on the turtle, like to turtles.

Frightened on the turtle, they prayed on the turtle that what was spoiled should be restored.

The water ran off, the earth dried, the lakes were at rest, all was silent, and the mighty snake departed.

After the rushing waters (had subsided) the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there.

It freezes where they abode,
it snows where they abode,
it storms where they abode,
it is cold where they abode.

The Lenape and their Legends – Daniel Garrison Brinton – 1885

The catastrophic elements of the Deluge “are perfectly familiar to one acquainted with Algonkin mythology”.

The myths embodied in the earlier portion of the Walam Olum are perfectly familiar to one acquainted with Algonkin mythology.

They are not of foreign origin, but are wholly within the cycle of the most ancient legends of that stock.

Although they are not found elsewhere in the precise form here presented, all the figures and all the leading incidents recur in the native tales picked up by the Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century, and by Schoolcraft, McKinney, Tanner and others in later days.

The cosmogony describes the formation of the world by the Great Manito, and its subsequent despoliation by the spirit of the waters, under the form of a serpent.

The happy days are depicted, when men lived without wars or sickness, and food was at all times abundant.

Evil beings, of mysterious power, introduced cold and war and sickness and premature death.

Then began strife and long wanderings.

The Lenape and their Legends – Daniel Garrison Brinton – 1885

The Algonquian are one of the most populous and widespread North American native language groups.

Historically, the peoples were prominent along the Atlantic Coast and into the interior along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes. (redirect from Algonkin)

The “mighty snake” also sounds familiar to anyone acquainted with the Rainbow Serpent.


It is well known that these people attribute the formation of Australia’s surface topography to the action of the mythical Rainbow Serpent, both on a regional and local scale.

Cutting to the chase, the Rainbow Serpent is interpreted by me as an historical, planetary sized, electric-plasma discharge between the Earth and some cosmic interloper, the morning star, via the ionosphere, that literally ‘laser’ machined the Earth’s surface.

Carving out the Earth’s landscape by enormous electrical discharges will of necessity produce abundant eroded material whose nature will vary depending on the nature of the underlying earth.

Louis Hissink: An Origin for Quartz Sand – Malagabay – 23 Oct 2016

Among the Hurons, in 1648, the Jesuits found a legend current that there existed somewhere a monster serpent called Onniont, who wore on his head a horn that pierced rocks, trees, hills, in short, everything he encountered.

Whoever could get a piece of this horn was a fortunate man, for it was a sovereign charm and bringer of good luck.

The Hurons confessed that none of them had had the good hap to find the monster and break his horn, nor indeed had they any idea of his whereabouts; but their neighbors, the Algonkins, furnished them at times small fragments for a large consideration.

… … … … … … … … …

The face of nature was desolated as by a tornado, and the gigantic boulders and loose rocks found on the prairies are the missiles hurled by the mighty combatants.

Or else his foe was the glittering prince of serpents whose abode was the lake ; or was the shining Manito whose home was guarded by fiery-serpents and a deep sea ; or was the great king of fishes; all symbols of the atmospheric waters, all figurative descriptions of the wars of the elements.

In these affrays the thunder and lightning are at his command, and with them he destroys his enemies.

For this reason the Chipeway pictography represents him brandishing a rattlesnake, the symbol of the electric flash, and sometimes they called him the Northwest Wind, which in the region they inhabit usually brings the thunder-storms.

… … … … … … … … …

By far the greater number represent the last destruction of the world to have been by water.

A few, however, the Takahlis of the North Pacific coast, the Yarucares of the Bolivian Cordilleras, and the Mbocobi of Paraguay, attribute it to a general conflagration which swept over the earth, consuming every living thing except a few who took refuge in a deep cave.

The more common opinion of a submersion gave rise to those traditions of a universal flood so frequently recorded by travellers, and supposed by many to be reminiscences of that of Noah.

The Myths Of The New World – Daniel Garrison Brinton – 1876

But the mainstream preference is that you should stay unacquainted with the Red Score.

… clear evidence that it was a fake
… had long suspected the document to be a fraud
… lumping it with many other famous archaeological frauds
… very good reason to believe that he fabricated important data …
… significant evidence that the document is a hoax
… also believed the text a hoax

In the modern era the Red Score has been transformed into historical Fake News and Academia has become a Scholarly Safe Space of everlasting Happy Days.

The happy days are depicted, when men lived without wars or sickness, and food was at all times abundant.

The Lenape and their Legends – Daniel Garrison Brinton – 1885

Academic Amnesiacs wilfully forget that Happy Days are [by definition] the retrospective remembrance [aka nostalgia] of carefree days Before the Deluge.

The initial [annotated] English translation of the same lines by Constantine Rafinesque [1836] is verbose when compared with Daniel Brinton’s translation [1885] which curiously uses “hollow houses” instead of Rafinesque’s more explicit “cave house”.

There was long ago a powerful snake Maskanako, when the men had become bad beings Makowini.

This strong snake had become the foe of the Jins, and they became troubled, hating each other.

Both were fighting, both were spoiling, both were never peaceful.

And they were fighting, least man Mattapewi with dead-keeper Nihanlowit.

And the strong snake readily resolved to destroy or fight the beings and the men.

The dark snake he brought, the monster (Amangam) he brought, snake rushing-water he brought.

Much water is rushing, much go to hills, much penetrate, much destroying.

Meantime at TULA, at that island, NAMA-BUSH (the great hare Nana) became the ancestor of beings and men.

Being born creeping, he is ready to move and dwell at TULA.

The beings and men (Owini and Linowi) all go forth from the flood creeping in shallow water, or swimming afloat, asking which is the way to the turtle back TULAPIN.

(This verse like many others is in rhymes, and metre of 9 words of 3 syllables.)

But there were many monsters (Amangamek) in the way, and some men were devoured by them.

But the daughter of a spirit, helped them in a boat, saying come, come, they were coming and were helped.

(The name of the boat or raft is Mokol.)

Nanabush, Nanabush, became the grandfather of all, the grandfather of the beings, the grandfather of the men, and the grandfather of the turtles.

(This is the beginning of a hymn to Nanabush, in rhymes, lasting for 4 verses.)

The men were there, the turtle there, they were turtling altogether.

(Tulapewi are the turtle-men)

He was frightened, he the turtle, he was praying, he the turtle, let it be to make well.

Water running off, it is drying, in the plains and the mountains, at the path of the cave, elsewhere went the powerful action or motion.

After the flood, the manly men Linapewi, with the manly turtle beings dwelt close together at the cave house, and dwelling of Talli.

It freezes was there, it snows was there, it is cold was there.

The American Nations – Constantine Samuel Rafinesque – Volume One – 1836

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5 Responses to The Red Score: The Deluge

  1. I have a copy of a video documentary of Pilbara Aboriginal traditions/stories that relate of a prior time when “the Earth was soft underfoot” and linked to the morning star. Today the West Australian Pilbara region cannot in any sense be described as ‘soft underfoot’, or ‘the lands were soft’.

    Initially I thought the ‘soft-land’ analogy might have been linked to a plasma event that caused the underlying rocks to become ductile or plastic, since the Pilbara region is dominated by granitic and intensely metamorphosed rocks, but such energetic processes would have been difficult to explain since temperatures of such height would not have allowed any in-situ survivors.

    This leads to the hypothesis that the aboriginal story relates to a period when the region was covered by grassed soils and vegetation, possibly associated with deep regoliths and weathered rocks. I know for a fact from field work that much of the ‘orange’ highly silicified metamorphics on the Sylvania Dome area near the Newman Iron Ore mine, are actually metamorphosed sediments including conglomerates. Yet these rocks are ‘dated’ as the oldest on the planet.

    If the rainbow serpent mechanism was responsible for stripping the deeply weathered regolith off the landmasses, and, inter alia, also forming the oceanic basins, then associated phenomena may also be widespread occurrence of wild fires that, in populated or urbanised areas, couldn’t have burnt the infrastructure such as thatched roofs etc. In fact I wonder if in the pre-rainbow serpent times there were no fresh rock outcrops on the planet, everything being deeply weathered, and what humans that existed lived in a paradisiacal garden of Eden existence, perhaps living in wooded infrastructure.

    The major religions all recount a terrible hellish, fire and brimstone past event, so I wonder if the dark-earth layer was caused by the associated wildfire which accompanied the rainbow serpent event? Our historical understanding only occurred during the last 200 years, so it’s quite plausible that texts assigned to pre-AD might have interesting provenances,

  2. malagabay says:

    “I wonder if the dark-earth layer was caused by the associated wildfire which accompanied the rainbow serpent event?”

    One thought is that there might polarity effects:

    The stronger Magnet North Pole is in the Geographical South.

    So perhaps the Northern Hemisphere got Rainbow Serpent Lite
    i.e. Dark Earth and Spot Vitrification

    While the Southern Hemisphere got Rainbow Serpent Full Strength
    i.e. surface stripping

    Perhaps with some Surface Baking nearer the Equator
    i.e. Laterites and Spot Vitrification

    Either way: A very interesting start to the New Year…

    • Life becomes complex when you realise that the geomagnetic field might actually be formed externally and not internally via the ‘undemonstrated’ dynamo model. Then the notion of a ‘south magnetic pole’ becomes problematical.

      • malagabay says:

        My guess is that geomagnetism is externally driven.

        Charged particles in the Solar Wind creates the external electro-magnetic torus that surrounds the Earth i.e. the Van Allen Belts,

        But violet light [and shorter wavelengths in sunlight] creates surface magnetism via the photo-magnetic effect.

        Therefore, its arguable, that the alignment of these two fields tends to shuffle the “plates” around – sometimes catastrophically.

        A catastrophic re-alignment would explain why the Earth has an old [decaying] pair of magnetic poles and a new pair of magnetic poles that are currently being charged-up by the photo-magnetic effect.

        If that’s the case then it has all the hallmarks of a catastrophic rinse-and-repeat cycle.

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