Rebranding Eugenics

James Corbett continues his analysis of the 20th century by explaining how the Eugenics Movement morphed into the Environment Movement.

This is a classic case study describing how it’s possible to get Turkeys to Vote for Christmas by turning a Public Relations disaster…

Into a Public Relations success that P. T. Barnum would be proud of.

There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century, although there is no evidence that he said it.

Early examples of its use are found instead among gamblers and confidence men.

James Corbett provides a much needed counterbalance to the mind numbing propaganda and misinformation produced by the establishment and the mass media.


If you want a short sample of James Corbett then try his excellent 9/11 Truth in 5 Minutes.

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1 Response to Rebranding Eugenics

  1. tom0mason says:

    So often in this world the social force is to conform. Those that do not conform are shunned, and social pressure is brought to bear on all of those that interact with them.
    This was the preferred method in the old East Germany — do not directly hurt the uncooperative ones directly but render them inert through innuendo, rumor, and propaganda — social pressure.
    These methods are still employed today, through such wicked establishments as the Fabians and many other groups. It is most obvious widely used on Facebook, twitter, blogs, and all the social media which directly allows this pressure to be used like never before.

    Now will you also ‘unfriend’ me?

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