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732 AD and All That – A Belief System Cocktail

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In my teenage years I learnt that Mixing My Drinks was a very bad idea. In later life I added Mixing Belief Systems to my list of very bad ideas. Therefore, it’s no surprise I consider it in very poor … Continue reading

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Richard North: Unmitigated Dross

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Throughout my adult lifetime there has been a Propaganda War raging in the United Kingdom over British involvement in the European Economic Community and it’s subsequent stealthy evolution into the European Community which then morphed into the undemocratic and dysfunctional … Continue reading

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The Media & Mad Cows

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The anti-Trump Fake News blitz by the legacy media has invoked memories of the Mad Cow Disease epidemic amongst several new media commentators. Although these references are deployed for humorous effect it’s worth remembering that Mad Cow Disease is deadly … Continue reading

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Mark Blyth: Global Trumpism

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In a very straight talking interview Mark Blyth defines Global Trumpism as a “revolt against technocracy” and a “revolt against governance by unrepresented, unelected, undemocratic elites”. Well here is the thing. My side is very pro European, but I am … Continue reading

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Mark Blyth: Austerity

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I unimpressed by Economists who call a spade: A consumer durable that’s frequently deemed a minor capital investment because it significantly reduces labour costs by improving the efficiency of the human resources deployed to excavate, infill or move many forms … Continue reading

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Brian Gerrish: The Killing Regime

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If you feel that you are living in the midst of a Controlled Demolition of your nation then you might find the following talk by Brian Gerrish very interesting. One of the more disturbing aspects of the presentation is … Continue reading

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John Laughland: The Sovereign State

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John Laughland [amongst many other things] provides numerous insights into the slow [and systematic] subversion of the Sovereign State since the Second World War. John Laughland (born 6 September 1963) is a British eurosceptic conservative academic and author who writes … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking: Could…

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Back in the days of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll I visited a locum dentist on a sunny August morning when I had a a loose filling. I’m not sure quiet which planet this locum dentist was from but … Continue reading

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Climate Change Obsession Syndrome

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The burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower is a tragic testament to Failed Governance. This particular example of Failed Governance dates back to the early 1970s when vast swathes of London’s housing stock were ruthlessly demolished so they could be replaced … Continue reading

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Sick Government

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Governments on both sides of the Atlantic have sick Health Care Systems. In the United Kingdom they are trying to cure their Health Care System by emulating the United States with it’s “market-based healthcare system”. In 2009 the Tory MP … Continue reading

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