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H G Wells – The Flipping Fabian

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Any understanding of the genocidal nature of the 20th century is incomplete unless the life, times and social thinking of H G Wells are comprehended.

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The Academic Archiving of Antony Sutton

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The Academic Archiving of Antony Sutton is a warning to all historians that their work will be filed and forgotten if their narratives are deemed too real and/or too revealing.

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Malaga Christmas 2018

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Feliz Navidad.

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The Rise and Fall of David Irving

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The Rise and Fall of David Irving is a stark reminder that challenging the historical narrative can have serious consequences.

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James Corbett: History is Written By The Winners

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The official narrative of the First World War has been well documented by historians. Nevertheless, the battle for hearts and minds still rages.

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Getting to Grips with Antarctica

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Ship captains are advised to avoid spoiling their ship for the cost of halfpenny worth of tar. Similarly: Glaciologists should avoid spoiling their ice cores for the cost of an ice curve chronology.

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Monte Rosa 2015

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When sub-millimetre measuring techniques are applied to ice cores it’s worth taking a closer look because this technology can be misused to produce a torrent of oven-ready turkeys.

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Getting to Grips with Greenland

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One of the murkier mysteries in the land of maths and models is why the ice in Iceland is 1,100 years old whilst in neighbouring Greenland the ice is said to be 1,000,000 years old.

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Monte Rosa 2009

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The Pareto Principle suggests 80% of an ice core represents 20% of the chronology. On the other hand: Willi Dansgaard claimed 80% of an ice core represents 10% of the chronology.

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Schrödinger’s Sunspots

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Natural philosophers pondering the lack of sunspots during the Maunder Minimum should remember that just because the sunspots weren’t seen [from the surface of the Earth] it doesn’t mean the sunspots weren’t there.

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