The Lazarus Pandemic

In ancient times it’s reported Lazarus of Bethany was miraculously raised from the dead.

In modern times the number of reported deaths associated with the Lazarus Pandemic were miraculously raised by writing COVID-19 on unrelated Death Certificates.

In 2020 big money rested upon a Corona Virus Pandemic being declared.

For those who are not part of the conspiracy networks, this is related to the outstanding World Bank Pandemic Bonds which will come due for expiration this July here in 2020.

This will be in the neighborhood of $500 million which is perhaps a structured derivative time bomb that most people have never heard of.

If there is an outbreak of disease turned into a pandemic, then investors don’t get their initial money back. There are two varieties of debt that are scheduled to mature in July 2020.

Half-Billion $ Pandemic Derivatives
Martin Armstrong – 25 Feb 2020

The PEF covers six viruses that are most likely to cause a pandemic.

These include new Orthomyxoviruses (new influenza pandemic virus A), Coronaviridae (SARS, MERS), Filoviridae (Ebola, Marburg) and other zoonotic diseases (Crimean Congo, Rift Valley, Lassa fever).

World Bank Launches First-Ever Pandemic Bonds to Support $500 Million Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility
World Bank – Press Release – 28 June 2017


The Chinese Corona Virus Epidemic started the Pandemic Ball Rolling when it officially peaked at 149 deaths on 23 February 2020.

The Italians then picked up the Pandemic Baton but it soon became evident their epidemic would fail to meet expectations.

But before Italy could officially drop the Pandemic Baton the World Health Organization sprang into action and declared a Corona Virus Pandemic on the 11th of March.

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

The outbreak was first noted in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, in December 2019.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and recognized it as a pandemic on 11 March 2020.

The quick thinking of the World Health Organization transformed the Italian Corona Virus Epidemic into the miraculous Lazarus Pandemic.

In Germany a miraculous increase in the number of Lazarus Pandemic Cases occurred [according to Wikipedia] on the 19th of March 2020.

Perspectives on the Pandemic
Professor Knut Wittkowski – Episode 2
Journeyman Pictures – 3 April 2020

There are no indications that anything is different from a regular flu

The flu ends during springtime when people spend more time outdoors because outdoors the viruses cannot easily spread.

On March 20th Germany changed its reporting system
and suddenly a lot of cases that had not been reported before were reported but this is not a sudden increase in in cases overall.
This had no impact on the dynamics of the German epidemic.
It increased until about March 27th or so and has been stable or declining since.

Nature doesn’t jump as people have known for a long time.
The course of an epidemic is always smooth.
There is never a tenfold increase in number of cases from one day to the other.
There is nothing to be scared about.
This is the flu epidemic like every other flu.
Maybe a bit more severe but nothing that is fundamentally different from the flus that we see in other years.

What do you think are the possible health risks of
the policy that we are following now? Shelter-in-place?

Well we will see maybe a total of fewer cases that is possible.
However it will see more cases among the elderly because
we have prevented the schoolchildren from creating herd immunity and
so in the end we will see more death because the school children don’t die.
It’s the elderly people who die.
We will see more death because of this social distancing.

If we had herd immunity now there couldn’t be a second wave in autumn.
Herd immunity lasts for a couple of years typically.
And that’s why the last SARS epidemic we had in 2003.
It lasts 15 years for enough people to become susceptible again.

If we had herd immunity we wouldn’t have a second wave.
However if we are preventing herd immunity from developing
it is almost guaranteed that we have a second wave …

Unfortunately it seems that in Western countries
where the story of China was already known
people started with social distancing
– as imperfect as it is –
before the epidemic could reach the level
that is needed to develop her immunity.

The second wave is a direct consequence of social distancing.

I can say for myself walking through New York City right now is depressing.

We should at least hold our politicians responsible.

One thing we definitely need to do
– and that would be safe and effective –
is opening schools.
Let the children spread the virus among themselves.
Which is a necessity to get herd immunity.
That was probably one of the most destructive actions
the government has done.
We should focus on the elderly
and separating them from the population
where the virus is circulating.
We should not prevent the virus from circulating among school children
which is the fastest way of to create herd immunity.

We are experiencing all sorts of counter productive
consequences of not well thought through policy.

Should there be a major testing regime in place where
the whole population is tested and is that – should that –
be a prerequisite for us coming out?

Any answer with two letters will do.

I may have had it like many other people who had a mild flu
like I had or had no symptoms whatsoever.
That is the normal thing happening to 70% of the people in the end,
even 75, and is the remaining that get ill and need treatment and they
should seek treatment as early as possible.

The problem in cities like New York is there are too many
people who don’t have health insurance
and if you don’t have health insurance
you’re a hesitant to see your doctor and
if you’re hesitant you see the doctor too late and
if the pneumonia has already progressed and
you see your doctor it’s too late for antibiotics to be effective.

We should not believe that we are more intelligent than
Mother Nature was when we were evolving.
Mother Nature was pretty good at making sure that we’re
a good match for the diseases that we happen to see
virtually every year.

I was at the Rockefeller University.
I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years and
done modelling of epidemics for 35 years.
It’s a pleasure to have the ability to help people to understand
but it’s a struggle to get heard.

The Americans were inexplicably slow to pick up the Pandemic Baton and their first death attributed to the Lazarus Pandemic only occurred on the 29th of February.

Once again the Lazarus Pandemic failed to meet expectations when it became apparent the American Corona Virus Epidemic would fizzle out in the first half of April.

Once again the Corona Virus Pandemic was artificially resuscitated by creatively counting deaths where COVID-19 “is assumed to have caused or contributed to death”.


Once again the Lazarus Pandemic death count was miraculously raised.

Only time will tell whether they can keep this Pandemic Bubble artificially inflated.

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3 Responses to The Lazarus Pandemic

  1. Hari says:

    Just a few points:

    Call it a severe form of flu or whatever, the fact remains that SARS COV-2 is definitely more contagious than other forms of run-of-the mill flu variants. Not so sure about the percentages of severe cases or fatalities, however.

    I am not sure one can call it an ‘airborne disease’ in the true sense of the term. Yes, it is spread through respiratory droplets. That’s not the exact same thing as airborne transmission.

    Is the virus really just a natural mutation with a ‘natural’ and inevitable jump to humans? There were too many coincident events in Wuhan that happened around the same time which may suggest otherwise. The virus has a Gain of Function change (which makes it so aggressive and effective in transmission), this GoF may have either been due to a mutation or genetic tampering in a lab. The leak may not have been deliberate, just an accidental escape from one of the two labs in Wuhan (including a BSL-4 lab) due to sloppy or inadequate precautions.

    It even may have been a deliberate leak by the Chinese – why were their main cities of Shanghai and Beijing not seriously affected, even though the virus managed to efficiently travel around the world and hit the US and Europe? Rather curious and convenient, if I may say.

    The finger pointing by the US is not just for scoring points or deflecting blame. Check out also the unusual fact that on 29 Mar, the 45th Anniversary of the Bio & Toxin Weapons Convention, countries such as India quoted the COVID-19 in their otherwise routine statement calling for global cooperation? I am pretty sure the intelligence agencies of various countries have not ruled out the chance of this being a chimera virus with largely unknown properties – hence the rather panicky and drastic official reactions.

    The deputy PM of Japan recently stated in their parliament that the WHO needs to be renamed as CHO (Chinese Health Organisation). The head of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor – the chappie was earlier a health minister in Ethiopia – which is a springboard country for China to enter Africa with their Belt Road Initiative. That charlatan is very much in their pocket – you could read about it and the growing clamour to remove him.

    You mentioned a $ 500 million epidemic bond by the WHO – I am afraid that’s loose change, as far as China, the originator of this pandemic is concerned. The Chinese had recently sent COVID infected testing kits to the UK, where I assume, you reside. They recently sold PPE kits to Italy, when Italy had donated a whole lot PPE kits to China just a couple of months earlier! A couple of days back, they flexed their muscle in South China Sea and rammed and sunk a Vietnamese trawler to emphasise their ownership of that area. The Russians, closely following had recently sailed their warships through the English Channel! Talk about taking advantage of possible power vacuums and changes in the international order! The stakes go far beyond $ 500 million.

    Its naïve to trust Chinese statistics at face value, which our good Professor Knut Wittkowski appears to have done. At a conservative estimate for Wuhan city alone fatalities may have been in the region of at least 26,000. This estimate is gleaned from the data of ash urns delivered by crematoriums in that city alone during the period Jan-Feb. You definitely need to factor in the inconvenient fact this may be an aggressive chimera virus with largely unknown properties. All that conventional modelling of our good Professor trusting Nature to take its course, etc may not exactly work out.

    The rapid and early progress of COVID-19 in Italy was because of its direct commercial connections with China through the BRI. Wuhan has a population of around 11 million of which at least half had exited before the official clamp-down. There are direct flights from Wuhan to Italy and there were large numbers of Chinese back-and-forth movement during their new year.

    Like it or not, numerous diseases and pandemics have originated from China, since the ‘Black Plague’ (or whatever it was) from the Middle Ages.

    That’s the price one pays for embracing the Dragon.

    We know it for the past 50+ years as we continually face and hold them off successfully across the Himalayas!


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