Sweden: Read and Weep

Corona without the crap.

Just as nature intended.

Sweden has, unlike many other countries, not applied any lockdown, with most measures being voluntary.


The World Health Organization (WHO), has been insisting that Sweden lock its people down.
The corruption behind the WHO and how it is being dominated by Bill Gates is a matter of record.

Sweden is demonstrating to the world that the lockdown is absurd and it has NOT prevented anything.

Sweden is treating its population with respect, unlike the rest of the Western powers.

Why is WHO Demanding Sweden Lockdown?
Because They Show The Lockdown Makes no Difference?
Martin Armstrong – 15 April 2020


No panic.

No profiteering.

No pandemonium.

No man-made problems.

No power crazed politicians.

Hopefully, some Climate Alarmists will get the message.

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5 Responses to Sweden: Read and Weep

  1. Johan B says:

    Hi Tim, many thanks for your tireless campaign to inform and to spread sobriety.
    Here in the Sweden we suffer no lockdown and many business is as usual. However, the corona propaganda fear machine is going full throttle 24/7, the majority are buying it wholesale and many are voluntary in quarantine, therefore it is affecting the well being of the populace as a whole. The minority of the population that prefer to stay away from the TV-virus and instead tries to inform themself as independent observers are baffled over the fact that the Swedish strategy is benevolent to the people compared to most other countries, since they are used to be at the forefront of so much shady malign and vicious dabbling with policies and decision making.

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