Fiery Trigons: 1st Millennium Diagnosis

Can Johannes Kepler’s esoteric astrology provide 1st millennium insights?

Three Mutations and an Acceleration
Kepler’s ~ 800 year Great Mutation Cycle appears to have defined the shape of Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar Tree chronology during the 2nd millennium.


Late in the 1st millennium the Great Mutation Cycle lasted only ~ 277 years.

A version of this severely shortened Great Mutation Cycle appears in the astrology of Pierre d’Ailly as a 238 year cycle of conjunctions.

Three Works by Pierre d’Ailly

Pierre d’Ailly (1351-1420) was a French theologian, astrologer, and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

D’Ailly’s Imago Mundi (1410), a work of cosmography, influenced Christopher Columbus in his estimates of the size of the world. Many questions in science and astrology, such as calendar reform, attracted his attention.

Before Pierre d’Ailly:

Persian astrologers referred to a longer 960 year Great Mutation Cycle.

Medieval scholars, including Abu Mashar and bar Hiyya, usually cited the duration for the complete sequence (in relation to the fixed stars) as 960 years.

Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn – D V Etz – 2000
Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Vol. 94

Abu Maʿshar, Latinized as Albumasar (787-886), was an early Persian Muslim astrologer, thought to be the greatest astrologer of the Abbasid court in Baghdad.

Abraham bar Ḥiyya ha-Nasi (c. 1070 – 1136 or 1145), also known as Abraham Savasorda, Abraham Albargeloni, and Abraham Judaeus, was a Jewish mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who resided in Barcelona.

Bar Ḥiyya was active in translating the works of Islamic science into Latin, and was likely the earliest to introduce Arabic algebra into Christian Europe.

Unsurprisingly, gradualists are confused by these different durations.

Originally a trigon was thought [by whom?] to last 240 years,
and the full cycle 960 years; but later more correct estimation were provided by the Alphonsine tables.

Medieval scholars, including Abu Mashar and bar Hiyya, usually cited the duration for the complete sequence (in relation to the fixed stars) as 960 years.

The origin of that number is not clear. The interval may be as long as 913 years, as noted previously, but 960 is not a rounding of that value.

Perhaps medieval scholars had records of twelve conjunctions occurring within one trigon, for a total of about 240 years (238), and assumed that it was always the case. To cover the complete zodiacal circle, four trigon, would require about 960 years (953).

Use of the Alphonsine Tables in Europe apparently led to general use of precessing signs by the time of Tycho Brahe (16th century) (Woody 1977). European scholars therefore cited about 800 years (794 years) for the duration of a complete sequence (Kepler 1606).

That figure is used by astronomers today, although the concept of conjunctions as omens has been abandoned.

Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn – D V Etz – 2000
Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Vol. 94

This confusion is combined with a form of gradualist amnesia that forgets the Earth-Moon system experienced a “‘square wave’ in the accelerations” between [about] 700 and 1300 CE.


The most conspicuous effects of non-gravitational forces in the Earth-Moon system are the accelerations of the Earth’s spin and of the Moon’s mean angular velocity.

Evidence that does not involve any assumptions about the present values shows strongly that there was a ‘square wave’ in the accelerations that lasted from about 700-1300, and that the accelerations were different by a factor of perhaps 5 during the time of this wave from what they were at neighboring times.

Astronomical Evidence Concerning Non-Gravitational Forces in the Earth-Moon System
R R Newton – Astrophysics and Space Science – Volume 16 Issue 2 – May 1972

Robert Russell Newton, also R. R. Newton (1918-1991) was an American physicist, astronomer, and historian of science.

The root cause of this gradualist amnesia is the failure of gradualist science.

There are no satisfactory explanations of the accelerations.

Existing theories of tidal friction are quite inadequate.

Astronomical Evidence Concerning Non-Gravitational Forces in the Earth-Moon System
R R Newton – Astrophysics and Space Science – Volume 16 Issue 2 – May 1972

1st Millennium Diagnosis
One technique for cutting through the confusion involves viewing Leona Libby’s Old Japanese Cedar Tree chronology as an electrocardiogram.

Electrocardiography is the process of producing an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), a recording – a graph of voltage versus time – of the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes placed on the skin.

This analytical technique suggests the Fiery Trigon conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn are best be described as a Solar System Defibrillator and/or a Solar System Pacemaker.

A defibrillator delivers a dose of electric current (often called a countershock) to the heart. Although not fully understood, this would depolarize a large amount of the heart muscle, ending the dysrhythmia. Subsequently, the body’s natural pacemaker in the sinoatrial node of the heart is able to re-establish normal sinus rhythm.

More specifically:

○ The 1st Solar System Defibrillation occurred in the 6th-7th centuries.
○ The 2nd Solar System Defibrillation occurred in the 9th-10th centuries.
○ Thereafter the Solar System Pacemaker kicked-in every ~ 400 years.

This analysis implies the Solar System was assembled in the 1st millennium.

For example:

A basic Solar System might have absorbed a Saturn-Jupiter binary system.

In this scenario Saturn, Jupiter and some satellites become planets in the enlarged Solar System.

The Earth is from Saturn – The Moon is from Jupiter.


In 1655, Huygens proposed that Saturn was surrounded by a solid ring, “a thin, flat ring, nowhere touching, and inclined to the ecliptic.”

However, other novel configurations have been proposed.

Contrary to the hypothesis that the Solar System was born as and has evolved as a single star system, it is here claimed that the Solar System was and is a binary system.

The binary system was formed when the primitive Sun fissioned.

Several planets were generated in the neck of the fissioning pair and co-revolved about the Sun synchronously with the companion.

Solaria Binaria – Alfred de Grazia and Earl R Milton – 1983

Solaria Binaria – Origins and History of the Solar System is a book by Alfred de Grazia and Earl Milton, belonging to the Quantavolution Series. It was first published in 1983 by Metron Publications. It was made available on the Internet on the grazian-archive site in 1998. A new edition was published by Metron Publications in 2018.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

In fact:

Vast amounts of time can be spent researching strictly speculative scenarios.

The conjectures are many, and you can travel down any rabbit hole you like and arrive at your own conclusions.

But don’t do it until you read what everybody else has said about it.

Saturnian Cosmology – Andrew Fitts – 18 July 2013

Scholars such as Dave Talbott, Dwardu Cardona, and other Thunderbolts Saturnians posit that prior to the final breakup of the Saturn complex, Earth had always been entrained with Saturn in the same conjunction. If so, the Earth had never become habituated to the sun, but lived under the diffuse light of Saturn, warmed uniformly over the entire globe by the continual outpouring of Saturn’s radiance, confined in a type of plasma bubble or hazy magnetosphere. In this view, man and nature had a very different existence than today, a type of perpetual ‘purple dawn,’ of dim light that stretched back into antiquity.

Other scholars such as Jno Cook posit that during this last Saturnian cycle, Saturn returned to our solar system on its routine 27 million year rotation (remember the periodic era ending mass extinctions) whereby its old satellite Earth was re-captured from the sun in this new conjunct formation.

Alas, the penultimate period of Saturn ended, our old brown dwarf sun abandoning us, the previously entrained planets scattering through the solar system. From various myths we find that Jupiter, the bull of heaven had something to do with it, or was it our current sun?

Saturnian Cosmology – Andrew Fitts – 18 July 2013

EU Theory: The Saturn Polar Configuration – 15 Nov 2014

The Saturn theory, in addition to presenting a comprehensive model of ancient myth, offers a radically different approach to understanding the recent history of the solar system.

Briefly summarized, the theory posits that the neighboring planets only recently settled into their current orbits, the Earth formerly being involved in a unique planetary configuration of sorts together with Saturn, Venus, and Mars.

The Saturn Theory – Ev Cochrane

David Talbott initially sought to disprove Velikovsky’s notion that Earth had at one time been a satellite of Saturn, but twenty years later he was solidly convinced otherwise, publishing The Saturn Myth in 1980.

The configuration of Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Earth all in a line (the “polar alignment“) presented some very real dynamic problems, for it was initially thought that all the planets were located in the same plane, that is, the ecliptic, and rotated around the Sun in unison, with the Earth’s North Pole pointing toward Saturn.

The idea that Saturn revolved around the Sun with the other three planets hidden behind it — called the “shishkebab alignment” — would in effect have placed Earth on its side. The crescent seen on Saturn, under this model, was thought to be the planet Jupiter, located between Saturn and the Sun, just partially visible and lit by the Sun.

But it wasn’t so.

The stumbling block in this five-planet shishkebab, as first proposed, was the suggestion that all the planets would, in effect, be on their sides.

Chapter 3: The Osiris Mystery – David Talbott’s Saturn
Recovering the Lost World: A Saturnian Cosmology – Jno Cook

Regardless of your personal speculative scenario preference the available evidence suggests the reconfiguration of the Solar System triggered [at least] one “big bang” in the 1st century CE.

Unfortunately, support for the “planetary explosion” theory was effectively silenced by the mainstream in 1814 because it challenged the prevailing theory of cometary origins.


The observational history of meteors and meteor showers from Korea suggests:
The Cometary Cascades began in the 1st century CE.
○ Cometary Cascade Bands are clearly identifiable in the 11th century CE.


Arguably, the Solar System played Heliosphere Roulette with it’s newly acquired planets.

Note: In this scenario the satellites are acquired before Saturn and Jupiter are incorporated.

The heliospheric current sheet is the surface within the Solar System where the polarity of the Sun’s magnetic field changes from north to south. This field extends throughout the Sun’s equatorial plane in the heliosphere. The shape of the current sheet results from the influence of the Sun’s rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (solar wind). A small electrical current flows within the sheet, about 10−10 A/m². The thickness of the current sheet is about 10,000 km near the orbit of the Earth.

Either way:

The 1st century dating suggests the beginning of the Anno Domini dating system generally aligns with the reconfiguration of the Solar System.

Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. The national divinity of the Greeks, Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the sun and light, poetry, and more.

In the late 2nd century CE floor mosaic from El Djem, Roman Thysdrus, he is identifiable as Apollo Helios by his effulgent halo, though now even a god’s divine nakedness is concealed by his cloak, a mark of increasing conventions of modesty in the later Empire.

Helios is god and personification of the Sun in Hellenistic religion. He is often depicted in art with a radiant crown and driving a horse-drawn chariot through the sky.

Though Helios was a relatively minor deity in Classical Greece, his worship grew more prominent in late antiquity thanks to his identification with several major solar divinities of the Roman period, particularly Apollo and Sol.

Anno Domini designates years since the traditional date of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The reconfiguration of the Solar System [which included the acquisition of the Earth] is reflected in the Radiocarbon Calibration Delta 14C data that bottoms out in the 1st millennium.


The reconfiguration of the Solar System [and the assimilation of the Earth] is reflected in the average human lifespan that bottoms out in the 1st millennium.


Following his return to Persia, Melchior met up with the other Magi again in 54 AD in Kingdom of Armenia to celebrate Christmas before dying at the age of 116 on 1 January 55 AD.

Following his return to his own country, avoiding King Herod, it is purported that Balthazar celebrated Christmas with the other members of the Magi in Armenia in 54 AD but later died on 6 January 55 AD aged 112.

The assimilation of the Earth into the Solar System was marked by the veneration of the Sun God Apollo who subsequently morphed into the Son of God [with welcoming Persian astrologers and star] during the 2nd millennium.

The Magi are popularly referred to as wise men and kings.

The term refers to the Persian priestly caste of Zoroastrianism.

As part of their religion, these priests paid particular attention to the stars and gained an international reputation for astrology, which was at that time highly regarded as a science. Their religious practices and use of astrology caused derivatives of the term Magi to be applied to the occult in general and led to the English term magic, although Zoroastrianism was in fact strongly opposed to sorcery.

The Star of Bethlehem, or Christmas Star, appears only in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew, where “wise men from the East” (Magi) are inspired by the star to travel to Jerusalem.


As Joe Bastardi might say:

Enjoy the Solar System – it’s the only one you’ve got.

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21 Responses to Fiery Trigons: 1st Millennium Diagnosis

  1. Louis Hissink says:

    Tim, the list of ages of biblical patriarchs would have been based on the Lunar calendar and any shortening in life spans overt time would reflect changes in the Moon-Earth system?

    The biggest gripe I have with the standard view and those who wish to revise it is the blind acceptance of the radiometrically derived chronology without the realisiation that this official chronology isn’t scientific but a technically dressed up theological chronology that was subsequently cherry-picked by Lyell and his successors. No one questions, for example, when the Pleistocene event occurred, ~11,000 years ago. Even the Saturnians don’t question this standard chronology.

    It’s moot at present, but good work – increased clarity of our recent past!

  2. malagabay says:

    Louis, the decreasing ages of biblical patriarchs suggests the periodicity of the astronomical metronome used for counting years was changing. I don’t know whether the astronomical metronome reference point was Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon or something else.

    Personally, I doubt the Earth and Moon were sharing the same orbital space around the Sun before the reconfiguration of the Solar System at the beginning of the 1st millennium.

    Personally, I find it very scary that there isn’t a wider realisation that the “official chronology isn’t scientific but a technically dressed up theological chronology”.

    The scary element arises because it means religion has morphed into settled science.

    In other words: Settled science has become the opium of the people.

    This is how they get turkeys to vote for Christmas.

    0:58 Maybe as I was worrying about nuclear war and robots,
    1:01 the real answer to the end of the world was right in front of me.
    1:04 People burning shit they shouldn’t be burning.

    The real problem isn’t “people burning shit”.

    The real problem is people believing settled science “shit”.

  3. tiami says:

    Can this be of any use? Morozov said long time ago Ceasar and Diocletian lived in the same time of the Rebublic. He dates Apocalypse to 395 AD.

  4. Thanks; I have enjoyed reading RR Newton’s paper from 1972. Particularly from page 193 Sec 6 re Obliquity.
    Newton again mentions the anomaly re the ancient measurements of obliquity, and went on to explain that the early measurements were checked and corrected by several and still found to be ‘considerably larger’ than the formula.
    It is surprising how the empirical factor ‘Epsilon suffix 0’ is taken as a ‘God-given’ constant in the face of the various anomalies that then exist.
    Curious why Newton does not mention Dodwell. He did not hesitate to show up Ptolemy’s cheating ( see also TheGreatestFakerofAntiquityóStillFoolin”Em:FunniestPtolemyAlmaJests at )

  5. A quick addition: a lead from the video took me to this paper, re the writings of Berossus.
    Quote from paper at pg 8. (speaking of cataclysms from planetary alignments)
    “The very heavens I made to tremble, the positions of the stars of heaven changed, and I did not return them to their places.”
    From much earlier than the Babylonians, the ‘wandering planets’ were distinguished from the stars of the ‘firmament’. So what is said here is the ‘settled science’s unthinkable. Earth tilt change. In fact this piece agrees with Plato’s statement of a “but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth”.
    The archaeological evidence confirms that the stars “did not return them to their places.”

  6. Louis Hissink says:

    The scary bit is indeed people believing the scientific shit but what scares me more is the apparent lack of awareness of their thinking shit ideas in the first place. This fact was rammed home recently when some devout lefties were adamant some event took place that I was responsible for. What struck me was their inability to adapt to the presence of fact and at minimum questioning their assumptions. It took some time but eventually they realised what they thought/believed happened, didn’t. Why? The idea was not based on empiricism and while it did happen, it was not by I but another individual who performed the activity.

    Continuing on topic, Paul Craig Roberts wrote a book review that’s relevant – how the histories of WWI and WWII were simply fabricated from all sorts of human beliefs . While winners might write history, it’s on the basis of sincerely held beliefs rather than empirical fact. It’s led me to the conclusion that religious minds are basically psychopathic and still under sway of the Bronze Age catastrophes as related by Gunnar.

    Then it hit me. These individuals were not thinking per se, but were reciting and mindlessly repeating ideas that were brainwashed into them. No wonder the Jesuits like to control children until they age 7 years, after which they usually have them for life. And these individuals were totally sincere in their opinion and their understanding of history or ideology.

    I experienced this some years back at an AIG sponsored debate in Perth, Western Australia, between Prof Ian Plimer, and an Al Gore acolyte, that CSIRO scientists, among many of the mining industry, attended as well. The CSIRO people were stunned that the mining industry types did not accept the climate change meme. That’s when my internal radar went into overdrive and I realised we were dealing with religion and not science, the cultural phenomenon of mindless subservience to authority, whatever that authority was and is.

    And none of them seem to understand how humans think.

    As an aside, there are no laws or absolutes in science, so Newton’s idea of the mutual attraction of matter by matter was never observed in the first place. Newton himself also refuted this nonsense as well, but his successors, not understanding it, because they came from a religious culture that worships authority, believed otherwise and that process culminated in the Einstein nonsense of Space-Time as a physical manifestation.

    It’s mostly religion we are dealing with, and unlike the Pagans they conquered, the devotees of the Abrahamic religions, being monotheistic totalitarians, (but I repeat myself), have the gold and make the rules, and believe only what they have been authorised to believe, or think. THAT is the problem and it is very scary when it manifests as mob behaviour.

  7. Yry says:

    @ Tim said:

    “This analysis implies the Solar System was assembled in the 1st millennium.”
    “The reconfiguration of the Solar System triggered [at least] one “big bang”
    in the 1st century CE.”

    ==> Phewww! What a work, and getting clearer by the week! Thank you!
    – The reverse of ancient coins tells it all, although interpreting
    the figures correctly is an approximation game akin to guesstimates.
    It takes decades of experience to look at them the electric way.
    – I share your wavelength when it comes the freshness of our cosmic
    reconfiguration and that of other earthly events. How awfully close!


    @ Louis Hissink

    – Your articles have been recommended on the TB team:

    Catastrophist Geology – by Robertus Maximus who mentioned you on the TB Forum

    “Geologist Louis Hissink has written about just such a hypothesis- you may
    find of some interest”:

    Cheers, Yry.

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  9. David Young says:

    Brilliant Tim,bringing loads of stuff together for me, even David Icke, and the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending [really Saturn]. Thanks for everything !!

  10. Louis Hissink says:

    There’s one nagging problem – Gunnar has finalised his 1st Millennium historical revision which involves a major catastrophe circa 910 CE. Except there isn’t any evidence for this is the Libby Cedar tree ring data. Which makes me suspect the dating of that tree is the problem and that the Arab Horizon at 610 CE might actually be the real Heinsohn Horizon. Radiometric dating per se assume constant physical conditions historically, uber-Lyellianism. And the Newtonian instantaneous gravity is also a metaphysical idea, not physical, so the idea of mass attracting mass is, apart from being a pure metaphysical construct, is also a theological concept. No wonder the Gyro-man incurred the wrath of the Royal Society – Eric uttered an apostasy or heresy.

  11. Louis Hissink says:


    Thanks for the links to the Thunderbolts forum – interesting.

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  18. ichor0 says:

    Supporting this from 2019
    about several hieroglyphs including the Stele of Pharaoh Ramesses II. Looks at diameter ratios depicted and at oblateness. Say the stele “has a clear reference to the rings of Saturn and to the two solar orbs” and concludes “the ovoid cosmic egg being displayed is Saturnian, and not Jovian”.

  19. This thread had come up again, and I was reminded of earlier posts regarding R R Newton. The mention of ‘Obliquity’ made me look at it again. There is a long history. There is enough material that shows Newton, like Dodwell, faced an uphill struggle with his findings. However, and maybe still unknown to him, he was heading in the right direction.

    At the end of section 7 he says
    “The reader may ask why I am willing to accept sudden changes in the accelerations when I was not willing to accept them in the obliquity. There are two basic reasons.”
    “(1) The changes in rest upon many kinds of observation, ranging from measurements made by professional astronomers who had attained a high level of observing technique to simple statements made by laymen that they had seen an eclipse of the Sun. In contrast, the suggested change in the obliquity rests only upon the earliest surviving observations, and the measurements began to agree with the modern calculations as observing techniques improved.”

    [ (1) also means that values of obliquity from formula earlier than the chinese period are all suspect]

    Newton in his this work did find discontinuities (not going into detail here, which I don’t quite understand). Those are for the last two millennia. He pointed to what appear as abrupt changes. My interest was the timing. The first at around 700CE coincides precisely with the Eddy cycle root. The next reversal coincides to the following peak, lagging by about a century. Eddy cycle roots corresponded very near to events from back at 6k2bce regularly. Three were obliquity changes. Similar the peaks+a delay.

    RR Newton’s work also points to abrupt changes involving planetary dynamics.

    Paper is here (in text form easy for additional notation)

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