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Aachen Cathedral

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Beneath the religious re-branding and Carolingian cover story the architecture of Aachen Cathedral provides a glimpse of it’s hidden history.

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How Boomers Open Stuff

This gallery contains 1 photo.

It’s good to know I’m not alone…

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Sovereign Sale

This gallery contains 15 photos.

A sales strategy helps when you’re selling crateloads of Carolingian clones.

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Imitation as Flattery

This gallery contains 17 photos.

If the History of Europe before 1400 AD was fabricated by the Clergy of Europe then the Kings of Europe should show some signs of skulduggery.

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Willy The Fink and the Replica Royals

This gallery contains 30 photos.

Watch Willy The Fink finger the fakes in the finale.

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Matthew Paris and the Replica Royals

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Matthew Paris prepared the ingredients for the 1915 Short-Cross Sandwich.

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Hecker Horizon and the Plunging Penny

This gallery contains 21 photos.

Don’t miss the spectacular slide of the silver English Penny and it’s surprising synchronicity.

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Frank Zappa: Flakes

This gallery contains 3 photos.

In the pantheon of social commentators Frank Zappa probably sits alongside George Carlin.

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Arabian Horizon: Battle of Yarmouk

This gallery contains 45 photos.

¿Was “one of the most decisive battles in military history” a Natural Disaster?

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Manhattan 2020

This gallery contains 21 photos.

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Bordeaux Bilge

This gallery contains 29 photos.

The standard explanation for the Crescent on Bordeaux’s Coat of Arms demonstrates historians have neither a flare for fact nor fiction.

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