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The Party’s Over

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It’s time to call it a day.

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The British Brick

Did British brick making stop for hundreds of years when the Romans left?

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Magna Charta

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Amongst the tawdry tales in the tarnished tomes of British Settled History the Magna Charta narrative is a popular falsehood with farcical continuity problems.

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Comet Venus: The Shrinking Violet

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Serendipity and a spreadsheet suggest some surprising scenarios for Venus and Mars.

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Hollow Science

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The Schiehallion Experiment is a fun filled frivolity made with full fat flimflam that confirms falsification is always forgiven by the faithful followers of Newtonian Gravity.

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Eric Laithwaite: Inward Travelling Magnetic Field

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Eric Laithwaite was a smiling subversive who became a mainstream outcast.

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Dugongs & Manatees

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Dugongs and Manatees are Inflating Earth survivors.

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