Death in Deutschland

Some things are as exciting as watching paint dry.

Death in Venice
Many moons ago I had the unmitigated misfortune to endure a screening of Luchino Visconti’s cinematic interpretation of Thomas Mann’s novella Death in Venice.

The narratives involves angst, anxiety, and an absolute absence of action [and entertainment].

Eventually, the central character dies of boredom complicated by cholera.

Death in Venice is a novella written by the German author Thomas Mann and was first published in 1912 as Der Tod in Venedig.

The work presents a great writer suffering writer’s block who visits Venice and is liberated, uplifted, and then increasingly obsessed, by the sight of a stunningly beautiful youth.

Though he never speaks to the boy, much less touches him, the writer finds himself drawn deep into ruinous inward passion; meanwhile, Venice, and finally, the writer himself, succumb to a cholera plague.

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Death In Venice – 1971 – Official Trailer – Luchino Visconti

The protagonist, Gustav von Aschenbach, travels to Venice for health reasons. There, he becomes obsessed with the stunning beauty of an adolescent Polish boy named Tadzio who is staying with his family at the same Grand Hôtel des Bains on the Lido as Aschenbach.

A few people notice him collapsed on his chair and alert the hotel staff.

They carry Aschenbach’s body away.

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Death in Deutschland
It was evident ten days ago there was a dearth of deaths in Deutschland.

The leader board for the European Croaking Contest shows Germany lagging well behind in bronze position.


Ten days later the dire deficiency of deaths still dominates Deutschland.

However, Deutschland is “preparing for the expected surge”.

Apparently, “everybody knows” a death deluge will arrive.

It’s just that the death deluge is delayed.

But everybody knows it “will come”.

The delayed death deluge is coming “in the next week”.

Or maybe “the week after that”!

How German Hospitals Prepare for the Coming Impact
Red Pill Germany – 27 March 2020

Hey guys, I have talked to a good friend of mine, who is an experienced doctor.

He told me how his hospital is preparing for the expected surge in patients, at the moment.

Watch on YouTube:

+ + + Transcript Start + + +

I also want to report to you what I found out in a conversation with an experienced resident doctor at a larger German Hospital.

The guy is a very old and very good friend of mine and we had several conversations over the course of the last month and I want to let you know what he thinks about this whole health crisis that we have at the moment and also what his Hospital is doing at the moment in order to prepare for the coming impact

I say coming impact.

I phrased it this way because the situation is not very critical yet.

But everybody knows that it will come in the next week or the week after that.

He said that there are some cases already.
But they’re only gradually increasing.
It’s not really bad yet.
The capacity limits have not been reached yet.
But they are all sure, they’re all convinced at this point,
that this will happen very soon

+ + + Transcript Stop + + +

Or maybe the deluge of deaths will be delayed indefinitely.

Place your bets.

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13 Responses to Death in Deutschland

  1. cadxx says:

    RT News UK this morning reported a total of eight fatalities for Russia (the largest country). They are expecting them to top-out in a couple of weeks.

    + + + Malagabay Edit + + +

    The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Russia has grown by 270 to 1,534 on Sunday, including 197 more people testing positive for the virus in Moscow.

    Officials said that four people have died, bringing the country’s total Covid-19 death toll to eight.

    Covid-19 spread enters ‘new stage’ as number of cases exceeds 1,000 in Moscow, mayor says – – 29 March 2020

  2. malagabay says:

    The latest news from the No Shit Sherlock department.

    West Faces “Social Bomb”
    As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest

    The next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic could be a flare-up of social unrest across major Western cities as millions have lost their jobs, economies have crashed into depressions, and the military is being called up to maintain order.

    The Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) warned that riots could be imminent in low-income neighborhoods as extreme wealth inequality has left households unprepared and without a cash buffer to weather the economic downturn.

    As we’ve noted before, many Western households were already stretched thin before the shutdowns began, with little savings, insurmountable debts, and the lack of access to proper healthcare.

    Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden – 29 March 2020

  3. malagabay says:

    It is with deep regret that the German Treasury Secretary of the federal state of Hesse, Thomas Schäfer, killed himself on March 28th, 2020.

    He oversaw Hesse‘s biggest city, Frankfurt, where we would hold our conferences and it remains the European capital for international banks.

    I know he was deeply concerned that this Coronavirus-Crisis was being used to destroy the economy.

    Thomas understood what was taking place and also understood he would not be able to deal with the absurd expectations of the general public about financial relief that was being pushed over a crisis that did not appear to warrant such a reaction.

    Thomas was one of the good guys.

    German Treasury Secretary of Hesse Commits Suicide
    Armstrong Economics – Martin Armstrong – 29 March 2020

  4. Notice how the usual suspects are so quiet?

  5. malagabay says:

    Peter Hitchens is clearly a rational individual with a sense of humour. I really don’t know about the rest of United Kingdom.

    It is quite funny that a statue of George Orwell stands by the entrance to the BBC, bearing the inscription: ‘If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.’

    Obviously, they should take it down, as nobody inside the building appears to believe that.

    Professor Neil Ferguson was one of those largely responsible for the original panic.

    He or others from Imperial college have twice revised his terrifying prophecy, first to fewer than 20,000 and then on Friday to 5,700.

    He says intensive care units will probably cope.

    And he conceded a point made by critics of the panic policy – that two-thirds of people who die from coronavirus in the next nine months would most likely have died this year from other causes.

    There is a big difference between Covid-19 causing death, and Covid-19 being found in someone who died of other causes.

    The Mail on Sunday – Peter Hitchens – 28 March 2020

  6. The actual problem is that to become a Marxist one needs to unlearn thinking, and when this is achieved, absolute obeisance to the precautionary principle becomes necessary since thinking for one self, assuming that thinking is not recitation, has been purged among the intellectuals. Couple this with a palpable lack of self awareness, and we have the present day panic over some or other variation of the flu. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s the unintended collateral destruction that is the problem. No conspiracies, just plain simple stupidity.

  7. malagabay says:

    “No conspiracies, just plain simple stupidity”

    There might not be any “conspiracies”
    BUT there are plenty of agendas.

    The health-death-care systems are full of corrupting agendas:

    1) Drug pricing, profiteering, licensing and rationing.
    2) Compulsory vaccinations.
    3) Compulsory insurance.
    4) Nationalization of independent competitors.
    5) Privatisation, Off-Shoring, Out-Sourcing and Asset-Stripping.
    6) Protecting the Government controlled monopoly.
    7) Protecting suppliers from legal challenges.
    8) EU Integration and “Euro Bond” financing.
    9) And even good old fashioned murderous eugenics.

    The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) was a care pathway in the United Kingdom (excluding Wales) covering palliative care options for patients in the final days or hours of life.

    Hospitals were also provided cash incentives to achieve targets for the number of patients placed on the LCP.

    However, The Daily Telegraph reported that the programme was just rebranded and that its supposed replacement would “perpetuate many of its worst practices, allowing patients to suffer days of dehydration, or to be sedated, leaving them unable to even ask for food or drink.”

  8. malagabay says:

    The EU never lets a crisis go to waste.

    If there isn’t a crisis then one can be arranged e.g. the corona crisis.

    We’ve reached the next stage of the EU’s evolution, whether it will adopt a common bond market or not. It’s been clear for a long time that something had to change if the European Union was to survive its political transformation.

    And that issue is the formation of a shared debt structure underpinning the euro, commonly referred to as Eurobonds.

    But in light of the current crisis they’ve been given the euphemism, “Coronabonds” and sold that way ad nauseum in the financial press, especially by Bloomberg.

    It’s truly stunning how inhuman political leaders are in this world. This is not to say I’m surprised but it’s still stunning.

    Tom Luongo – 30 March 2020

  9. cadxx says:

    *eight fatalities*
    Dying patients get the virus easily. Do they die of the virus or with the virus?

  10. cadxx says:

    Nine fatalities today

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