Planet of the Karen Apes

Buckle-up as Tom Luongo vocalises his Karen Apes resistance.

Planet of the Karen Apes
Tom Luongo – 24 -April 2020

The meme of Karen really does encapsulate
everything that’s gone wrong.

That whole meme is really just
all of cultural marxism,
all of progressivism,
all of the fucking whining,
all the gender role destruction
that’s been going on systematically
in this country and across Europe
for the last hundred years.

Cultural Marxists, …
they’re the new offshoot of them going back to
the progressive era 120 years ago,
these people have been obsessed with changing
the fucking world through public policy
and changing your behavior.

Karenism is an algorithm,
it’s an outgrowth,
of what happens when a society
is no longer properly ruled by men.

And we have undercut the idea that men
should even be leaders because we have
shitty fucking female leaders…

Jordan Peters has been talking about
this for a few years now saying:
look we don’t know what it’s like to have women run the society.
Or do we?
Is this what it looks like?

The inherent risk aversion,
The incessant complaining,
The looking for someone to lead
and not knowing how to lead.

Our society today looks like a bunch
of fucking dogs with no alpha.

These people have been fundamentally breaking
this shit down for over a hundred years.

These fucking Comintern goddamn commie
motherfuckers need to be stopped and …
we need to stop (in any way, manner, shape or form) indulging them.

When they start in on this bullshit
just fucking laugh in their face.

You just call them out and say that’s fucking stupid.

As opposed to trying to be reasonable
and talk them through it – no –
just fucking tell them they’re full of shit
and that they’ve ruined the fucking world
because that’s what they fuckin’ done here.

This bullshit with Covid-19 is nothing more than Karenism
taken to the fuckin’ societal existential moment.

Look at what these people are doing.
This is a fucking disease that has
killed fewer people than the goddamn flu has and
we’ve destroyed the fucking global economy,
we’ve destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people,
we printed trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street.
Now we get to bailout of Main Street…

The truth of the matter is that
all prices need to come down
and we need to get real about what is
and is not a fucking luxury in this world.

And I got news for you:

You know what’s the biggest fucking luxury in the world is?


Here it is in a word: Gvernment.

95% of the fucking government we have we don’t want.

We suffer it because we’re so goddamn good and
so fucking efficient at deploying capital
that we can literally carry 25% of the
goddamn population of this fucking country.

In a crisis period
everybody’s inner authoritarian comes out.

I’ve always said this by the way.

Scratch a progressive hard enough
you get a fascist every fucking time.

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4 Responses to Planet of the Karen Apes

  1. malagabay says:

    Without Labor There is No Civilization
    Tom Luongo – 27 April 2020

  2. malagabay says:

    Keeping Karens happy is a top priority…

    After allowing children to play outside for the first time last week, Spain permitted hairdressers, beauty salons and small shops to open by appointment only on Monday.

    Zero Hedge – Tyler Durden – 4 May 2020

  3. malagabay says:

    In a Few Years the Coronavirus Karens Will be Universally Laughed at
    Styxhexenhammer666 – 4 May 2020

  4. Nang' says:

    Hahhaha this Karen meme is really funny, inventive, and from a french perspective, very……
    exotic 😀
    Keep in mind though that females bonobo reduce alpha males’ aggressiveness by providing free & open sex. There are some lessons to learn, may be …?
    Karen females intend to reduce alpha males’ agressivity with NO SEX. Do I resume it well ?

    Mouahahahahahahahaha okay je sors ***

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