Dr Erickson: COVID-19 Briefing

Deleted after racking up over 5 million views.

YouTube has censored a viral video in which two doctors criticized the logic of whether California’s stay-at-home coronavirus order is necessary.

The video, which had racked up over 5 million views, featured Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, Calif.

Another version of the original video that YouTube deleted appears below.

YouTube Censors Viral Video of Doctors Criticizing ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order – Summit News – Paul Joseph Watson – 28 April 2020

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 FULL Briefing
(Bakersfield doctors dispute need for stay at home order)
Unquoted – 24 April 2020

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We decided to keep people at home and
isolate them even though everything
we’ve studied about quarantine.

Typically you quarantine the sick.

When someone has measles you quarantine them.

We’ve never seen where we quarantine the healthy,
where you take those without disease and
without symptoms and lock them in your home.

It’s similar to the flu.

We always have between
thirty seven and sixty thousand [influenza] deaths
in the United States every single year.

No pandemic talk.
No shelter-in-place.
No shutting down of businesses.
No sending doctors home.

We’ve dealt with academics …
but academics and reality is two different things.

It’s okay for us to go to Costco but not to church.
Do you see the lack of consistency here?
From a microbiological immunological
standpoint that doesn’t make sense.

I don’t want to hide in my home,
develop a weak immune system and
then come out and get disease.

So what I’m saying is
let’s avoid all that
if you stomp on our freedoms
that has one ending
and it’s violence.

Bravo Gentlemen.

Automated Transcript

00:00 we’ve really wanted to come together
00:02 today and kind of just talk about what
00:05 we’ve learned over the last couple
00:07 months here it accelerated and really
00:10 talked about what’s happening in Kern
00:12 County with our testing what’s happening
00:15 in California with the testing and kind
00:16 of an ER physician entrepreneur
00:19 perspective on what’s going on and kind
00:23 of what we think the approach should be
00:24 going forward and dr. Massey and myself
00:27 have been dealing with this as you have
00:29 I’m sure you guys are working from home
00:31 you’re sheltering in place you’re
00:34 isolating yourself and we want to talk
00:37 about it that still makes sense so we
00:40 want to we want to kind of take
00:42 everything we’ve learned and throw it
00:43 against the backdrop of who we are you
00:45 know we both have had extensive classes
00:48 in microbiology and biochemistry and
00:50 immunology we’ve studied this for each
00:53 of us 20 years and we take everything
00:55 that we’re seeing today and we put that
00:57 against that backdrop and say does this
01:00 make sense are we following the science
01:02 we keep hearing following the science
01:06 what what is what is science essentially
01:08 it’s the study of the natural world
01:11 through experiment through observation
01:13 so that’s what we’re doing we’re
01:15 studying the disease around us or making
01:17 observations we’re doing testing
01:19 experiments to figure out exactly what’s
01:21 going on and so this has caused some
01:24 signal severe disruption for accelerated
01:26 as we have people coming in 7:00 in the
01:29 morning till midnight we’re reporting to
01:32 the health department or calling
01:33 patients back and at the same time our
01:36 volumes have dropped significantly the
01:39 hospitals there I see us are empty
01:42 essentially and they’re shutting down
01:44 floors they’re furloughing patients
01:47 they’re furloughing doctors so the
01:49 health system has been evacuated in
01:52 certain places in New York the health
01:54 system is working at maximum capacity in
01:57 California were really at a minimal
02:00 capacity getting rid of our doctors and
02:03 nurses because we just don’t have the
02:04 volume the hospitals don’t as I’ve met
02:07 with their CEOs twice in the last week
02:08 and we don’t as well so we’re busy with
02:11 paperwork for Co
02:12 and we’re all focusing on kovat and so
02:15 one of the things I’d like to talk about
02:17 is when I talk to ER physicians around
02:19 the country what’s happening
02:21 well because Co has become the focus
02:23 people with heart disease people with
02:26 cancer hypertension and various things
02:28 that are critical are choosing not to
02:31 come in based on fear so what that’s
02:33 doing is causing the health system to
02:35 focus on kovat and not focus on a myriad
02:38 of other things that are critical
02:40 because we don’t have the staff there
02:42 and major the major component is fear
02:45 people are saying I don’t want to go get
02:48 seen with my doctor what if I get the co
02:49 fit so there is a lot of secondary
02:53 effects to kovat that aren’t being
02:55 talked about and so we’d like to kind of
02:58 look at how the how we’ve responded as a
03:00 nation and why you responded our first
03:03 initial response two months ago was a
03:05 little bit of fear we decide to shut
03:07 down travel to and from China these are
03:09 good ideas when you don’t have any facts
03:11 we decided to keep people at home and
03:14 isolate them even though everything
03:17 we’ve studied about quarantine typically
03:19 you quarantine the sick when someone has
03:22 measles you quarantine them we’ve never
03:25 seen where we quarantine the healthy
03:27 where you take those without disease and
03:30 without symptoms and lock them in your
03:31 home so some of these things from what
03:35 we have studied from immunology and
03:36 microbiology aren’t really meshing with
03:38 what we know as people of scientific
03:42 minds that read this stuff every day so
03:44 that’s kind of how we started we don’t
03:45 know what’s going on we see this new
03:47 virus how should we respond so we did
03:50 that initially and over the last couple
03:52 months we’ve gained a lot of data
03:55 typically in Kern County for instance
03:57 are we’ve tested five thousand two
04:00 hundred and thirteen people and we have
04:02 three hundred and forty positive Kovac
04:04 cases
04:05 well that’s six point five percent of
04:07 the population which would indicate that
04:09 there is a widespread viral infection
04:12 similar to flu we we think it’s it’s
04:16 kind of ubiquitous throughout California
04:18 we’re going to go over those numbers a
04:19 little bit to kind of help you see how
04:21 widespread Cove it is and see how we
04:24 should be responding to it base
04:25 on its its prevalence throughout society
04:28 or its the the existence of the cases
04:30 that we already know about so if you
04:32 look at California these numbers are
04:34 from yesterday we have thirty three
04:36 thousand eight hundred and sixty-five
04:38 Kovac cases out of a total of 280
04:41 thousand nine hundred total tested
04:43 that’s twelve percent of Californians
04:46 were positive for kovat so we don’t the
04:50 initial as you guys know the initial
04:52 models were we’re willfully inaccurate
04:54 they predicted millions of cases of
04:57 death not of not of prevalence or
04:59 incidence but death that is not
05:02 materializing what is materializing in
05:04 the state of California is 12 percent
05:06 positives well if we we have thirty nine
05:09 point five million people if we just
05:11 take a basic calculation and extrapolate
05:13 that out that equates to about four
05:16 point seven million cases throughout the
05:18 state of California which means this
05:19 thing is widespread that’s the good news
05:22 we’ve seen one thousand two hundred and
05:25 twenty seven deaths in the state of
05:27 California with a possible incidence or
05:31 prevalence of four point seven million
05:33 that means you have a zero point zero
05:35 three chance of dying from kovat
05:37 nineteen in the state of California zero
05:41 point zero three chance of dying from
05:43 kovat in state of California is that
05:46 does that necessitate sheltering in
05:49 place does that necessitate shutting
05:52 down medical systems does that
05:54 necessitate people being out of work so
05:58 that’s that’s California and that’s I
06:00 also wanted to mention that ninety-six
06:02 percent of people in California who get
06:04 Kovac recover with almost no significant
06:06 sequelae or no significant continuing
06:10 medical problems so that’s those are
06:12 important statistics for the state of
06:14 California two months ago we didn’t know
06:16 this so I’m gonna bring it to light now
06:18 because we’ve we’re sharing our own data
06:20 this isn’t data filtered through someone
06:23 this is our own data we found six point
06:25 five percent and then California has
06:28 found twelve percent so the more you
06:30 test the more positives you get the the
06:34 prevalence number goes up
06:36 and the death rate stays the same so it
06:38 gets smaller and smaller and smaller and
06:41 as we move through this data what I want
06:43 you to see is millions of cases small
06:46 amount of death millions of cases small
06:49 amount of death and you will see that in
06:51 every state and if we and since we’re
06:54 talking about following the science
06:55 we’re gonna follow the statistics and
06:57 follow the science so I want to look at
06:59 New York State they even in the news a
07:01 lot right and there their numbers are
07:04 critical let’s go over their numbers
07:07 cases of kovat as of yesterday two
07:09 hundred and fifty six thousand two
07:11 hundred and seventy two cases in New
07:13 York State not New York City in New York
07:14 the entire state they did a total of six
07:17 hundred and forty nine thousand three
07:18 hundred twenty-five tests that’s thirty
07:20 nine percent of New Yorkers tested
07:23 positive for Cove in nineteen that’s
07:25 their ratios this is public data online
07:27 you can all look it up thirty nine
07:30 percent of people were tested which is
07:39 likely they likely have 7.5 million
07:42 cases right so we extrapolate data we
07:51 extrapolate data we test people and then
07:54 we extrapolate for the entire community
07:55 based on the numbers the initial models
07:59 were so inaccurate they’re not correct
08:06 so is it really a fair and say obviously
08:08 they’re not as bad as they were because
08:10 those were based on alternative
08:11 scenarios and some of them were based on
08:14 social distancing and still predicted
08:16 hundreds of thousands of deaths which
08:18 has been inaccurate so in New York they
08:21 the ones they tested they found 39
08:23 percent positive so if that’s indicative
08:25 and they tested six hundred and forty
08:27 nine thousand people that’s a massive
08:29 test that’s accurate data thirty-nine
08:32 percent so if they tested the whole
08:34 state would we indeed how 7.5 million
08:36 cases we don’t know we will never test
08:38 the entire state so we extrapolate out
08:40 we use the data we have because it’s the
08:42 most accurate we have versus a
08:44 predictive model
08:45 have been nowhere in the ballpark of
08:47 accurate so they how many desks do they
08:50 have nineteen thousand four hundred and
08:52 ten out of 19 million people which is a
08:55 0.1% chance of dying from kovat in the
08:58 state of New York and they have a 92%
09:01 recovery rate if you are indeed
09:03 diagnosed with Cove in nineteen ninety
09:06 two percent of you will recover so we’re
09:08 seeing millions of cases small amount of
09:11 death millions of cases small amount of
09:14 death and the reason I’m making that
09:15 point is because we’re gonna compare
09:16 this to flu and say is this
09:18 significantly different from influenza A
09:20 and B and if not why is our response
09:23 been what it is USA this is this is a
09:27 big one for us eight hundred and two
09:30 thousand five hundred ninety cases as of
09:32 yesterday we’ve tested over four million
09:35 if you guys have studied globally what’s
09:37 happening that’s double what any other
09:39 country Germany’s at to their
09:43 populations are lower but the fact that
09:45 we were able to ramp up and do four
09:46 million is pretty impressive which gives
09:48 us a nineteen point six percent positive
09:51 out of those who are tested for Kovan
09:54 nineteen so if if if this is a typical
09:58 extrapolation 328 million people times
10:01 nineteen six is sixty four million
10:03 that’s a significant amount of people
10:05 with Kovan it’s similar to the flu if
10:08 you study the numbers in 2017 and 2018
10:10 we had fifty to sixty million with the
10:12 flu and we had we had a similar death
10:16 rate in the deaths the united states
10:18 were forty three thousand five hundred
10:19 and forty five similar to the flu of
10:22 2017-2018 we had we always have between
10:25 thirty seven and sixty thousand deaths
10:27 in the united states every single year
10:30 no pandemic talk no shelter-in-place
10:33 no shutting down at businesses no
10:35 sending doctors home
10:38 yeah every year per the CDC 30 dutifully
10:47 in the United States some years it’s
10:49 even as low as 20,000 Sun year in 2017
10:51 2018 it was 45 to 50 thousand depending
10:55 on who you read and we don’t necessarily
10:57 report all of our flu tests we do
10:59 thousands of flu tests every year we
11:01 don’t report every one because the flu
11:03 is ubiquitous and to that note we have a
11:06 flu vaccine how many people even get the
11:09 flu vaccine the flu is dangerous it
11:12 kills people so just because you have a
11:14 vaccine doesn’t mean it’s gonna be
11:16 everywhere and it doesn’t mean
11:18 everyone’s gonna take it because we see
11:19 every year that we have a vaccine and I
11:22 would say probably 50% of the public
11:24 doesn’t even want it so just because you
11:27 have a vaccine unless you forced it on
11:29 the public doesn’t mean they’re gonna
11:30 take it I want to compare the u.s. to
11:34 Spain to Spain is number two in the race
11:36 for the most cases which is not a race
11:38 we want to win they had two hundred and
11:40 four thousand one hundred seventy eight
11:42 cases in Spain nine hundred and thirty
11:44 thousand total tests so we did four
11:47 million they did nine hundred thirty
11:48 thousand they had a 22% of all kovat
11:51 tests were positive in Spain twenty-two
11:53 percent of those tested were positive in
11:55 Spain
11:56 Spain has 27 million people so that
11:59 equates to about 10 million cases if we
12:01 extrapolate the data as we’ve been doing
12:03 with every state gives us about 10
12:06 million cases how many died in Spain
12:08 21,000 282 out of 47 million
12:11 yevon 0 a 0.05 chance of dying from
12:16 Kovac as a citizen of Spain and a 90%
12:19 chance of recovery from kovin without
12:21 being on event without being in hospital
12:24 I wanted to compare the u.s. of Spain
12:27 because we’re the two we have the two we
12:29 have the most amount of cases globally
12:31 so I thought that was important and then
12:35 when you when you bring up a system of
12:37 lockdown you automatically have to
12:39 compare it to a system of no lockdown
12:40 Sweden and Norway I’m I’m Norwegian
12:44 Norway has locked down Sweden does not
12:47 have locked down what happened in those
12:49 two countries are they vastly different
12:52 did Sweden have a massive outbreak of
12:55 cases did Norway have nothing let’s look
12:58 at the numbers Sweden Sweden has fifteen
13:02 thousand three hundred twenty two cases
13:04 of Kovac they have stayed seventy four
13:07 thousand six hundred tests which is 21%
13:10 similar to the other countries twenty
13:12 one percent of all those tested came out
13:14 positive for Kovac what’s the population
13:17 of Sweden about ten point four million
13:20 so if we extrapolate out the data about
13:22 two million cases of Kovac in Sweden
13:25 they did a little bit of social
13:27 distancing they would wear masks and
13:29 separate they went to schools stores
13:31 were open they were almost about their
13:34 normal daily life with a little bit of
13:35 social distancing they had how many
13:37 deaths 1765 California has had one
13:44 thousand two hundred and twenty with
13:47 isolation no isolation 1765 we have more
13:53 people what I’m getting at is millions
13:55 of cases very small death millions of
13:58 cases very small death this is what
14:01 we’re seeing everywhere
14:02 Norway its next-door neighbor this is
14:05 where I come from these are two
14:06 Scandinavian nations we can compare them
14:09 as they are similar let’s look at the
14:11 data Norway
14:12 seven thousand one hundred ninety one
14:14 cases of koban total Kovac test one 145
14:18 thousand 279 so they came up with four
14:22 point nine percent of all Kovac tests
14:24 were positive in Norway population of
14:26 nori five point four million so if we
14:27 extrapolate the data as we’ve been doing
14:29 which is the best we can do at this
14:30 point they have about 1.3 million cases
14:33 now their deaths as a total number over
14:36 one hundred and eighty two fairly small
14:38 but statistically insignificant from
14:40 1700 you realize millions of cases small
14:44 amount of death seventeen hundred one
14:45 hundred these are statistically
14:47 insignificant so you have a point zero
14:50 zero three chance of death as a citizen
14:53 of Norway and a ninety seven
14:54 and recovery their numbers are a little
14:56 bit better does it necessitate shutdown
14:59 loss of jobs destruction of the oil
15:03 company furloughing doctors that’s the
15:06 question I have for you I think the
15:08 answer is going to be increasingly clear
15:10 as we move through this data the next
15:14 thing I want to talk about is the
15:16 effects of Cove in nineteen the
15:18 secondary effects
15:19 Govan 19 is one aspect of our health
15:21 sector what has it caused to have us be
15:25 involved in social isolation what is it
15:28 what does it cause that that we are
15:31 seeing the community respond to child
15:33 molestation is increasing at a severe
15:35 rate we could go over multiple cases of
15:38 children who have been molested due to
15:41 angry family members who are intoxicated
15:44 who are home who have no paycheck these
15:47 things last a lifetime
15:48 this isn’t about a seasonal flu these
15:50 are things that will follow these people
15:52 and affect them in a negative fashion
15:54 for their life and these are secondary
15:57 effects from kovat and these are for me
15:58 talking to ers talking to my doctors and
16:01 talking to people across the country and
16:03 finding out what they’re seeing spousal
16:05 abuse we see the people coming in here
16:07 with black eyes and cuts on their face
16:09 it’s an obvious abusive case these are
16:12 things that will affect them for a
16:13 lifetime not for a season alcoholism
16:16 anxiety depression suicide I talked to
16:20 the the the Donna Youngblood and various
16:23 people in the community I’ve asked them
16:25 how are things going suicide is spiking
16:27 education is dropped off economic
16:30 collapse medical industry we’re all
16:32 suffering because our staff isn’t here
16:35 and we have no volume these are all real
16:37 things that I’m seeing every day
16:39 I don’t I don’t read about this stuff
16:40 I’m seeing it in my clinics we have
16:42 clinics from Fresno to San Diego and
16:44 these things are spiking in our
16:46 community these things will affect
16:47 people for a lifetime not for a season
16:49 so let’s let’s make sure we’re clear on
16:51 that so we’ve gone over the secondary
16:54 effects we’ve gone over the statistics
16:56 now I want to compare flu virus is this
16:59 significantly different and I just got a
17:01 little bit of data here so deaths per
17:05 the CDC 24
17:07 – sixty-two thousand deaths each year we
17:12 get about we had about forty five
17:15 million total cases in 2017 with about
17:17 62,000 deaths or a 0.13 chance of death
17:22 from flu in the United States as you
17:24 know our other numbers were 0.02 so the
17:28 lethality of of Kovan 19 is much less
17:32 now you’ve got hot beds of it in New
17:35 York but again we went over the numbers
17:36 0.1% chance of death widespread small
17:42 amount of deaths it’s similar to flu as
17:44 a matter of fact if we follow the
17:46 science as we’ve been asked to do I’m
17:48 following the science this data is
17:50 generated by the CDC World Health
17:52 Organization the testing is generated by
17:54 what we have done here so we are
17:56 following the science now I want to talk
18:00 about the immune system dr. Missy he
18:03 used to teach for immunology we both had
18:05 years of microbiology biochemistry and
18:08 biology studies we’ve made it our life’s
18:10 work to understand this stuff and here
18:13 I’d like to go over some basic things
18:14 about how the immune system functions so
18:17 people have a good understanding the
18:19 immune system is built by exposure to
18:21 antigens viruses bacteria when you’re a
18:24 little child crawling on the ground
18:25 putting stuff in your mouth viruses and
18:28 bacteria come in you form an antigen
18:30 antibody complex you form IgG IgM this
18:33 is how your immune system is built you
18:35 don’t take a small child put them in
18:37 bubble wrap in a room and say go have a
18:39 healthy immune system this is immunology
18:42 microbiology 101 this is not something
18:45 this is the basis of what we’ve known
18:47 for years so what I’m seeing is when you
18:53 take human beings and you say go into
18:55 your house clean all your counters Lysol
18:57 them down you’re gonna kill 99% of
18:59 viruses and bacteria wear a mask don’t
19:02 go outside what does it do to our immune
19:03 system our immune system is used to
19:06 touching we share bacteria
19:08 staphylococcal streptococcal bacteria
19:10 viruses we develop an immune response
19:12 daily to this stuff when you take that
19:15 away from me my immune system drops as I
19:18 shelter in place my immune system drop
19:21 you keep me there for months it drops
19:23 more and now I’m at home hand-washing
19:25 vigorously washing the counters worried
19:28 about things that are indeed what I need
19:30 to survive let’s follow the science
19:32 this is immunology folks this is
19:35 microbiology this is what we’ve combined
19:37 together we have 40 years of experience
19:39 in this this is common sense
19:42 immunology it decreases your immune
19:49 system you you can’t build an immune
19:51 system by if someone has a reduced
19:54 immune system you you hide them away cuz
19:56 they can’t build the immune system if
19:57 you have a normal functioning immune
19:59 system you need interaction when the
20:02 child is in a wound you’re in this
20:03 protected environment when you come out
20:05 you have a most no immune system you
20:07 develop that through touching your mouth
20:09 touching your eyes virus bacterial virus
20:12 bacteria immune response IgG IgM this is
20:15 how you build a strong immune system of
20:20 course they are but that’s that’s from
20:22 media telling them to I am telling them
20:24 sheltering in place decreases your
20:26 immune system and then as what we all
20:28 come out of shelter in place with a
20:29 lower immune system and start trading
20:31 viruses bacteria what do you think is
20:32 going to happen disease is gonna spike
20:34 and then you’ve got disease spike
20:36 amongst the hospital system with
20:38 furloughed doctors and nurses this is
20:41 not the combination we want to set up
20:42 for a healthy society it doesn’t make
20:45 any sense initially initially maybe that
20:56 was true but again I’m going through the
20:58 numbers I’m not saying who’s wrong or
21:00 right I’m going through the science and
21:01 through the numbers and I like you have
21:04 been watching media and studying this
21:05 for two months night and day
21:07 well I go to bed at 2 or 3 in the
21:09 morning every day I read after my shift
21:11 and I say what’s going on here I’m not a
21:14 I’m not in an ivory tower I’m in seeing
21:16 patients every day and I’m collecting my
21:18 own data I didn’t have data two months
21:20 ago I just shared my data six point five
21:22 percent of all pages we tested are
21:24 positive that’s actual unfiltered
21:25 non-political data
21:30 very intelligent very accomplished
21:32 positions do you think that you guys
21:35 know more than the top and knowledge in
21:38 the entire United States and that
21:39 basically every country in the world has
21:41 got this wrong that’s right
21:44 I’m not saying again I’m sharing the
21:46 data I’m not saying you’re right
21:48 somebody the data the data is coming in
22:01 no I’m saying you have to give the virus
22:03 time in from December to now there was
22:06 tons of hypotheses you have to let the
22:09 data work let the let the virus rise up
22:13 then we study it and we see did we
22:15 respond appropriately initially the
22:17 response fine shut it down but as the
22:20 data comes across and we say now wait a
22:22 second we’ve never ever responded like
22:24 this in the history of the country why
22:26 are we doing this now even more accurate
22:32 and more timely than what we’re getting
22:33 here in Kern County thank you thank you
22:43 for your question I think your question
22:44 is valid and obviously dr. Falchi is a
22:49 world-renowned immunologist and a lot of
22:52 the data that they originally gave us
22:54 was theoretical because coronavirus is a
22:59 new virus we’ve studied corona virus
23:01 since the 70s corona virus was but if
23:18 you let me finish
23:20 so every year according to your argument
23:24 that you just made every year every
23:28 every year when we get the flu it’s a
23:30 new flu virus correct right but 99% of
23:34 it is flu correct the way viruses change
23:38 Google mutations through their DNA
23:40 deoxyribonucleic acid there are
23:42 different types of mutations which
23:44 either cause increased virulence and
23:45 more likely decrease virulence meaning
23:48 virulence meaning how dangerous of
23:50 viruses so when coronavirus was we’ve
23:54 been studying coronavirus since the 70s
23:56 and this this this this type of corona
23:59 virus that came out was first and
24:02 foremost transmissible through through
24:04 human beings and that was new and i
24:06 think anytime you have something new in
24:08 the medical community
24:09 i’ve been a doctor for 26 years any time
24:12 you you you you have something new in
24:15 the community medical community it
24:18 sparks fear and dr. I would have done
24:20 what dr. Fauci did so we both would have
24:22 initially because the first thing you do
24:25 is you want to make sure you limit
24:27 liability and limit deaths and I think
24:29 what they did was brilliant initially
24:31 but you know looking at theories and
24:35 models which is what these folks use is
24:38 very different than the way the actual
24:40 virus presents itself throughout
24:42 communities and there’s different
24:43 communities we’re talking about here
24:45 Bakersfield a lot more widespread than
24:47 Manhattan very very different so you
24:50 can’t really theory and reality are not
24:54 always the same and that’s what dr.
24:55 Erickson is presenting it’s not about
24:57 being right or wrong medicine what they
24:59 teach us is you practice medicine I’m
25:01 learning every day so is dr. Erickson we
25:04 all learn every day it’s not about being
25:07 right who was right who was wrong it’s
25:08 not a basketball game who made the
25:09 basket who didn’t it’s about looking at
25:12 trends and saying hey we’re not seeing
25:16 what they’ve been what they’ve been
25:17 talking about for the past six to eight
25:20 weeks we’ve crippled the economy there’s
25:23 a lot of domestic issues going on is
25:26 social isolation warranted for the
25:28 healthy different trying different
25:34 conclusions from the same data why is
25:36 that that’s not because because we’re
25:39 actually seeing the patient’s doctor
25:42 Fauci hasn’t seen a patient for twenty
25:43 years I’m just saying but I’m just
25:46 saying it’s in general a lot of the
25:48 figureheads are not it’s like the
25:50 the general contractor versus the sub
25:53 he’s not seeing patients he’s in an
25:56 ivory tower and we have a world of
25:58 respect for him he’s a world-renowned
25:59 immunologists two different things he’s
26:00 an academic we’ve dealt with academics
26:03 all of our life I did surgery at USC and
26:06 Loma Linda all academics but academics
26:09 and reality is two different things two
26:11 different things so we’re just
26:12 presenting our data and our opinion as
26:15 medical professionals in this community
26:21 well we don’t we haven’t I haven’t I
26:24 haven’t been to Manhattan for 20 years
26:26 right yeah again as as a leader you
26:50 listen to the people around you and they
26:53 make decisions on different timelines
26:55 and so Gavin Newsom has people around
26:58 him telling him we think this is the
26:59 best move for now and then I early on we
27:02 told people the truth changes every two
27:04 hours because it was as the data moves
27:07 as we do our own testing I’m giving a
27:09 different answer now that I would have
27:10 month ago because I understand the
27:12 progression of disease in this area I
27:14 also understand the progression of
27:16 disease elsewhere because I look at
27:17 their data I don’t have to live in
27:18 Manhattan to watch their disease process
27:21 to watch how many positives in the
27:23 community and to understand how diseases
27:26 spread for instance nobody talks about
27:29 the fact that coronavirus lives on
27:30 plastics for three days and we’re all
27:33 sheltering in place where’d you get your
27:35 water bottles from Costco where’d you
27:37 get that plastic shovel from Home Depot
27:40 those are full mites and carriers of
27:42 disease so you take your family
27:43 sheltering and placing you think it’s
27:45 safe and you’re taking fomites with
27:47 disease that they’ve shown that lasts
27:48 three days
27:49 are you really protecting yourself from
27:50 kovin does that make sense to you it
27:52 doesn’t make sense to me
27:54 and if I swab things in your home I
27:56 would likely find coded 19 and so you
27:59 think you’re protected but you’ve got
28:00 fomites
28:02 coming from you know Home Depot and
28:04 Lowe’s and it’s okay for us to be
28:07 mingling in those situations well we
28:10 have to not go to work it’s okay for us
28:13 to go to Costco but not to church do you
28:16 see the lack of consistency here from
28:18 from a microbiological immunological
28:20 standpoint that doesn’t make sense if
28:23 you’re gonna isolate people you need to
28:25 shut these all down because that’s how
28:26 the full mites are being transferred
28:28 when you go to Del Taco and you get a
28:30 plastic bag or piece on your burrito
28:32 from someone not wearing a mask and just
28:34 wiping their arm on your thing do you
28:37 think you’re protected from Kovan when
28:39 you wear gloves that transfer disease
28:41 everywhere those gloves have bacteria
28:43 all over them I’m wearing gloves not
28:45 helping you as your mask that you’re
28:47 wearing for days you touch the outside
28:49 of it khob it and then touch your mouth
28:51 this doesn’t make any sense we wear
28:53 masks in an acute setting to protect us
28:55 we’re not wearing masks why is that
28:58 because we understand microbiology we
29:02 understand immunology and we want strong
29:04 immune systems I don’t want to hide in
29:06 my home develop a weak immune system and
29:08 then come out and get disease we have
29:11 both been in the ER through swine flu
29:13 and through bird flu did we shut down
29:15 for those were they much less dangerous
29:18 than kovat is the flu less dangerous
29:22 than kovin let’s look at the death rates
29:24 no it’s not they’re similar in
29:26 prevalence and in death rate so we are
29:29 saying that our response now now that we
29:32 know the facts it’s time to get back to
29:34 work it’s time to test people but again
29:38 testing gives you a moment in time
29:39 testing tells you we the nasal swab says
29:43 positive or negative the blood vial the
29:45 tiger top with a finger stick gives you
29:47 itg IgM IgG being the long-term aim in
29:51 immunoglobulin unity but again it’s a
29:53 moment in time and when someone what’s
29:56 interesting to me too is when someone
29:57 dies in this country right now they’re
29:59 not talking about the high blood
30:01 pressure the diabetes the stroke they
30:02 say did they die from covet there’s as
30:05 you we’ve been to hundreds of autopsies
30:07 you you don’t talk about one thing you
30:09 talk about Co morbidities
30:11 their vessels were marrow
30:13 their lungs were a smoker kovin was part
30:17 of it it is not the reason they died
30:19 folks it is one of many reasons so to be
30:22 so simplistic to say that’s a Cova death
30:25 because they have koban you know how
30:26 many people died with pneumonia or
30:28 people that die from flu with flu I
30:30 should say it’s not from flu they’re
30:33 their lungs were compromised by COPD
30:37 they had a heart attack two years ago
30:39 they have a weakened body
30:40 we aren’t pressured to test for flu but
30:43 ER doctors now my friends at itok to say
30:46 you know it’s interesting when I’m when
30:48 I’m writing up my death report I’m being
30:50 pressured to add kovat why is that why
30:54 are we being pressured to add covin to
30:57 maybe increase the numbers and make it
30:58 look a little bit worse than it is I
31:00 think so so this is what I’m hearing
31:02 from physicians I talked in Wisconsin
31:04 New York and everywhere they’re they’re
31:11 being pressured to add it to their
31:12 diagnostic list so well it’s I don’t I
31:19 probably come in from the administration
31:20 so they’re there administration is
31:23 saying it’s probably coming from the
31:26 hospital administration I didn’t ask
31:28 them specifically but they said we’re
31:29 being pressured in house to add koba to
31:32 the diagnostic list when we think it has
31:34 nothing to do with the actual cause of
31:36 death the actual cause of death was not
31:41 kovat but it’s being reported as one of
31:44 the disease processes and being added to
31:46 the death list when they died from COPD
31:49 they had Kovac Kovac didn’t kill them 25
31:53 years of tobacco use killed them
32:00 people with immune deficiencies
32:02 lukacovic just supplements whenever
32:05 illness they’re dealing with and that’s
32:25 why would you why would you
32:29 quarantine the healthy if you’re young
32:31 and healthy why would you why would you
32:33 quarantine yourself it doesn’t make any
32:36 sense
32:36 you quarantine the ill and when T 5% of
32:55 patients who have kovat are asymptomatic
32:57 which is why we advocate for a
32:58 widespread testing in order to open the
33:01 economy you have to have widespread
33:03 testing that’s number one no question
33:04 about it
33:05 but historically if you look at biblical
33:08 times you look at leprosy Mycobacterium
33:11 leprae
33:11 which is the bacteria that causes it
33:13 they isolated the sick they didn’t
33:16 isolate everybody else so isolating the
33:20 healthy just doesn’t make sense
33:22 in our opinion I think so well there’s
33:29 two ways to get rid of virus right
33:30 either burns itself out or herd immunity
33:31 for hundreds of years we relied on herd
33:34 immunity viruses kill people end of
33:37 story
33:38 the flu kills people Kovach kills people
33:40 but for the rest of us we develop herd
33:43 immunity we did we developed the ability
33:45 to take this virus in and defeat it and
33:47 for the vast majority 95% of those
33:49 around the globe this is true and when
33:52 we look at people that have locked down
33:54 and people that have been locked down we
33:56 have massive data it is not
33:57 statistically significant whether you
33:59 lock down or not so why are we doing it
34:03 lift the lockdown yet would it be safe
34:06 for people to be outside right now yes
34:08 I’m outside with no masks are the gloves
34:11 a mask maybe a little bit too much right
34:12 now is that kind of what you’re saying
34:13 well again do you do you want your
34:16 immune system built or do you want it
34:18 not built the building blocks of your
34:21 immune system is a virus and bacteria
34:23 end of story that’s how you build it
34:29 there’s normal bacteria in normal flora
34:32 that we have to be exposed to bacteria
34:34 and viruses that are not virulent or our
34:37 friends they protect us against bad
34:39 bacteria and bad viruses so right now if
34:41 you look at dr. Erickson skin or my skin
34:44 we have strep we have staff all staff
34:47 isn’t bad all strep isn’t bad they
34:50 protect us against opportunistic
34:52 infections that’s why when a baby comes
34:54 out of the room for the first three to
34:55 six months they’re extremely vulnerable
34:58 to opportunistic infection which is why
35:01 when we see a little baby in the ER with
35:03 fever
35:04 that’s one month old you do a spinal tap
35:07 you do a chest x-ray you do blood
35:09 cultures you do urine cultures but if
35:11 you had a fever I wouldn’t do that for
35:12 you why because that baby does not have
35:15 the normal bacteria and flora from the
35:17 community whereas it you do because
35:19 you’ve interacted with you know you’ve
35:22 gone to the gas station you’ve gone to
35:24 Home Depot that’s the difference
35:25 normal flora we all need normal flora
35:28 dr. Erickson saying is when you are self
35:31 isolating at home for two or three
35:32 months you lose that normal flora
35:35 so I guarantee when we reopened there’s
35:37 going to be a huge huge amount of
35:40 illness that’s going to be rampant
35:42 because our immune systems have weakened
35:44 and that’s just basic immunology and
35:47 biology
36:00 I had some conclusions but basically our
36:05 conclusions are that when I look at the
36:07 the basic tenants that we know of
36:09 Microbiology and I say do we need to
36:13 still shelter in place our answer is
36:15 emphatically no do we need businesses to
36:19 be shut down emphatically
36:20 no do we need to have it do we need to
36:23 test them and get them back to work yes
36:25 we do the the secondary effects that we
36:28 went over the child abuse alcoholism
36:30 loss of revenue all these are in our
36:33 opinion a significantly more detrimental
36:36 thing to society than a virus that has
36:38 proven similar in nature to the seasonal
36:42 flu we have every year we also need to
36:46 put measures in place so economic
36:48 shutdown like this does not happen again
36:49 we want to make sure we understand that
36:52 quarantine iing the sick is what we do
36:55 not quarantine in the healthy we need to
36:58 make sure if you’re gonna if you’re
37:00 gonna dance on someone’s constitutional
37:02 rights you better have a good reason you
37:04 better have a really good scientific
37:06 reason and not just theory we’re gonna
37:10 work diligently to find a vaccine and
37:12 the one of the most important things is
37:14 wean our hospitals back up
37:16 we need our furloughed doctors back we
37:18 need our nurses back is when we lift
37:19 this thing we’re gonna need all hands on
37:21 deck I know the local hospitals have
37:23 closed two floors folks that’s not the
37:26 situation you want we’re essentially
37:28 setting ourselves up to have minimal
37:30 staff and we’re going to have
37:31 significant disease that’s the wrong
37:33 combination so that’s that’s kind of the
37:36 gist of what we wanted to get across
37:37 today and and I’ve been working with
37:40 some of the leaders and I talked to you
37:42 know the head of the CD pH I’ve gotten
37:44 their opinion on this and a lot of the
37:47 leaders in Sacramento and we’re all in
37:49 agreement but we need to have governor
37:52 Newsom in agreement with us to lift this
37:54 ban I’ve talked to our local head of
37:58 health
37:58 Department and he’s waiting for that
38:01 even though they’re in agreement with me
38:03 they’re waiting for the powers-that-be
38:04 to live because the data is showing us
38:07 it’s time to live so if we don’t lift
38:09 what is the reason
38:20 [Music]
38:36 demand you you unless you’re gonna grab
38:38 people from their homes people are
38:40 afraid they’re sheltering in place they
38:42 don’t they’re having problems with their
38:44 diabetes and they won’t come in do you
38:45 think they’re going to come in for a
38:46 test not in your life
38:47 they’re sheltering at home so a lot of
38:49 times we you probably seen our marketing
38:51 we do coronavirus testing we’ve called
38:54 the major businesses you have to have
38:56 people actually come to perform the test
38:58 if they’re afraid to come in which a lot
39:00 of people are we can’t get the data know
39:06 the patient’s when were they tested
39:27 that’s the most important
40:18 no it’s not about a fault this is a
40:20 discussion we do the majority of testing
40:22 in Kern County for COBIT we do the
40:24 majority of testing and our folks we
40:27 have a couple hundred employees are
40:28 working night and day to serve this
40:30 community so we’re at full speed we can
40:33 handle a lot more testing we’re seeing
40:35 about half the volume we normally see we
40:37 can double our volume and still take
40:39 care of you know getting the results
40:42 back unfortunately we don’t run them
40:45 in-house nobody does we depend on major
40:47 labs that you know are huge players in
40:50 the United States so our job is to
40:52 evaluate the patient make sure it’s a
40:54 you know they don’t have any any other
40:56 issues tonsillitis
40:57 pneumonia flu swabbin for kovetz send
41:00 them to the lab the lag from the time
41:02 they get it from toe the result is
41:04 usually two days it’s a two-day result
41:06 which is in line with everywhere else
41:29 one more time are we tested 5213 we’ve
41:35 had 340 positives now our people get we
41:39 have people calling back from 7:00 in
41:41 the morning till midnight we can only
41:43 speak to our data collection initially
41:46 the labs were taking 10 to 12 days to
41:49 get results that was about six weeks ago
41:51 then they refined their process they
41:52 brought in more analyzer so they
41:53 automated they were doing things
41:55 manually they automated the process and
41:57 now it’s one to three days all of our
41:59 data is followed up on these 5213 these
42:03 are called back we do between 150 and
42:05 200 tests every single day of the week
42:06 including weekends we have people
42:08 calling back till midnight every single
42:10 patient our data has followed up on I
42:13 can’t speak to what la people are doing
42:15 I know what we’re doing here these tests
42:18 have been followed up on these tests are
42:20 accurate to date and we’re if you look
42:22 at the pending tests 5213 is a majority
42:25 of them so I know our process these I
42:28 don’t
42:29 maybe the hospitals are not saying them
42:30 stab I don’t know but that’s our data is
42:33 coming around one to three days no not
42:38 based on your information would you say
42:39 it’s safe to open up schools sporting
42:41 events and for people to gather outside
42:44 again including James yeah I would start
42:46 I would start slowly I think we need to
42:48 open up the schools start getting kids
42:50 back to the immune system you know and
42:51 the major events the sporting events
42:53 these are these are non-essential let’s
42:55 get back to those slowly let’s start
42:56 with schools let’s start with cafe Rio
42:58 and the pizza place here because I can
43:01 go into Sully’s right now which I did
43:03 this morning there was 25 people in
43:04 there and I can stand in line for 10
43:06 minutes but I can’t go in Cafe Rio and
43:08 sit there for 10 minutes does that make
43:09 sense to you guys
43:10 and I think I can go into Costco and I
43:13 can shop with people and there’s
43:15 probably a couple hundred people but I
43:16 can’t go in Cafe Rio so big businesses
43:19 are open little businesses are not
43:21 there’s no science behind that
43:24 as we’ve gone over that is not science
43:26 there’s other factors in play that that
43:29 we don’t have time to go into but it’s
43:31 not science I want to make that clear
43:44 [Music]
43:57 well and we’ve I’ve met with all the
44:00 CEOs and all the hospitals as early as
44:03 yesterday and I’ve met a couple times
44:04 and they said what’s your capacity we’re
44:07 trying to figure out our capacity so
44:10 it’s an ongoing discussion and from our
44:13 perspective we’ve said let’s start back
44:15 opening the businesses up people need
44:17 revenue they need the food chain for
44:20 instance your room way your Bolthouse
44:22 they have thousands of employees well
44:24 they’re all working have they all been
44:26 tested so our thing is the food start
44:29 with the food industry and the food
44:31 chain test them and we’re what we’re
44:34 trying to do now is validate a a finger
44:36 stick test so that we can test people in
44:37 three minutes
44:38 they’re just coming out so we’re
44:41 actually at noon today we’re supposed to
44:44 meet with a major lab talking about
44:46 running the tiger top which is the blood
44:47 tube alongside the finger test doing our
44:49 self validation over the next week or
44:51 two
44:52 getting that rapid test done so that
44:55 people can test as they go into work
44:56 boom three minutes
44:57 negative come and we do that and until
45:01 we find out who has active disease who’s
45:03 not and we do it we don’t have to do
45:05 everyone but a majority of players and
45:07 then eventually we treat this like we
45:10 treat flu which is if you have the flu
45:13 and you’re feeling fevery and body aches
45:15 you just stay home if you have coffee or
45:17 shortness of breath kovat is more of a
45:19 respiratory thing you stay home you
45:21 don’t you don’t get tested even when
45:23 people come with flu a lot of times we
45:24 don’t test them we go you have flu
45:25 here’s a medication or if it’s been more
45:28 than two days you don’t get Tamiflu it
45:29 works itself out I this this virus is
45:32 the same you have kovat go home let it
45:36 resolve and come
45:44 they should because they may be negative
45:47 for the antibody for years they may
45:49 never get flu we have people in their
45:51 50s who have never had flu well if you
46:06 have no symptoms you should be able to
46:09 return to work are you an asymptomatic
46:11 viral maybe but we can’t test
46:13 all of humanity I think one thing I also
46:16 wanted to add is we’re gonna miss cases
46:20 of corona virus just like we miss cases
46:22 of the flu I think one thing that is
46:25 being televised is that we need to
46:27 capture every single corona virus
46:29 patient no we don’t because that’s not
46:31 reality theory and reality are very very
46:34 different we work in ers for 15 years
46:36 theory and reality are very different it
46:38 would be nice to capture every corona
46:40 virus patient yes but is that realistic
46:42 are we gonna keep the economy shut down
46:44 for two years and vaccinate everybody
46:46 that’s an unrealistic expectation I
46:49 think so you’re gonna cause financial
46:51 ruin domestic violence suicide rape
46:54 violence and what are you going to get
46:56 out of it you’re still gonna miss a lot
46:58 of cases so we need to treat this like
47:00 the flu which is familiar and eventually
47:02 this this will mutate and become less
47:05 and less virulent because a symptom
47:08 patients who are asymptomatic or silent
47:11 shedders usually have the the milder
47:14 version of the corona virus right
47:16 because it’s milder that’s why they’re
47:17 not as symptomatic and that tends to
47:20 spread quicker than the more virulent
47:22 forms
47:35 this is too early scientific studies
47:38 double-blind clinical controlled trials
47:40 take time years so we’re doing the best
47:42 with the data we have I gave you the
47:45 statistics this is all common knowledge
47:47 you can find online this is their
47:48 countries reporting to these different
47:50 news entities this is all common
47:53 knowledge this is not based on
47:54 double-blind clinical controlled trials
47:55 again we’ve been studying microbiology
47:57 for 20 years this is our life goal in
48:01 our 20s and 30s 40s this is what we do
48:04 we throw this information against the
48:06 backdrop of knowledge we have both have
48:08 degrees in this and say is this
48:10 legitimate I don’t need a double-blind
48:12 clinically controlled trial to tell me
48:14 if sheltering in place is appropriate
48:16 that is the that is a college-level
48:18 understanding of microbiology medicine
48:23 you have to make you have to make
48:25 educated decisions with the data that
48:27 you have I can sit up you know and the
48:29 forties 47th floor in the penthouse and
48:31 say we should do this this and this but
48:33 I haven’t seen a patient for twenty
48:35 years that’s not realistic we were using
48:37 the basic data that we have here which
48:40 we’re happy to share with you guys we
48:42 have all the data this is our data from
48:45 Kern County and because we’re the
48:46 largest testing center for Kern County
48:48 we’re assuming our data is accurate for
48:50 this specific area 5,000 we’ve done 5230
49:00 that’s ok 5213 and we have 345 346 49:05 points 5 percent I think so sorry to cut
49:15 you off your vitamin D levels go down
49:17 you’re not outside you’re not you know
49:19 your mood goes down when your mood goes
49:21 down you’re more likely to get sick you
49:22 get depression going outside is healthy
49:25 I mean why can’t you go to the park and
49:28 walk around but you can go to Home Depot
49:30 nobody’s worth
49:31 a mask it just it doesn’t make sense the
49:33 inconsistencies and incongruencies make
49:35 no sense
49:35 that’s no it’s not it’s not we don’t
49:47 disagree with that I mean I think you
49:48 can look at it from two different ways I
49:50 think if you’re healthy and you don’t
49:52 have significant comorbidity
49:54 comorbidities and you know you’re not on
49:56 you know you’re not immunodeficient and
49:58 you’re not elderly you should be able to
50:01 go out without any gloves and without a
50:03 mask I think if you are those things you
50:06 should either set shelter in place or
50:07 wear a mask and gloves I don’t think
50:09 everybody needs to wear the mask and
50:10 gloves because it reduces your bacterial
50:13 flora it doesn’t allow you to interact
50:15 with society and your bacterial flora
50:18 and your viruses your friends that
50:20 protect you from other diseases end up
50:23 going away and now you’re more likely to
50:24 get opportunistic infections infections
50:26 that are hoping you don’t have your good
50:28 bugs fighting for you if that makes
50:30 sense
50:59 like that are beginning to open up their
51:02 their testing rates for governor are
51:04 three times higher we also have their
51:08 test positive rate is between three and
51:11 12 percent which is what the World
51:12 Health Organization so it should be the
51:14 popular 20 percent nationally so what
51:17 stage do you think we get that have a
51:19 quick testing which you guys are calling
51:21 for or we can start – well I think I
51:28 think that’s an excellent question I
51:29 think the problem with with wanting
51:31 widespread testing versus not being
51:33 scared enough to come to a facility to
51:35 get white press widespread testing or
51:37 two different things if you’re at home
51:38 seeing tons and tons of people die I
51:40 don’t want to go to accelerate it I
51:42 don’t want to get testing that fear
51:44 prevents people from coming in when this
51:47 this this press conference is to give
51:50 folks hope it’s okay to go to the doctor
51:53 it’s okay to get care if you have right
51:55 lower quadrant abdominal pain and fever
51:57 and your appendix is about to burst but
51:59 you’re worried about Cova you’re gonna
52:00 stay home and die from sepsis so it’s I
52:04 think I think we need to remove some of
52:06 the fear that’s a little inappropriate
52:09 in my opinion and not justified
52:11 medically we need to remove that from
52:12 society right now we need to let people
52:15 know hey it’s okay to go to the doctor’s
52:17 office and get tested we give everybody
52:19 a mask when they come in you know
52:21 further for their own peace of mind so I
52:24 think we’re happy we’re able to do mass
52:26 testing right now we can do a thousand
52:28 tests a day the problem is people are
52:31 scared to come in they want testing
52:33 they’re scared to come in
52:41 well I mean what’s the definition of
52:44 mass testing would you define that we
52:53 have significant ability to test I don’t
52:58 know what models they’re looking at and
53:00 what what facilities are looking at week
53:02 we spend night and day as owners of this
53:04 of our seven facilities night and day
53:06 making sure we have enough tests we have
53:08 thousands and thousands of tests that
53:10 are not being used we’re happy to test
53:12 everybody we just don’t have the volume
53:14 and because of that our business is
53:16 suffering and so is every other medical
53:18 businesses in town including the big
53:20 hospitals it does yep it’s just a copay
53:27 then our fees are very very reasonable
53:29 it’s 175 before 5 and 200 after 5 and on
53:33 weekends
53:35 yes well the lab the lab charges you for
53:38 the tests for our doctor to see you for
53:40 us to register you for them to examine
53:42 you the evaluation and management that’s
53:45 the fee the lab will charge you we don’t
53:47 know what the lab tries I think it’s 60
53:48 to 70 dollars for that for the lab see
53:50 but the insurance covers everything
54:02 that using a seat model in our local
54:06 data that it was show me that we’re
54:10 tracking on this curve of about 40
54:13 percent social distancing and that when
54:16 we reach October line we well I mean I
54:41 want to look at it from two different
54:44 points of view one is if we keep the
54:47 economy shut down till October what’s
54:49 gonna happen
54:49 homelessness is gonna go up people’s
54:52 lives are going to be ruined and there
54:56 are so many other secondary effects of
54:58 kovat 19 which dr. Erickson presented
55:00 eloquently I think you have to look at
55:03 that and then you have to look at what
55:05 are we going to lose well seasonal flu
55:08 rises in October as well what did we do
55:11 every year with seasonal flu to do does
55:12 everybody stay home did you stay home
55:14 last year for seasonal flu did you Tim
55:16 did anybody stay home for C no this is
55:18 just like the flu because it’s unknown
55:21 it’s not the flu who’s been killing
55:23 people for a hundred years since 1918
55:25 since the massive pandemic but the flu
55:28 is just we know what the flu is it’s
55:30 familiar to us so we’re not scared of no
55:32 it’s just the flu I’ve had several
55:34 patients in their 30s and 40s died in
55:35 the ER when I used to work in the ER
55:37 from the flu oh it’s just the flu but if
55:40 it’s coronavirus it’s kinda fires we all
55:42 need to be scared so it’s because it’s
55:44 unknown the unknown always scares us so
55:48 in my opinion what are the risks what
55:50 are the benefits of social isolation and
55:53 we think that the risks of social
55:55 isolation are too high
56:00 we have seven yes talk to ER doctors who
56:27 have no arterial motive they have the
56:28 same viewpoint there’s there’s a post
56:30 today from a doctor from Wisconsin I
56:31 encourage you all to read it I’ll share
56:33 his story with you it is exactly what
56:36 we’re saying and he eloquently displays
56:39 he’s an ER doctor he says I’m walking
56:43 into this war zone our ICUs are empty
56:46 I’m scared to go to my own place of work
56:48 there’s no patients but we have people
56:50 in hazmat suits checking my temperature
56:52 as I walk through the doors
56:53 he’s like something else is going on
56:56 here this is not about science and it’s
56:58 not even about Tobit when they use the
57:00 word safe the word safe if you listen
57:03 the word safe that’s about controlling
57:05 you so when I talk to all my ER doctors
57:08 who work in a hospital no stake in the
57:10 game same opinion
57:11 that’s how I’ll answer your question we
57:14 all have the same opinion
57:35 exactly there’s something there’s
57:37 something else going on and that’s a
57:40 different discussion we don’t know I
57:41 mean that’s we’re just here to present
57:43 that scientific that’s a political
57:44 discussion we’re just we’re presenting
57:50 the medical data here I mean what I
57:52 would I think about politics is
57:54 irrelevant
57:55 we need to we need to stay on things
57:57 that we are we can answer intelligently
58:00 which is not why does a CEO of some
58:02 Hospital Wisconsin do that we need to
58:04 stay on the topic of do we need to
58:07 shelter in place and does that make
58:08 sense from the microbiology knowledge
58:11 we’ve known for thirty years the the the
58:15 the sciences haven’t changes we live our
58:17 life in the life sciences biology
58:19 biochemistry microbiology so everything
58:22 that you’re asking us goes against that
58:23 sheet of information why people do
58:26 things that a hospital is not really our
58:28 area of expertise so from what we’ve
58:30 seen right now it’s time to open back up
58:32 the science says it is the models we
58:35 have been using from predictions to
58:38 predict the amount of disease are not
58:39 accurate this information is accurate it
58:43 models the flu let’s go back to work
58:45 that’s what the data is saying not
58:47 models data is saying that hospital
59:13 systems overwhelmed people dying
59:15 overwhelmed system from the flu this
59:19 happens from the flu if you’ve been
59:22 working in the ers I’ve seen multiple
59:23 people hallways full people dying news
59:25 media they’re stories going on from the
59:28 flu this does happen this does happen
59:32 it’s not just the flu
59:35 that’s that back that’s exactly what I
59:36 mean people think it’s just the flu it’s
59:38 just gonna wear what’s the difference
59:39 you’re used to the flu you’re used to
59:41 saying it’s just the flu
59:42 FL you influenza is something we’ve
59:46 grown up with you’re used to it you’re
59:50 used to it right if somebody commits
59:52 suicide today you’re like yeah that
59:53 person committed suicide it’s awful
59:54 or if somebody dies today from the flu
59:57 they died from the flu it’s awful
59:59 terrible though we’re used to it we’re
60:01 not used to coronavirus not used to
60:03 something brings fear human beings even
60:10 you know doctors working in the ers in
60:12 New York City I mean I even heard any
60:13 one of them saying oh it’s similar to
60:15 the flu I mean they were pretty impacted
60:18 by swine flu in New York City but I
60:21 didn’t have even heard anybody really
60:23 say oh it’s just like swine flu was you
60:26 know I mean have you they’re getting hit
60:30 hard they’re a hot zone and we don’t
60:32 ride subways with you know a thousand
60:34 people in a small car they’re this close
60:36 they had reasons for the disease and
60:39 coronavirus has shown to be very
60:40 contagious let’s be clear it is
60:43 contagious we’re not saying it’s not it
60:45 may even be from what I’ve read more
60:47 contagious and spread more rapid but the
60:50 actual cause of death and the disease
60:52 cycle is similar to what we’re seeing
60:54 from the flu with more of a respiratory
60:56 component you know and they were
60:58 screaming for ventilators what percent
61:01 of people died on ventilators eighty
61:03 ninety percent once you’re on a
61:05 ventilator if you understand you’re in a
61:08 bad shape and they’re screaming for
61:10 30,000 ventilators that they didn’t use
61:13 right they’re screaming for a lot of
61:15 things 30,000 they used five how many
61:19 hundred percent over did they order how
61:22 many hundreds of millions of dollars
61:24 entire companies GM were forced to
61:27 switch their production lines for what
61:30 I’m saying the secondary causes of what
61:33 we’re seeing oil shut down we are we
61:36 have predictable negatives from from
61:38 from lockdown predictable negatives
61:41 Corona has unpredictable negatives
61:57 the entire nation do you think you know
62:01 respectively the numbers are low comedy
62:05 versus people because we’ve been social
62:08 distancing now you don’t think it’s
62:10 because since we started doing these
62:13 that those models at harder climbing
62:14 health shows that’s why we went over
62:19 Sweden and Norway I did we went over
62:21 Sweden or because you have locked down
62:23 no lock down Sweden no lock down Norway
62:26 lock down
62:26 that’s what that’s ten million that’s 15
62:29 million people we have the day that’s
62:32 why I just went over with you they’re
62:45 not testing everybody the bottom line is
62:52 those of us who study it and have a
62:54 background in this is lockdown versus
62:57 non lockdown did not produce a
62:59 statistically different number of deaths
63:02 that is why it was needed it was needed
63:33 initially they actually I completely we
63:35 both agree with exactly what they did
63:37 initially because we didn’t know it was
63:39 unknown now it is becoming known
63:42 initially when you’re when you don’t
63:44 know something you’re extra careful
63:46 because you’re fearful it’s just like
63:50 when you see a patient and they’re very
63:52 sick you test for everything because
63:54 you’re scared you’re fearful but then as
63:57 you see more of those patients you
63:59 realize hey I know what to test for
64:02 right it’s shotgun effect versus sniper
64:04 effect right so initially when when this
64:06 data came out of a new virus that’s
64:08 causing that’s that’s lethal they they
64:12 went out they went all out and I think
64:14 that was appropriate but now that we
64:16 have the data we’re seeing that 96 97 %
64:20 of patients completely recover and those
64:23 four patients that died they have over
64:25 90 percent comorbidities let’s run let’s
64:28 run through that one more time out of a
64:29 hundred people if 96 do fine the four
64:33 that die ninety percent of those four
64:35 have comorbidities heart failure
64:38 emphysema rheumatoid arthritis lupus
64:42 they’re on immuno modulating medications
64:45 they’re immunodeficient HIV these are
64:48 the people that are dying you get some
64:50 healthy people that die but that’s an
64:51 infinitesimal number tiny well I just I
65:06 think I think we’re in the weeds we work
65:09 with this every single day and the
65:10 numbers don’t make sense to us and they
65:12 don’t make sense to er physicians and
65:14 physicians all over the country it’s not
65:15 just
65:16 us said that question just make sure we
65:20 get it right I think you guys said it’s
65:21 54 for less than your spelling please
65:22 your fingers on Dan Erickson that’s da
65:26 NPR I seek a som Artin a rtin Mas si I’m
65:52 just looking through the meat sure that
65:53 I can sir
66:15 we’re not saying we’re right we’re
66:17 saying here’s the data here’s what we
66:19 understand it’s not a year right and
66:21 you’re a wrong thing it’s the way we
66:22 interpret data we work in the field and
66:25 some people that are not working in the
66:26 field and still getting a paycheck have
66:30 a different opinion if you weren’t
66:32 getting a paycheck you might have a
66:34 different opinion if you weren’t getting
66:35 a paycheck if everybody in here is
66:37 getting a paycheck right Caffe real is
66:39 not they’ve all been furloughed when you
66:42 don’t get a paycheck your opinions start
66:44 switching if you were at home furlough
66:47 for the unforeseeable future would you
66:49 be excited about staying sheltering in
66:51 place also it’s at what point who says
67:03 what’s safe are you smart enough to know
67:05 what’s safe for you or is the government
67:06 gonna tell you what’s safe for you who
67:10 tells you what as soon as they use the
67:11 word safe
67:12 that means control we know what’s safe
67:14 for you you’re too dumb to understand
67:16 disease you see we know what’s safe and
67:19 so they’re gonna use this model for
67:21 different things we got a bomb threat
67:23 from China everybody stay in their home
67:24 for three months what they are using
67:27 this to see how much of their freedom
67:29 can they take from you and will you roll
67:32 over and stay in your house and it’s
67:35 working and if you notice the way
67:39 Americans are responding if you go to
67:41 any gun store in town guess what they’re
67:42 out of ammo none of them have ammo I
67:46 went to three of them they said of
67:49 rounds of in Bob line people are mad
67:51 they’re starting to post on my facebook
67:53 with their aks going let’s roll so what
67:56 I’m saying is let’s avoid all that
67:59 because if you if you stomp on our
68:01 freedoms that has one ending and it’s
68:05 violence

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  1. malagabay says:

    This video is being taken down from YouTube.
    Download an offline copy & share while you still can!

    Download Link:

  2. malagabay says:

    Wow, this sums up everything we have been told so far
    News Tips – 21 April 2020


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    Orange County Dr. Jeff Barke Breaks His Silence on COVID 19
    18 May 2020
    Detox Life

    There were some studies done in New York that
    showed the vast majority,
    I think was about 67 to 70 percent of people,
    that catch this virus do so indoors in their own home.

    I see people out there jogging with a mask on.
    That makes no sense at all.

    Riding your bike with a mask on.
    I don’t get it.
    That doesn’t make sense.

    And the worst is somebody driving solo in their
    car with a pair of gloves on and a mask.

    We’ve entered into crazy town.

  6. Justine (Meg) Amor says:

    Thank you, thank was really interesting. The whole mask thing has me frothing at the mouth. It’s so crazy.

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