Deep State Conspiracy Cluedo


Lionel Nation’s latest Deep State Conspiracy Analysis is chilling but resonant.

Given the ever increasing Fake News Frenzy it seems more like it’s Not If But When.


Which, in its turn, suggests NATO is a military manifestation of the Deep State.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

As always: Time will tell.

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2 Responses to Deep State Conspiracy Cluedo

  1. Not so much a stalking horse as a well coordinated soft-coup as outlined by

  2. malagabay says:

    The Saker runs with a “de facto coup” storyline.

    For a lot of Trump supporters the past week has been a painful one. Whether we chose to react with abject panic or pretended like nothing happened, something did happen and it was something big: the Tree Letter Agencies pulled-off a de facto coup against Donald Trump by forcing him to fire his most important foreign policy advisor and the man who had dared to declare that he wanted to reform the bloated and largely ineffective US intelligence community.

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