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Lies, Damn Lies and Climate Statistics

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1959 was a good year for B Movies and flying skeletons.

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Tom Luongo: Flying Monkeys

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Once upon a time Hollywood produced cheap B Movies because they helped to make the Main Features look like dazzling works of art.

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The Marne Money Manufactory

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This paper was read before the Numismatic Society on 22nd November 1838.

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Bristol-Mendip Hoard of 1866

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Somerset silver stashes lead to sequencing surprises and solid gold.

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Cretinous Cretaceous

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Geologists aren’t genetically goofy – they just collect cretinous concepts.

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Jeff Taylor: In The Final Analysis

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Something very curious might be happening in the United Kingdom. Have the electorate finally learnt: YOU can only get what YOU want if YOU vote for it!

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Wealth Redistribution Through Climate Activism

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2019 has been a very educational year for Carl Benjamin.

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