Martin Armstrong: Manipulating the World Economy

Martin Armstrong is a very interesting political economist.

Armstrong Economics offers unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment.

Our mission is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models.

Greg Hunter has a real talent for extracting lucid information from his guests.

Martin Armstrong – Fed Losing Control On Every Possible Level – Greg Hunter – 25 Jan 2020

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says,

“The central banks are losing power.

That’s what my new book “Manipulating the World Economy” is all about.

It’s about all the manipulations.

Governments have tried to control it, and they are losing it on every possible level.

This is like the last ditch effort, the last hurrah or last battle for the central banks.

If the Fed loses, you are talking about central banks can no longer function in controlling the economy, inflation or anything.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Martin Armstrong.


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This post has been held back waiting for the third edition to arrive at Amazon.

Manipulating the World Economy – Martin Armstrong – 2019

The economic theories that dominated the field during the 20th century have failed us and empowered government to believe they can manipulate the business cycle.

Every economic theory presented post-Marxism has assumed that the complexity of the business cycle can be reduced to a single cause and effect.

To date, no attempt to manipulate the cycle has prevented a recession or financial crisis.

We now face a truly monumental crisis.

Central banks around the world are trapped.

Their attempt to stimulate the economy through Quantitative Easing and rate manipulation has disastrously failed.

The central banks have primarily purchased government debt, effectively keeping governments on life support by allowing them to issue new debt at substantially lower rates.

In addition to catastrophic Quantitative Easing policies, political fiscal spending on various programs and agencies has burdened governments with a debt that they can never repay.

The future crisis is one created by government.

This time, we are not likely to fix the problem without major political reform, which all governments will resist.

These policies have led many to assume that government can freely create money without inflation.

After creating trillions of dollars to buy government debt with no appreciable inflation, many conclude that everything has changed.

They are calling this the Modern Monetary Theory.

If they are correct, then why bother to have taxes or borrow money continuously with no intention of paying off national debts?

Governments, in modern theory, can simply create an endless supply of money to create a new modern version of Utopia.

Can we throw away all economic history for an experiment that could unravel civilization if the theory proves to be wrong?

What are the risks?

Can it really be that easy?

Are there any examples from the past that we can look to for answers?

Amazon US:

It’s reported first editions are going for $3,900.
The second edition sold out in three hours.
Amazon “don’t know” when the third edition will arrive.

But Amazon is still “backed-up”.

So Martin Armstrong is temporarily shipping his book via eBay.

Go to his web site for further details.

Amazon is backed-up and we do not know how long it will take for them to get the new addition up.

We have struck a deal with the printer to hire some temps right now to mailout the books as they come off the press.

Manipulating the World Economy – Available
Martin Armstrong – 24 March 2020

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2 Responses to Martin Armstrong: Manipulating the World Economy

  1. Yry says:

    Nice past & present initiatives to back him up Tim!

    As for myself in mid-2009, when he was still in this infamous jail in central New York without a single charge and motive, I would translate his type-written essays and works into french and spanish for many to see across the world.
    He was eventually released in Oct or Nov 2011 in a semi-comatous state as they had tried to shut him up for good all along during his 7 year-long imprisonment.

    I think he could do with your 700 phantom years to get his synthetic computer Socrates better tuned up in certain topics of his…

    Oh! by the way it all feels like: “”…Back, Back in EUSSR! “””

    Take care, Yry.

  2. malagabay says:

    Martin Armstrong – President Has Power to Reopen Country
    Greg Hunter – 22 April 2020

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