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Trick Cyclists like to play word association games.

Word Association is a common word game involving an exchange of words that are associated together.

The game is based on the noun phrase word association, meaning “stimulation of an associative pattern by a word” or “the connection and production of other words in response to a given word, done spontaneously as a game, creative technique, or in a psychiatric evaluation.”

This “psychiatric” game establishes the success of mainstream indoctrination and propaganda.

Sometimes the “psychiatric” victim gives the correct response.

Trick Cyclist: Darwin?

Psychic Victim: Evolution!

Sometimes the victim gives the wrong response.

Trick Cyclist: Newton?

Psychic Victim: Mathematical madness!

Malaga Bay usually gives the wrong response.

Trick Cyclist: Paywall?

Malaga Bay: Sloppy Settled Science!

Therefore, it should be no surprise that Malaga Bay rejoices whenever an old friend steps out from behind a paywall.

An old friend who believes in “the open exchange of new ideas”.

An old friend like the New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal.

For over two decades, under the leadership of the NCGT Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dong Choi, the NCGT Journal has been a beacon of light for researchers needing a voice and platform to publish their research and offer new concepts that pushed boundaries and challenged established thinking.

The NCGT Journal has evolved over the years from a journal focused on tectonics to one that now addresses other fields, for example: climatology, seismology, oceanography, solar and solar system physics, and earth sciences.

Thanks to improved financial situation, we have become again an open journal with financial resources coming from voluntary author contributions, donations and advertisements.

We thank your strong support in the past, and wish your support to continue.

NCGT Journal

An old friend that’s willing to tackle [for example] the enigmatic Southwest Pacific Ocean.


This paper describes ancient and continental materials [ACMs] in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and discusses the collapse of the Pacific paleo-continent.

The ACMs from 102 localities in the Southwest Pacific Ocean indicate the mosaic transition between continental and oceanic crusts.

Together with those from other 154 localities in the rest of the Pacific Ocean the ACMs are investigated as relics of collapsed continent.

Oceanization responsible for the collapse could be attributable to a differential contraction of the cooling Earth subsequent to Phanerozoic reheating.

We are probably just before a drastic change in our basic concept on global tectonics; the change seems to have been prepared with a large amount of accumulation of the facts unexpected with the current concept.

Collapse of the Pacific Paleo-Continent – Takao Yano
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal – V.6, No. 2 – June 2018

Click to access NCGTv6n2.pdf

An old friend that’s most definitely not Sloppy Settled Science.


This paper was submitted to the journal American Journal of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geosystems where it was accepted for publication on March 30, 2018, Paper Number: 70170049.

Very likely because of the pressure behind the scenes against publication of works sceptical of the global warming narrative in general, but of the presentation of sea levels by PSMSL, the publication of this and two other papers was then refused by the editor with the excuse “the main author had no affiliation”, thus leaving the authors the opportunity to seek publication in a better journal.

Analysis of the Sea Level Rise of Guam – Albert Parker and Cliff Ollier
New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal – V.6, No. 2 – June 2018

Click to access NCGTv6n2.pdf

It good to see an old friend enjoying a reinvigorated zest for life

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  1. The Australian continental mass was jerked north and west from the magma under New Zealand. Check the outline of Cape York in the magma?

    This happened when the earth expanded to approx 90% greater than it had been. That created the need for new crust, deep ocean, basalt etc. The spreading can be seen in many areas. The jerking was due to differential explosion of the expansion in the area of Tibet. That was the largest ever volcano on this planet, ejecting magma etc into space, creating the moon and the myth of the earth tree earth mountain, and celebrated ever since by christmas tree with star and lights. Perihelion is 6 Jan, 12th day. India and other land masses all pulled off of their magma towards the hole in the earth. Hence we have water under Himalaya. The island chains of eastern Asia show where China etc used to be, as the magma erupted locally once the crust left. Shaljit in Himalaya shows vegetation crushed there.

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