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Ditrianum: Major Earthquake Warning

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Forecasting WHEN a major earthquake will strike is one step closer to predicting WHERE it will strike.

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Indian Salt: Wallace Line

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The official Story of Sugar deploys an armada of Austronesians to transport sugar cane across the Wallace Line.

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Indian Salt: Kingdom of Funan

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The modern version of the Sugar Cane Story forgets about the fragmentation of Greater India and the destruction of the Kingdom of Funan.

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Indian Salt: The Elephant Bird

This gallery contains 21 photos.

The story of sugar contains some terrifically tall stories.

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Gunnar Goes North

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Metal detectors unearth pots of gold and the occasional can of worms.

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Parallax Postscript

This gallery contains 32 photos.

Many astronomers seem to identify with Marvin the Paranoid Android who claimed he possessed a “brain the size of a planet”.

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The Fuckwit Song

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“Save Australia” from grandstanding politicians.

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Parallax Perspective

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Solving the Stellar Parallax Clusterfuck suggests Gamma Draconis is about 10,850 AU distant and that Sirius is [only] about 360 AU away.

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Parallax Proxy

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The fourth step towards solving the puzzle of the Stellar Parallax Clusterfuck involves comparing parallax distances with an established distance proxy.

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