Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Losing Elizabeth Island

Losing Elizabeth Island

The myopic mainstream has lost Elizabeth Island even though it’s remarkably easy to find.

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5 Responses to Ptolemy’s Paradigm: Losing Elizabeth Island

  1. malagabay says:

    Deception Island masheduniverse – 24 Feb 2014

    South Sandwich Islands Volcano Monitoring Blog

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    Great piece of detection!

    I would say that the birth of Venus, the Fall of Lucifer, caused the Andes etc and the disruption you have set out. That would have been 490 years ago +_ 5years.

  3. ajl says:

    Hi Tim
    It’s British sense of humour calling an island ‘Deception’.
    If you were at war with a rival empire for control of the New World and you discovered the safest harbour for thousands of miles wouldn’t you publish the wrong co-ordinates?
    Deception indeed.

    Great article as usual.

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  5. Re 13th century pingback article above see here: There does not appear to be widespread distribution (panspermic; to use that word-form), but a series of transmissions from a source.
    Re 14th century CE, it appears to have been no different that earlier periods in a cycle of 980 yrs approx; the Jack Eddy cycle, going back up to 6150BCE. They appear as abrupt changes in ice cores from both polar regions, but opposite in equatorial regions. As well as evident in C14 – that is based on tree rings (IntCal 13, now IntCal 20 ).
    Patrick D above says 490 years ago (half 980). We are now at an Eddy peak; a warming.

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