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Southern Beech

This gallery contains 46 photos.

The Southern Beech supplies the segue for a series of Southern Hemisphere surprises.

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Nippur and The Great Trench

This gallery contains 30 photos.

The extraordinary excavation of Nippur at the end of the 19th century provided extraordinary evidence that the Fall of Babylon [officially 539 BC] coincided with the transformation of cuneiform into Arabic letters at the Arabian Horizon [637 CE].

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Nippur and The Glass Road

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Can glass bead holes be used to string people along?

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The Orion Fly-By

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The iconography associated with the Orion constellation is [quite literally] an open book but it’s pictorial narrative depends upon the pages being correctly sequenced.

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Seeing Sirius

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When the brightness of Sirius suggests it’s only 362.45 AU distant [instead of the officially mandated 8.6 light years] then it’s worth taking a second look.

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