Wakey Wakey

Back in the day, Banality Broadcasting tortured the Nation with Billy Cotton’s cry of “Wakey Wakey” on Soporific Sundays.

For several decades Billy Cotton was a household name in Britain, as a band leader, radio and TV presenter. But there was a lot more to him than met the eye.

His Sunday lunchtime radio show – which transferred to television in 1956 – was heralded with his trademark catch phrase “Wakey wakey” and became a staple for millions of households between 1949 and 1968.

BBC News – Billy Cotton: A Life Less Ordinary – 23 Dec 2014

Ironically, the very last thing Banality Broadcasting wanted was for the British populace to actually Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

In those days impressionable youths, like Theresa May [born 1956], were encouraged to roll over and embrace the banality.

The more rebellious decided to roll up instead.


This cultural bifurcation has had dire consequences.

The respectable [and electable] politicians that emerged from the Baby Boomer generation were mainly selected from the massed ranks of British Banality.

Thankfully, there are still a few adults in the room like the indefatigable Richard North.

Huffing and puffing on its inside pages, the Guardian vents its opinion on Boris Johnson and Priti Patel: “incompetent, insubordinate and still in office”, it says.

We would not disagree.

But where we would disagree with this paper, and the legions of politicians who infest Westminster, is in their sense of priorities.

For this country, there is nothing more important than Brexit, yet they are treating the issue like a game, tossed around as a party-political plaything with no progress ever being made.

Brexit: A Retreat To Sanity – Eureferendum.com – Richard North – 8 Nov 2017

Some commentators are beginning to get the message from Richard North.

It should be, I suppose, some small comfort that the great Wolfgang Münchau has come to the conclusion that: “Only sane route for Brexit is taking the Norway option“.

But then, I came to that conclusion in 2012, five years ago, only to have it rejected by the IEA, who rigged their competition to deliver a different answer.

Brexit: A Retreat To Sanity – Eureferendum.com – Richard North – 8 Nov 2017


But the message is studiously ignored by those embracing “rentier” economics.

If the UK manages to extricate itself from the rentier economy model it has pursued while an EU member, and adopt an industrial policy based on innovation and rising productivity growth, that could work.

The trouble is, I see no signs of that happening.

There is no sane alternative to joining Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the EEA.

Revoke the Brexit blueprint, not the decision to leave
Financial Times – Wolfgang Munchau – 5 Nov 2017


Rentier capitalism is a Marxist term currently used to describe the belief in economic practices of monopolization of access to any (physical, financial, intellectual, etc.) kind of property, and gaining significant amounts of profit without contribution to society.


Theresa May will not hold her cabinet meeting in Downing Street today.

It’s lucky really, because the ministers that would sit at the table are sinking under a pile of disasters so big, some are speculating that it could bring down the government.

The meeting was set to be the most awkward she has faced as cracks in the cabinet morphed into crevices.

When the prime minister finally does sit down with her most trusted ministers, here’s just a taste of what she has to deal with.

You’ll notice the word Brexit, the biggest upheaval facing Britain in literally decades isn’t mentioned once.

RT.com – 8 Nov 2017

But it could be worse.

The great British masterminds could be busy baking Brexit.

Luckily, they’re distracted cooking-up “sizzling” file-and-forget fantasy forecasts.

World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has offered another apocalyptic prediction for Earth – this time warning that the planet will become a “sizzling ball of fire” in less than 600 years.

Hawking made the grim forecast via videolink to the Tencent WE Summit in Beijing, declaring humans will have to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” if they want humankind to survive for another million years.

The planet will be overcrowded by 2600 and increased power consumption will turn Earth into a sizzling fireball, according to the Cambridge mastermind.

RT.com – 8 Nov 2017

Evidently, Stephen Hawking [born 1942] is from the Rock and Roll generation.

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5 Responses to Wakey Wakey

  1. Thx1138 says:

    Which of the at least two Stephen Hawking’s are you talking about?

  2. oldbrew says:

    Note for Hawking watchers: ‘The Antarctic Ice Sheet contains 30 million cubic kilometers (7.2 million cubic miles) of ice.’

  3. cadxx says:

    The Physics of the Phoenix
    Wakey Wakey
    It may or may not be a coincidence but after reading the above I recalled writing this some three or four days ago:

    “If you desire to make a name for yourself in modern art or wine-tasting or physics there are simple rules: You take something very simple and you complicate and convolute it, make-up a rational sounding story about it, invent a language for it, generally make it hard for the general public to understand. And before you know it, you will be proclaimed a genius. Then you can tell everyone they don’t have the intellect to understand it, it’s counter-intuitive to all but a physicist. Tell them they are uneducated fools – you can become a snob about your knowledge. This of course is much easier if you happen to be a scientist and you have the full backing of the main-stream media.”

    What you do does not have to be of any use to anyone but a physicist or a mathematician, only that they can continue to draw their social security payments for non-science.

    • malagabay says:

      Cynicism is essential these days…

      Researching modern mainstream textbooks and the associated recommended reading list of approved texts is usually a mind numbing experience that drains my will to live.

      It’s an especially strange sensation reading Settled Science because it’s so difficult to concentrate and take seriously when so little of the script makes any sense.

      My primary yardstick for measuring the worth of a Settled Science Script is based upon the simple principle that its value [in most cases] is inversely proportional to its mathematical content.

      Experience has also taught me that the sooner I encounter mathematics in a Settled Science Script then the sooner I am going to lose the will to live whilst reading the script.


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