Climate Change Obsession Syndrome

The burnt-out shell of Grenfell Tower is a tragic testament to Failed Governance.

This particular example of Failed Governance dates back to the early 1970s when vast swathes of London’s housing stock were ruthlessly demolished so they could be replaced with the ubiquitous and soul destroying Tower Block.

Grenfell Tower was a 24-storey residential tower block in North Kensington, London, England.

It was completed in 1974, as part of the first phase of the Lancaster West Estate.

Its first four storeys were nonresidential until its most recent refurbishment in 2015–2016, which converted two of them to residential use, bringing it up to 127 flats and 227 bedrooms.

It also received new windows and new cladding with thermal insulation during this refurbishment.

A large fire destroyed the building in the early hours of 14 June 2017.

The Town Planners in London were hell bent on destroying [and relocating] communities.

This assault by the Town Planners included Psychological Warfare because the victims of their pogroms were told Tower Blocks are intrinsicly death traps.

The Towering Inferno is a 1974 American action drama disaster film produced by Irwin Allen featuring an all-star cast led by Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

The film was a critical success, earning a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Picture, and was the highest-grossing film released in 1974.

The intrinsic nature of these death traps was clearly demonstrated by the Grenfell Tower Fire where the Fire Brigade’s external ladders and water hoses couldn’t reach the upper stories of the Tower Block [see header image].

To minimise the inherent Fire Risks associated with Tower Blocks it’s vitally important they are built using non-combustible materials such as concrete and steel.

Should Knowsley Heights Blaze Have Been A Warning From History For Grenfell?
The Liverpool Echo – Liam Thorp – 3 July 2017

Therefore, it’s also vitally important that these construction principles are enshrined in Standards and Building Regulations.

This is where another aspect of Failed Governance is immediately evident.

In fact, the sequence of events is damning.

As far back as 1988, development of harmonised international and European testing approaches for “facades” was initiated, under the leadership of the Leipzig Fire Testing Authority. Discussions were begun to evaluate fire performance characteristics, with a mandate issued to CENELEC in 2004 (the precursor to a new harmonised standard). But work was stopped in 2005 and although the Commission later agreed that work should continue – with talks starting up again in 2007 – after a succession of meetings, discussions and reports, there has been no progress on a new standard, 13 years after formal instructions were issued to produce one.

Under these circumstances, with the European Commission fully aware that fire testing standards were deficient, it should never have made higher energy efficiency standards in buildings mandatory. To ensure safety, they should have addressing the deficiencies in the testing regime at the same time. Alongside making tougher thermal efficiency standards mandatory, it should have mandating new, tougher tests – based on system testing of the type pioneered by the BRE.

Brexit: Grenfell Tower – Blood on Their Hands
Richard North – 4 July 2017

This Failed Governance then became disastrously obsessed with Climate Change.

The poor insulation levels and air tightness of both the walls and the windows at Grenfell Tower result in excessive heat loss during the winter months.

Addressing this issue is the primary driver behind the refurbishment.

Grenfell Tower Regeneration Project – Planning Application – October 2012
Sustainability and Energy Statement

It turns out that the Grenfall tower fire may have been caused by Europe’s Global Warming regulations.

To fight CO2 climate change, the EU Energy efficiency directive was passed into British law by the Blair Government back in 2010.

The directive imposed energy efficiency to be applied to buildings.

They were directed to place cladding on the outside of the building which the poor blamed the rich to make the building look better.

The wrapping of buildings in the cladding has been done all over the UK and Europe.

London Fire May Have Been Caused by EU Regulations
Martin Armstrong – 23 June 2017

As to why the EU did not act, one can see that it has been obsessed, to the exclusion of all else, with its climate change targets.

Brexit: Grenfell Tower – Blood on Their Hands
Richard North – 4 July 2017

This obsession with the delusional Settled Science of Climate Change is deadly.

Clearly, many clusters of Experts, Professionals, Politicians and Settled Scientists have Blood on Their Hands.

In a nutshell: Grenfell Tower represents a Failed Governance Clusterfuck.

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7 Responses to Climate Change Obsession Syndrome

  1. You cannot have a failed clusterfuck – it’s basically stating a failed disaster….so it is a Monumental Governance Clusterfuck. or an MGC if you prefer 🙂

  2. malagabay says:

    Richard North again shows that detail “is beyond the capability of the legacy media”.

    Actually, at this particular moment and for quite a while previously, German and UK laws on insulation standards for high-rise blocks have been exactly the same.

    After a major incident on his own patch in May 2012 (pictured), his department set up a website inviting reports from the rest of the country on this type of fire. So far, it has listed over 100 incidents, recording eleven deaths and over 100 injured.

    As with Brexit and much else, it seems that reporting accurately and intelligently on the detail of this issue is beyond the capability of the legacy media.

    It’s not so much that they won’t do it properly – they simply can’t.

    Brexit: Beyond The Capabilities Of The Media
    Richard North – 5 July 2017

  3. malagabay says:

    Christopher Booker points towards the EU and Global Warming

    Had the Grenfell installation been properly tested under BS 8414 it would not have met the standard, and thus the fire could not have happened.

    The ultimate irony is that China and Dubai are now adopting mandatory systems based on BS 8414.

    They can do this because they are not in the EU.

    But, because Britain is still in the EU, it cannot legally enforce the very standard which would have prevented that disaster.

    The Grenfell Tower fire would not have happened without the EU and global warming
    Christopher Booker – Daily Telegraph – 8 July 2017

  4. malagabay says:

    UK Column continues to provide excellent commentary and information…

  5. melitamegalithic says:

    Just a note: It has been known from the outset the British Standards were superior to the new EN EU code, and in several instances the EN code was dangerous.

    Unfortunately, as I saw it then, the old codes -BS, ASME, DIN,- protected the customer. The EN codes seemed in certain instances, to favour the vendor. In certain instances it was downright inane, with escape loopholes that could only be dreamt by lawyers.

  6. malagabay says:

    Brexit has all the hallmarks of another Failed Governance Clusterfuck

    Any illusion of competence, either from May of David Davis, has been well and truly shattered.

    It is here, of course, that Mr Davis’s non-existent impact assessments would have come in useful, but it is also the case that either the parliamentary select committee system, the media, or even academia, could have worked out for themselves what various exit options entail.

    After all, if a pensioner sitting in his daughter’s former bedroom in a converted mill on the outskirts of unfashionable Bradford can work it out using a steam-powered personal computer, then I’m sure that these better-resourced outfits should have no problems. – Brexit: Media Noise
    Richard North – 7 Dec 2017

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