Jeff Taylor: In The Final Analysis

Something very curious might be happening in the United Kingdom.

Have the electorate finally learnt:

YOU can only get what YOU want if YOU vote for it!

Whenever a General Election approaches the British electorate is bombarded with negative propaganda that’s designed to make them vote against the bogey man de jour.

This year the electorate is spoilt for choice.

On the left there’s the suddenly resurgent Jeremy Corbyn [Labour].

On the right there’s the suddenly fading Nigel Farage [Brexit Party].

Jeff Taylor is one of the many citizen commentators on YouTube that are filling the informational void left by the once respected mainstream media.

Jeff is not a natural performer but he is a steady and level headed current affairs observer.

And Jeff isn’t buying the mainstream message:

To avoid disaster vote Boris Johnson [Conservative].

Jeff asks:

Why should I feel forced to vote for something I definitely don’t want?


Hearing me say that, if you truly believe in the UK and Brexit, then you should vote for your Brexit Party candidate, will have many Brexiteers jumping up and down shouting that it will split the Brexit vote, lead to Remaining in the EU and let Jeremy Corbyn and his hard left Labour Party into power.

And my reply would be that, why should I feel forced to vote for a potential Brexit in Name Only (BRINO) , something I definitely don’t want?

For a start, a vote for The Brexit Party is not just a vote for Brexit.

It’s a vote for complete political change.

It’s a vote for a real drain of the swamp.

It’s a vote to change politics for good.

For the last four or five decades, those with the political and financial power in the UK have tried to split the ordinary person on the street from their own country.

They have used every trick in the book to try and belittle the UK by denigrating the people, their history, their heritage and their accomplishments.

I mean, when waving your own country’s flag in your own country becomes some sort of ‘cultural offence’ you know there are some vile people at the top, don’t you?

And this has all come about at the hands of three main players: The Conservative party, The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party

They’ve been the ones leading this pro-EU charge.

They’ve been the ones appointing pro-EU Peers into the Lords.

It’s them that have selected all those pro-EU MP candidates to vote through all those EU laws.

They have also overseen the civil service, as its prime aim became to look after the needs of the EU over the needs of those being taxed and living in the UK.

Then there’s those judges they appoint.

And without voting for a fresh party, the General Election will only change a proportion of those occupying the Green benches and it will do nothing to change anything in the Lords or the civil service or judiciary.

So when one leader of one of these parties suddenly says they’ve seen the light, before doing all they can to tie us, as quickly as possible, into a new questionable treaty with the EU – then well, forgive my suspicions and cynicism.

And we now further hear that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has no intention of using any majority he gets to make this deal better or leave without a deal.

No, he says he will push to have this new treaty through parliament straight after the election on the 12th of December.

With the potential of having a non-Brexit turkey trussed and roasted by Christmas and the treaty in place ready for a potential Brexit In Name Only by January the first.

Why not use the extra month to get more concessions from the EU?

But then comes the negotiations for a Free Trade Deal under the guidance of the Political Declaration – and that’s where the EU will commence its operations to reel the UK back in. And our establishment will be more than happy to comply.

So my message is, if you want real change in our politics, as well as Brexit, then vote for the new kids on the block – vote Brexit Party.

But the current trend is against that, with the latest YouGov Westminster Voting Intentions poll showing that:

The Tories have increased their lead to 39%, Labour has managed to haul itself out of the doldrums to gain six points up to 27%.

The Lib Dems are floundering a little and drop back to 16%.

But the Brexit Party has now dropped to just 7%.

So, please give them what help you can – it really could be just 39 days to save the country!

And to give you an idea why we need the cleanest of clean breaks with the EU, the New York Times has today run an expose on the EU Common Agriculture Policy (the CAP) and it makes for alarming reading.

The article, called “The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the E.U. for Millions”, shows how some Europeans today have just replaced their old communist bloc masters with a new group of oligarch overlords.

Here’s a taste of what the piece says:

“Every year, the 28-country bloc pays out $65 billion in farm subsidies intended to support farmers around the Continent and keep rural communities alive. But across Hungary and much of Central and Eastern Europe, the bulk goes to a connected and powerful few. The prime minister of the Czech Republic collected tens of millions of dollars in subsidies just last year. Subsidies have underwritten Mafia-style land grabs in Slovakia and Bulgaria.”

Jeff Taylor

It’ll be interesting to see whether Boris Johnson can get enough British turkeys to vote for his Brexit Christmas.

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6 Responses to Jeff Taylor: In The Final Analysis

  1. cadxx says:

    I think you will find that the electorate have woken-up to the fact that the Brexit party is nothing but a rehash of the Conservative party.

    • malagabay says:

      You might be right.

      I’m fascinated to see whether Boris can push the toothpaste back into the tube and return to EU business as usual in 2020.

      • cadxx says:

        I’m told that when Boris was a journalist he used to write two articles on the same subject, one in favour and one against and then submit both. Things are different now as there is an agenda to keep us in the EU no matter what. There are one or two election surprises on the horizon that no one can predict. As I see it the only way to vote is to forget Brexit and concentrate on the best of a bad job between parties. Hope springs eternal.

    • Matty says:

      If it looks like a horse and walks like a horse then it probably is a horse

  2. johnm33 says:

    I agree that Farage is some sort of Tory, but then he’s not standing, I’ve no idea about the general make-up of the Brexit party but if they’re not professional politicians i’d trust them to make better decisions than any ideologically driven pro..
    The trussed turkey is apposite, i think they’ll hit us harder and even more spitefully than they did Greece if we stay, the WA just makes it easy for them, notwithstanding the obligations to the EIB and ECB that the poor retiring soul Hammond has landed us with.
    I can recommend the Slog both for insight and wit. search ‘Greece’ there.

  3. malagabay says:

    The usual suspects all across the U.K. from the Scottish Nationals to eurocrats in the House of Lords like Andrew Adonis to even former Prime Minister (and traitor) Theresa May were livid.

    And when you have all of these people mad at you, like Johnson has accomplished here, in my mind you are doing something terribly right.

    But the big question is whether or not this bill, if it became law, would even be a breach of international law.

    Since, again, Section 38 of the Withdrawal Act asserts the sovereignty of the U.K. parliament over the whole of the U.K. and the EU threatening to revoke a food export licence to Northern Ireland from the rest of the U.K. is an application of EU law over a part of the U.K. itself.

    And that’s in clear violation of Section 38 of the Withdrawal Act which, if I remember correctly, the EU signed.

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