Thomas Cowan – Virus Isolation

Conversations with Dr Thomas Cowan and Friends – Jon Rappoport

Machine Transcript: Thomas Cowan – Virus Isolation

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  1. Patrick Donnelly says:

    AIDS is likely caused by NxOx in poppers… The current trend of gas capsules for cream containing Nitrous oxide may also bring issues in due course. N relaxes blood vessels. They found that transfusions that had depleted N, slightly older blood donations, caused venous collapse…. Too much and the veins relax, allowing substances into cells and triggering immune responses? My take.

  2. Patrick Donnelly says:

    What are called Viruses, if not isolated and identified, may be RNA communicating within and without the body? They would then be the result of ‘illness’, but would help prepare other cells by arming them in some way.

    TB had started dying out as the BHG began…

    • THX1138 says:

      A big “screw you” to those who use abbreviations without definition:

      BHG Better Homes and Gardens (magazine)
      BHG Broken Hearted Girl
      BHG Bloodhound Gang (band)
      BHG Big Huge Games
      BHG Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc. (Southwest Ranches, FL)
      BHG Bernard Hodes Group (various locations)
      BHG Big Hearted Guy
      BHG Bounty Hunter’s Guild (web game)
      BHG Beijing Hualian Group (retailer; China)
      BHG Blown Head Gasket
      BHG Brigade Headquarters Group (US Marine Corps)
      BHG Bethesda Health Group (Missouri)
      BHG Banque de l’Habitat du Gabon (French: Housing Bank of Gabon; Gabon)
      BHG Belgian Hand Group
      BHG Beauty Has Grace (Jaci Velasquez album)
      BHG Brisbane History Group (Australia; est. 1981)
      BHG Brain Housing Group
      BHG Butler Hill Group (est. 1993)
      BHG Brussels Hoofdstedlijk Gewest (Dutch: Brussels Capital Region; Belgium)

      • Patrick Donnelly says:

        If I said BCG would you know? Vaccination very common in England et al

  3. johnm33 says:

    A short anecdote about virus’s if you will. About 30 years ago a freind from my youth called, then came round. He was quite yellow, [hepc] but his immediate problem was his diabetic diagnosis, I’d previously had a conversation with him when this had occured with his mum, I’d met someone in 74/5[?] who had completely cured his own diabetes and professed it to be a voluntary condition. So I pointed him in that direction, he immediately stopped his patisserie breakfeasts dropped his hobnob habbit etc. and was surprised by the results. Thinking it was going to be easy he decided that pursuing a ‘correct’ dietary path could also be the answer for his hep c problem. For the next 4/5 years he became a ‘member’ of a sort of last hope alliance, mostly cancer sufferers who’d been through the mill without success. What he noticed was that for some once they’d sorted out their dietary discipline a viral infection often preceded remission or even a cure. He convinced me that virus’s were natures clean up team doing in bodies what fungi do in the wild. He remains free of hep c and diabetes.

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