Charles Richet: Anaphylaxis

Charles Richet Anaphylaxis

The devil is in the details when it comes to Anaphylaxis.

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  2. Nang' says:

    Tim darling, it’s getting way too frightening now. Are you suggesting that Big Pharma doesn’t have such basic datas ? Or that they are pushing an eugenic agenda ?

    Nota Bene : the EU has just ordered 1.800 000 000 doses. We are at best 450 000, including illegals. It means they plan to vaxx us all 4 times, children included. Or what ?

  3. Yry says:

    @ Nang’ & All : we’re not through yet! Courtesy of Tim.

    – In 1990 J. H. L. Lawler published a historical review of empires and civilisations
    which closely reflects the 1,350 year climate cycle and highlights the importance
    of the half-cycle period of 675 years.

    There is a pattern of the rise and fall of empires, of whole civilizations, which
    happens with approximately a 700-year repeat cycle. The cycles alternate with
    monolithic empires followed by fragmentary empires.
    There is a complete collapse of civilization each 1400 years, so this could be
    called a 1400-year cycle. But all major empires rise and collapse every 700 years
    in synchronism.

    The importance of the 1,350 year climate cycle becomes interesting when you
    remember that the Little Ice Age has been “conventionally defined” as starting
    in 1,350 AD [perhaps there is more to our calendar than meets the eye] because
    adding on the half-cycle period of 675 years brings us to 2,025 AD.

    ‘The Sun experienced a downward “step change” in activity during 2005.’
    By Geoff Sharp – 19th September 2012

    Therefore, it’s probably correct to say: Welcome to a Lawler Fragmentation Event.
    [Note by ‘Yry’: i.e. in 2025…] – [Incidentally this checks with Armstrong’s synthetic

    Source Tim Cullen:

    • I have updated something for another site. link below.
      The cycle is about 980yr, not my ‘find’ but indicated by someone else. The correlations with dates that I already had surprised me. Since then I have looked for the missing data. Found it, its all there, some of it quite recent research.
      See update at bottom.

      To link with the subject of this thread – and Covid–, when the downturn starts to bite, the irruption in nature is felt all over. The normal food chain starts to fail, causing its dependents to turn to other sources (bats ??, monkeys??). To some its famine; to others a windfall. Covid could have been a time of feasting for carrion eaters.

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