Tom Luongo: Flying Monkeys

Once upon a time Hollywood produced cheap B Movies because they helped to make the Main Features look like dazzling works of art.

Rocketship X-M (a.k.a. Expedition Moon and originally Rocketship Expedition Moon) is a 1950 American black-and-white science fiction film from Lippert Pictures, the first outer space adventure of the post-World War II era.
Rocketship X-M tells the story of a Moon expedition that, through a series of unforeseen events, winds up traveling instead to distant Mars.

Once on the Red Planet, its crew discovers the remnants of a Martian civilization destroyed long ago by atomic war and now reverted to barbarism.

Robert Lenard Lippert (1909-1976) was an American film producer and cinema owner who eventually owned a chain of 118 theatres.

He helped finance more than 300 films, including the directorial debuts of Sam Fuller, James Clavell, and Burt Kennedy. His films include I Shot Jesse James (1949) and The Fly (1958). In 1962 Lippert said, “the word around Hollywood is: Lippert makes a lot of cheap pictures but he’s never made a stinker“.

Then – to save money – they stopped making B Movies.

And audiences realised the Main Features weren’t so great after all.

So – to save money – they concentrated on cheaper Made for TV movies.

And audiences realised Made for TV movies weren’t so good after all.

So – to save money – they stopped making Made for TV movies.

Now they’re fallen back to making B Movies with C List celebrities.

The new generation of B Movies are big budget balderdash.

But they’ve degenerated to the point where they’re entertaining.

The point beyond parody where the out takes are most of the movie.

The point beyond satire where the political correctness is laughable.

Even the Communist writers in the 1950’s (brilliantly lampooned in the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar!) knew that they had to embed their message as sub-text, as setting, rather than as the foundations of Story otherwise it wouldn’t get past the executives, who understood their audiences very very well.

Get Woke Go Broke – Charlie’s Angels Fall to Earth
Tom Luongo – 20 Nov 2019

The point where Washington and Westminster produce the best laugh-out-loud B Movies that combine unbelievable storylines with unintended comedy and bad acting.

Theresa May: Highly likely Russia is behind Salisbury spy attack

Russia did it! (Skripal case logic)

Rep. Jim Jordan’s questioning of Gordon Sondland

The point where the Flying Monkeys Have Decided to Destroy Society.

Climate change: UK Government to Commit to 2050 Target
BBC – Roger Harrabin – 12 June 2019

Philip Hammond has warned Theresa May that her plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 will cost the UK over £1tn.

UK net zero emissions target will ‘cost more than £1tn’
Financial Times – Jim Pickard – 5 June 2019

Note: For “£1tn” read “£1trillion” or “£1,000,000,000,000”.

The point where we’ve arrived in “post Dorothy Oz”.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that we live in a post Dorothy Oz.

We live in a in an age now where the witch is dead.
Oz has been revealed to be a sad old man playing games.

I’ve talked about this before.
But I haven’t really talked about is what happens after Dorothy leaves.

Like all great fairy tales it ends right as it needs to …
The hero has triumphed and she gets to go home …

No one really wanted to talk about what happened to Oz afterwards.

It’s that moment of realization that everything that you thought you knew up to that moment in time turned out to be a lie. When that happens the illusions drop and everybody has to recalibrate themselves and I think at a certain level voters and citizens all around the Western world get what’s happening here, they understand what’s what’s going on with their political systems.

They understand the lies that have been told to them and the unsustainability of the world that we’ve created. The society, financial system whatever you wanna call a political system that we’ve created is unsustainable and …

They’ve got that feeling of dread that it’s gonna end…

They’re looking at the people who are supposedly in charge and … can see you guys are just as freaking clueless as we are.

What are you doing?

Do please stop.

And they refuse to stop!

At the end of the day all of these witches have been destroyed and … the flying monkeys that actually did all the work to maintain the witches power are unleashed and we all know what happens when people who were not groomed or raised or bred to lead wind up leading…

Tom Luongo



I love how Pieczenik ends this video with the quote from Mao Tse-Tung, “The higher the monkey climbs, the further it falls.”

Mike Pompeo is a Flying Monkey.

In our Post-Dorothy Oz, where the witch is dead and the Wizard unmasked, the Flying Monkeys are left leaderless and they’ve been successful in their raiding the countryside for their own benefit that absent the meta-stable leadership of the Tyrant overlord, they believe they can run their own operations.

Tom Luongo – 23 Nov 2019

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  1. Boris Tabaksplatt says:

    This is sold as a change that it happening now and people swallow it like it is a new phenomenon. Truth is that the same lies have always been used to control us, but with differing spins, for thousands of years, probably from the time when our ancestors were dragged kicking and screaming from their cosy caves.

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